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How Walking Affects Mental Health

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Walking is one of the best ways to burn fat and calories, as well as a way to spend quality time with your loved ones. You get to do it anytime and anywhere, and there are no limits to what you can or can’t do when walking! From simple walking to intense workouts that can help you gain muscle and lose fat, it’s definitely the best and most flexible form of exercise that can be done from children as young as 5 years old, to the elderly as old as 65! You can even have your furry pets join in the fun and have them exercising for their overall health as well.

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Walking and Mental Health

Walking holds a lot of physical health benefits that anyone can take advantage of. Not only does it burn fat, but it can also boost metabolism and endurance as well. The more cardiovascular activities you do (walking being one of them), the stronger you become. You build more muscles, gain better posture, and basically, you will physically feel and look better.

Your body won’t be the only one thanking you for the walking workouts you do, though! Your mind will also take a huge turn for the better as well. With walking being an addicting exercise, your mental health will improve in so many ways. It may be the adrenaline boost or the hormones you get when exercising, but either way, studies have shown that walking and other forms of cardiovascular exercise will boost your overall mental health.

But how exactly are these walking workouts making you feel and think great, and what exactly does walking do to help your overall mental health?

How Walking Affects Mental Health

There are tons of factors and benefits the mind has when it comes to walking. This is what walking workouts will do to your mind in the long run:

  • With walking, your stress levels will be greatly reduced. It’s best to walk after a long day of work to remove the thoughts of work or school, making you feel at ease and calm.
  • Walking and other cardiovascular exercises release hormones that make you more energized and happy! That’s why walking is also great in the morning to boost your physical and mental spirit and get you ready for the day.
  • While you burn fat and gain muscle, you will start feeling better about yourself and your body. Your self-esteem and confidence is improved, and that way, you’ll feel much happier and gain a positive outlook in life.
  • Studies have shown that walking and other forms of exercise help prevent the quick cognitive decline. As we grow old, we start to forget things and our mind becomes hazy. But with walking, that will slow down, preventing you from losing focus and forgetfulness!
  • Walking is known to decrease anxiety attacks and treat depression. After all, it’s what makes us happier and more confident in ourselves. It helps with many mental disorders.
  • Not only does walking burn fat, but it also sharpens the mind as well! Taking regular walks helps people focus more at the task at hand, as well as improving memory. This is great for kids who want to ace that test.
  • While walking and exercise can be addicting, it’s a great kind of addiction that can fight your vices as well. Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are known to be unhealthy and addicting substances that shouldn’t be consumed excessively. Walking will help deter your mind from the addicting vices and have you focus on better things.

Walking for mental health

  • Because it’s a low intensity exercise, walking is known to help you relax. It does fight stress and make you happy, which is why it would keep you calm. Why do you think people go for walks when they’re angry? To clear the mind and calm themselves, of course!
  • Being in the great outdoors and walking around the neighborhood, there will be some creative juices and ideas flowing as you look around. Studies have shown that walking boosts creativity skills, especially to artists.
  • It isn’t your mental health that improves, but others as well! You’ll become a good role model as you start walking, inspiring others to make that lifestyle change and to start exercising as well. You may even gain new walking buddies along the way.
  • Because walking helps with focus and sharpens the memory, this means that you will concentrate at the task at hand, making you more productive everyday. And with the influx of ideas and creativity you get from walking, you will be able to turn those creative juices into something great when at work or school!

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