How To Wear Shoes Without Socks

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How To Wear Shoes Without Socks

Summer is a good time for showing our personal style. Imagine what you will wear on your feet in this season is sometimes challengeable for many people. There are dozens of footwear to you to select. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, etc…It is truly a disaster to walk around your office with high boots or canvas shoes. Therefore, it requires you to choose the most appropriate types of footwear, which must be cool and stylish. There are tons of options for your feet in this summer, including loafers, flats, boat shoes, and sandals. Although sandals are cool, they seem to be ridiculous for men. That is the reason why going sockless in the summer is a new trend nowadays. The followings are important points to keep in mind how to wear shoes without socks.

In the past, sockless is a great recommendation for boat shoes. However, it may be compatible with a variety of shoes now. All you need is combining sockless style with suitable items such as shorts, denim, summer suits and more. You should use this style on the right occasions. It is unsuitable for the official environment or formal occasions.

Choose the Appropriate Footwear

There are numerous tyles of footwear for you to try. You can wear moccasins, driving shoes, or low-cut sneakers for formal occasions. It should be brogues, or bucks for less casual days. Because your feet will touch directly with the shoes, learning how to remove the odor is an important task.  Let the shoes rest after 24 or 48 hours of use. Cedar shoe trees will be very effective in making your shoes dry and keeping their shape. Purchase a foot antiperspirant to prevent bad smells if necessary.

Have Cool Style

Do you know the best ways to create the perfect harmony between sockless and other accessories? Start learning how to wear shoes without sock to become stylish as below.

It is easy to combine sockless with the best outfit for your lower half such as shorts, trousers, jeans, especially a slim-cut chino. You should not wear skinny cuffs with sockless style. The distance between your trouser and the bottom of your ankle is 2 inches.

Moreover, try to purchase several important accessories when wearing shoes without socks. These items make you look cooler. They also help you get rid of odor in an effective way.

  • No-show Socks

Once your feet touch directly to your shoes, it may cause a bad smell. There is nothing more terrible than wearing a pair of smelly shoes around your office. To avoid this problem, add low-cut invisible socks to your fashion collection. They have another name of loafer socks. These socks not only do not affect your appearance but also keep your shoes fresh. With small size, it is hard for you to watch them visibly.

  • Cedar Shoe Trees

Discover how to wear shoes without socks with the support of cedar shoe trees. By absorbing sweat, cedar shoe trees contribute remarkably to remove odor and prevent the development of bacteria.

  • Powder

The powder is very useful in absorbing the moisture. You should sprinkle the powder with appropriate doses. You could buy powder directly at available stores or through online method. One of the best powders at $10 is Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder. Another great alternative option is baby powder. A small minus of using powder is that it can combine with sweat and become clump, which causes the speckled white inside of the shoes.

  • Stench-neutralizing Spray

Another efficient equipment for actively eliminate odor is using stench-neutralizing spray. This tool helps remove bad odor immediately. Especially, it works actively in the areas with high level of sweat. A big plus of using spray is that it can cover your feet well and touch all corners of your toes’ crannies.

  • Insoles

You had better purchase insoles associating with your shoes for more comfort. Made from leather or terry cloth, insoles have the capability of absorbing sweat and removing odor. They also can fill the empty space in your big shoes.

It is easy to select the best types of insoles among a variety of options. However, we would like to recommend activated charcoal insoles as the most effective tool to eliminate bad odor. With porous design, charcoal insoles have the excellent capability of absorbing sweat and moisture. They are an ideal solution for most of the shoes such as loafers, flats, boat shoes and more.

  • Moleskin Patches

A common issue many people often have to deal with when going sockless is the appearance of blisters. This is the reason why moleskin patches can be used to protect your feet in places with high friction.

Tips and Warnings

It is advisable for you to clean carefully your feet before slipping them into the shoes. If your feet are sweaty, they will create an environment for bacteria to develop. To remove the odor, you need washing your feet thoroughly. Necessary tools for doing this task include a washcloth and soap. Use soap to clean your feet helps remove as many bacteria as possible. To deal with dead skin areas, you will need the support from a washcloth. Rub your feet by the appropriate pressure. After these cleaning steps finish, you had better stand under the shower. The water contributes remarkably to remove the excess soap and dead skin. To save time, you can take advantage of alcohol-based products to finish this task. They could be listed here, including hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.

Moreover, you should have different pairs of shoes for changing the style when necessary. if you have some pairs of shoes with the same style, it will shorten the time for cleaning them and lengthen their lifespan.

In a word, fashion changes day by day and footwear is no exception. Sockless is a new trend that many people fall in love. To get the most impressive appearance, you should combine your shoes with the appropriate accessories. They not only make you cool but also protect you from the smell. Are you ready to try how to wear shoes without socks?

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