What Shoes Do Nurses Wear
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What Shoes Do Nurses Wear?

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Finding a right pair of shoes for nurse seems not to be an easy task. So what shoes do nurses wear?  Especially, a shoe that is appropriate in the medical environment takes you time to select. However, this is also not too difficult if you have basic knowledge about nurse shoes. It is up to nurse situation; there are different shoe types.

Some of the popular shoes for the nurse that you may not know like casual sneakers, athletic shoes, crocs, and clogs will be mentioned in this review. We will show the exclusive dissimilarities of each kind of shoe. From then, you can find your most favorite one that fit your feet and meets your personal demands.

What Shoes Do Nurses Wear? 1

What Shoes Do Nurses Wear?


Casual sneakers are right choices to nurses that use them in harmony but not put a high pressure of time on the feet. Casual shoes are also famous for its comfort and quite suitable for short hiking. You remember that it is not appropriate for trekking or fitness activities.

Such shoes overall designed with flat and useful outer sole are pleasant for walking. You can freely have any poses with these shoes. Despite the fact that these shoes are right for moving by foot, but not all shoes are manufactured for hiking excessive distance.

What Shoes Do Nurses Wear? 2
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Another feature all nurses will work crazy for casual sneakers is its outlook. You not only need firm shoes for easy traveling, but you also will pay attention to its appearance. Casual sneakers are quite cool and modern; you definitely can rely on this multifunction shoe.

2. Athletic Shoes – What shoes do nurses wear

If you find a good balance pair of shoes, athletic shoes will not disappoint you. Athletic shoes are well-designed for providing the convenience and pleasure for users who often sticks to running or exposing to the tough surfaces. Athletic shoes can protect your feet from pressure of the high force

Many medical centers are constructed with a firm floor that is effortless to wash and clean. However, it can result in the discomfort and unsmooth for your feet. Therefore, owning an athletic shoe is a right selection.

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Moreover, shoes are made with the ability to absorbing the shock or scratch so that user’s feet can feel completely soft. Such shoes are lightweight as well. You can dedicate your time to taking on with reduction of the stress.

Besides, athletic shoes have diverse advantages that can make you satisfied. Ankle back-up, the foam insole and no laces, the grip outer sole and super lightweight texture are features of athletic shoes.

3. CROCS – Shoes nurses wear

You are wondering “ what shoes do nurses wear“? So this is your answer! Let’s pick up croc. Such shoes are designed with foam material, an air portal front, and a low 7 inches of level heel. This type is made of solid resin and also has a back strap.

Also, Crocs are manufactured with up or down portal vents that offer good ventilation for your feet. Nurse’s feet can move or run in the health centers without worrying of being loosened. The thick vent offers the better feet security of the spills, germs or thorns.

What Shoes Do Nurses Wear? 4
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You can take on any types of sock or wearers with crocs. The foam is easy to fit with any socks and ensure the high level of comfort for your feet. Moreover, crocs are certain experts are highly recommended by experts. Crocs are ideal for making contact with hard surfaces or other harsh topography.

Furthermore, crocs have the features of fashion. Therefore, combining its function for work and fashion items is a brilliant idea. You can wear crocs for outdoor activities thanks to its flexibility.


Another choice for you to take into your consideration is clogged. They are in the list of the top popular shoes for nurses. The nurse community highly favors this one because of its convenience, arch or heel back up and its safety level.

You will do not have to be afraid of being slipped thanks to its elective back strap. Interestingly, this type of strap can easily be taken off if you feel irritated. The design is made intelligently with open back design. These features are the plus points that attract nurse community.

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Particularly, the ability to resist the water and protecting your toes are the strength of clogs. Such shoes are manufactured with a variety of materials like leather, resin or suede. So now, the question “what shoes do nurses wear” is easy for you, right?


In our review, there are four types of shoes for you to choose. Each type has its pros and cons. Just be clever when choosing your favorite one. Stay in our article to get more update useful information.






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