What color shoes to wear with a blue dress
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What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress?

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Clothes especially dress seem to never be enough for the feminist. In addition to new trends that are always changing every day, the appeal of different colors also makes girls cannot stand still. While a black dress creates a mature and sexy beauty, you will appear in lovely and bright look in a white or pink one. However, if you are a fan of fashion, you cannot skip a blue dress in your wardrobe. The blue dress not only makes you shiny in the crowd but also shows your high-level style.

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress? 1

Although, a blue dress only becomes perfect if goes with the right shoes. It is also the problem of a majority of women when choosing what color shoes to wear with a blue dress. Our following article is summarized by both suggestions from experts and users’ experience. Let’s refer some of these amazing combinations as below.

What color shoes to wear with a blue dress

Black high heels for a blue dress


The color you cannot skip whenever you want to match with any items is black. The black color can easily mix with several outfits like dresses, jeans, skirts and so on. For a blue dress, it is also a perfect selection. You can use this combination in the wedding party, birthday party or go to work, which builds elegant beauty and charm for all ladies. Among several types of high heels, a lace-up heel seems to be fantastic if you want to look sexier. Additional black jacket, black bag together with a lovely necklace complement your perfect look.What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress? 2

Nude pumps for further elegance

If you are seeking a pair of shoes to combine with your blue dress, consider nude pumps as a remarkable choice. Nude is one of the colors that make you become the most elegant and gentle. Combining with a striking color like blue, it builds a harmonious look for the whole outfit. Whether you go out with friends or go out for a date, this mixture makes you shiny and comfortable.

For a walk, if you want to move smoothly and easily, choose a nude flat instead. Do not worry about that alternative item. You will always be right in each movement. Remember that combination for any situations when you are getting in touch with what color shoes to wear with a blue dress.

Blue dress with red shoes

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress? 3

If you want to be completely shiny, do not hesitate to add a pair of red shoes for your blue dress. Red, itself, brings sexiness and highlight. When coming with a blue dress, it creates an amazing appearance for the users. For a party, it seems to be a marvelous choice. However, be careful to wear it for a walk on the street if you do not want strange eyes to gaze at you.

Do not forget to bring along a red purse for better effectiveness. Try it if you dare!

Trendy combination- Yellow heels with blue dress

Let’s you catch up with one of the most trendy and fashionable combinations in this mixture.

The combination between yellow and blue will surprise you a lot. Not only does it create a focal point on your appearance but it also drives you to the next level. Although this matching can bring a surprisingly effective result, it is not made for everyone. You can turn out a snobbish lady, but also make you become a ridiculous parrot. However, overall, it is an ideal choice for what color to wear with a blue dress. Let’s do and enjoy it.

White color for a safe selection

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress? 4

Back to safe choices, we highly appreciate you a new combination between white shoes and a blue dress. It is more wonderful for a walk in a slightly shiny day; imagine that you wear a cute little blue dress and a white strappy platform sandal on your feet. How amazing it is. For better appearance, you can add a white-blue hat. Not just for skin protection, it will certainly make your appearance more sparkling.

Pink with a blue dress

The last recommendation we highly appreciate when choosing what color shoes to wear with a blue dress come from pink color. Pink and blue seem to be difficult to match wit each other. But in fact, it can support very well.

Now all in only one combination, you will have a chance to see you in a new look- elegance, attractiveness and overall extremely harmonious outfit.

What Color Shoes To Wear With a Blue Dress? 5

” Mix and match” is a word concerned by any women, especially who love fashion. If you want to appear in the most beautiful look, you cannot skip all of the useful tips of color combination. Among the lists, we mention dealing with what color shoes to wear with a blue dress, how many styles have you tried? Share us your thoughts by writing comments here and do not forget to visit our website for extra suggestions.

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