What shoes to wear with jeans?
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Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans?

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Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans? 1

What shoes to wear with jeans?

Either you are a man or woman, your wardrobe can not be lack of at least one pair of jeans. Jeans are also popular among various range of ages. To find footwear to fit with your jeans is a real concern if you do not want to repeat the style of jeans and sneakers all the time. Sometimes, jeans can be mixed with a lot of different types of shoes which might amaze you. Here‘s some of my suggestions:

What Shoes To Wear With Jeans Men

If you are trying to have a gentlemen-look: It is a common concept that jeans can’t be formal, and even in some offices, they strictly prohibit you from wearing jeans to work. However, this is not necessary true because the matter is how you mix your jeans with shoes and the top. First step, pick out a formal jeans. You should choose a pair fitting well in the waist and hip, not too long, slim or skinny. A pair of dark blue or black jeans going with open-lacing dress shoes definitely make you dressy.

Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans? 2

What Shoes To Wear With Jeans Women

For ladies, chunky heels shoes or sandals are always good combination with a pair of jeans to create formal outfits.

On less business-related occasions, you can choose smart casual style. It is advisable for men to wear leather loafers, boat shoes, desert boots, Chelsea boots or dress boots with jeans and blazers. Keep in mind that slip-ons either leather or boat shoes are suitable for summer or autumn only, do not wear those in winter because no socks are allowed to go with slip-ons or at least you have to wear no-show socks. Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans? 3

Women have more various options than men on this style. They can mix jeans with flat sandals, ballet flats, Oxford shoes or either high heels or flat ankle boots. People usually vote for ankle-length skinnies paired with flat Oxford shoes. What a flattering look!

Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans? 4

Sneakers with Jeans

As mentioned at the very beginning, sneakers might be the first type of shoes that everyone think of when picture a denim set. It is true. Sneakers are good to go with jeans for both men and women as casual clothes. Women can technically wear almost all sorts of sneakers with jeans as long as they are fairly clever in choosing the right jeans. High top sneakers, athletic sneakers, slip-on sneakers, or classic sneakers can be ‘yes’ to your jeans. On the other hand, on most cases, men should wear jeans with classic sneakers only, for example Vans or Converse sneakers. Speaking of casual style, running shoes also can be added to the female list’s, and canvas loafers to the men one (pin-rolled jeans with polo/ collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves are good suggestions).

Shoes Tips: What Shoes To Wear With Jeans? 5

There are some types of shoes that you never wear with jeans. Specifically, men shouldn’t mix a pair of jeans with closed lacing boots and closed lacing shoes; women should say no to boot cut jeans with loafers or sleek dressy shoes, also avoid high gloss patented leather shoes, low cut sneakers with skinny jeans. Otherwise, you will look ridiculous. An extra tip for men, brown shoes often pair better with blue jeans whereas blacks shoes can be worn with both black or blue jeans.

Jeans are never old-fashioned, just remember some simple rules above then you can confidently choose the perfect shoes to wear with each type of jeans for proper styles: formal, smart casual, or casual. Of course, my guidelines needn’t being true all the time, they are just safe to follow. When you buy a new pair of jeans, stand in front of the mirror and try out all the shoes you have, I think you probably have some interesting combinations. I am very happy to see these creative idea of wearing jeans with shoes, so please free to ask questions or post your favorite sets here.



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