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What Food is Good for Walking?

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You may have read up on how walking is an all-round exercise and how effectively it can help hone your muscles and lift a shield of sorts to safeguard you from varied ailments and illnesses. How do you really understand what walking does for your body?

Walking after eating good or bad
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The knowledge will inspire you, even convince you, to keep at it until you lose those kilos. Otherwise, you are simply going to slump and give up when the going gets tough; and it will get tough, else you’re not doing it right.

  • The intensity and duration of your walks will determine how many calories you lose, which in turn influence weight loss.
  • A simple diet change has also proven to cut weight gain, with or without physical exercise being part of your lifestyle.
  • Increased weight loss is possible via walking. A brisk half an hour jaunt can make you shed about 150 calories; speed-slimming.

In essence, your exercises need to be moderate or vigorous not casual or lazy. Short durations and intense walks are superior to long durations and less intense ones. However, based on your physique and preferences, in conjunction with your diet, choose the right walking regimen for your health needs.

WHEN Should You Eat To Make Your Walking Exercises Efficient?

If you want to keep that weight off, keep exercising. You stop and inactivity seeps in, sending you back to square one. A healthy diet is absolutely important. Depending on how serious you are about getting fit and staying that way, you need to sacrifice ‘favorite’ foods for long-term health.

Question is: Do you eat after exercising or before?

  • You need to have energy for exercise and for post-workout recovery. You therefore need to take a few bites before a vigorous walk session.
  • This potential energy or fuel from food is responsible for muscle contractions during exercises like walking; longer than an hour, especially. They help build muscle and prevent fat storage.
  • Upset stomach, cramps, or lethargy are some of the probable causes that make people decide not to eat before a brisk walk.

That is not entirely correct. Eat foods that contain simple carbohydrates (‘carbs’) and sugars. These are readily broken down to provide energy for muscle functions during workouts.

good food for walking
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Good Food for Walking

We now broach the idea of specific food categories that you need to incorporate into your diet to make your walking workouts super-efficient.

  • Food during times of exercise follows the same natural process of breaking down, getting absorbed, and being moved by the muscles to the blood.
  • This will therefore take time before energy is available for use during exercise.
  • It is recommended that you eat an hour or two before you begin a workout, including walking.
  • What you eat and how much you eat also influences how quickly this energy is going to come available.
  • Fiber, protein, and fatty foods take longer to digest and become energy. Even grains and fruit contain fiber aplenty, which is one of the reasons people complain of stomach discomfort during exercise. It’s still in the belly, not yet absorbed.
  • A glass of sports drink and some carbohydrates are good pre-workout foods. You can return to drink fiber-rich health blends later.

The idea behind why you eat before walking is to gain energy for honing muscles during workouts. This is also why runners and swimmers do not eat before they perform their workouts. You already have muscle glycogen as a natural pre-stored energy resource, which will suffice for strenuous workouts. You can, therefore, eat after exercise to help with recovery too. What matters is the amount of food you put into your body and what kinds of foods they are.

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