What shoes to wear with navy dress?

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What shoes to wear with navy dress?


Finding a new pair of shoes that matches your favorite dress can be quite a challenging task. This especially rings true if the one you plan to wear to attend your friend’s birthday party happens to be Navy. While the particular shade’s popular as an alternative to black clothing, decent navy footwear aren’t plenty to go around. Our article today will show you what shoes to wear with the navy dress.


The most important factor that affects your decision when wearing a navy dress is the color of shoes. The color is an essential factor in your decision about what shoes to wear with the navy dress.

So the question is, which colors can go well with navy dresses other than navy itself, and more importantly, make you stand out even further? Below are some suggestions for you, ladies.


The first choice for plenty of people would be navy’s close brother black. While matching a navy dress with some black heels is not a horrible choice at all, it is not exactly a good one, either.


As summer is getting close, a pair of silver or full white heels will do your dress justice. The dark and neutral nature of Navy will keep the silver shoes from taking all the attention away, and the combination will make you outstanding among the usual crowd of black dresses.

Moreover, silver or white shoes are an ideal option for walking on hot days. They create the feelings of lighting when walking on the street. If you wear silver shoes, you should combine them with white purse and shoes. They are the perfect combination.


Other bright colors such as green, pink or red also match a navy dress quite well. The harmony between light and dark creates a beautiful but not too obvious combination, helping you to blend in a while making your fashion statement.

With the green shoes, you will look cool and fresh. Many people often choose a deeper green for the better look. It is advisable for you to select the right color of the purse when wearing a navy dress. A purse with the brown, white or beige is the great companion with your navy dress.


Another choice that you may find suitable is going “nude,” or choosing shoes that match your skin tone, as it prevents your lower half from being overshadowed by the dark shade of navy.

The best nude shoes should be heels, which creates the feeling of walking for miles.

Types of Shoes

A navy dress can combine with different types of shoes to help you have an elegant look. No matter you choose flats, wedges or heels, they will make you outstanding from other people.


Flats are ideal option to combine with a navy dress. This type of shoes brings high comfort to users, even those who wear a prom dress. There is a variety of colors for you to choose from, including brown, camel, black or shiny.


Don’t hesitate to put on a cute pair of wedges when wearing a navy dress. Appropriate wedges are a safe option for women who love the nice and girly appearance. Your look will depend much on the details of your shoes.


High heels are the most popular option when wearing a navy dress. You should choose a thin back heel for the best result. It contributes significantly to making your legs look longer. Remember that heels are the first choice for formal occasions.

So above are my suggestions for shoe tints that would go well with a navy dress.  Best of luck finding a combination to your liking! And remember, you can always find out more about shoes and color combinations right here.

In a nutshell, if you are wondering what shoes to wear with navy dress, this article is a right place for you to visit. It provides useful suggestions for you to match well with your navy dress. Let’s get fun.




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