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The Best Types of Shoe Brands

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Walking is not only the healthiest way to take yourself to places with short distances (Sometimes long!), but it can also be a great way to burn fat as well. Millions of people use walking as a form of exercise, as it doesn’t have the high intensity of other workouts, but will still be able to give you that toned body you aim for. What’s best about walking is the flexibility and the fact that you will be able to do it anytime, anywhere. You can even walk with anyone! Whether you’re walking to work alone, or walking around the mall with friends, it doesn’t matter. You’re still burning off calories while doing so, and not breaking that much of a sweat (Unless you’re under the sun!).

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Importance of Walking Shoes

But of course, if you’re thinking of walking as a form of exercise, then it’s important to be prepared. Not only should you have the motivation to start exercising, but you should also have the proper equipment and preparation. That means you’ll have to have the right pair of walking shoes suitable for you.

People think that they can wear whatever they want when walking, whether it’s slippers, sneakers, or whatever footwear they have in the house. But what they don’t know is that wearing the wrong types of shoes may actually cause injury! It’s important to wear the right type of walking shoes suitable for your feet in order to avoid any injury, and to keep your feet comfortable for the walk and the next walks to come.

Best Types of  Shoe Brands

With the many types of walking shoes and brands, it may be difficult to choose what’s right for you. Based on customer reviews and reputation, here are the best walking shoe brands recommended for you to get a basis:

Under Armour – These have the best types of cushioning, as the sole will mold to the way your feet walk, making it more comfortable each time you go out. It also has a great sole support as well. Not only that, but it comes in two different designs that will surely pop and make you motivated to get walking. Under Armour will definitely make you feel as your feet are protected by its walking shoes.


ASICS is known for its quality for both running and walking. With cushioned soles, breathable material, and great designs, it’s no wonder why their shoe brands are always on the top of every walking or running shoe list!

Asics Shoes
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New Balance

New Balance is a shoe brand that is perfect for those suffering from any foot condition that disables them from walking properly. It helps with both balance and support, making you able to walk in comfort and in good form.


Reebok is known for their apparel and shoes, with them selling various equipment and clothes that are loved and praised by everyone around the world.


One of the most famous sportswear and gear, Nike not only offers running shoes and swimsuits, but they also have shoes made for walking as well. Their walking shoes are known to give you support and comfort, perfect for the professional athlete or beginner.

Nike shoes Brand


Skechers is the shoe brand every child or adult loves. It’s perfect for dancing, walking, or running. Most of their shoes have a memory foam that will help keep your feet comfortable no matter where you go or where you walk. Plus, they offer great designs that range in different styles and colors!


Merrell is best known for their shoes that are perfect for the minimalist. Suitable for any trail, it’s the brand many adventure seekers purchase in order to feel the ground as they walk through mountainous areas or paths.

These types of walking shoes are claimed to be one of the best recommended, so while you aren’t forced to get these specific types of shoes, you can now get a basis on what brands and features to look out for when choosing your walking shoes.

You’ll be able to find a great pair of walking shoes in your local sports store, or through reputable online stores, where you are able to score deals and discounts. And you’ll be having it delivered right in the comforts of your own home! So what are you waiting for? Purchase a great pair of walking shoes and start your fitness journey now!

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