Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give to your daughter

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Making something by hand to give your daughter is a heartfelt way to make her feel special. While grabbing a gift at the store may be quicker, homemade presents add sentimental value that means more. Best of all, you don’t need expert crafting skills to create thoughtful gifts even your little girl will love.

Here are unique yet simple homemade gift ideas for daughters of all ages:

Pretty Bedroom Décor

Pretty Bedroom Décor

Surprise her by decorating her private space with accents and accessories featuring special customized touches.

DIY Wall Collage

Cut out and mod podge an assortment of patterned scrapbook paper alongside cherished photos capturing special memories you share into a statement collage for her wall.

Jewelry Box

Mod podge family photos onto a plain wooden trinket box she can use to store beloved bracelets, earrings and more.

Custom Throw Pillow

Sew a cute throw pillow from sparkly fabric you customize with iron-on monograms featuring her first initial or name.

Monogrammed Accessories

Add her initial or name to her go-to bags and baubles with girly flair.


Give her backpack a quick makeover by adding colorful embroidered patches or ironing on sparkly vinyl monograms so she can proudly flaunt it around school.

Dainty Initial Necklace

Have a simple coin pendant customized on Etsy with her first initial engraved onto it for a basic yet cherished hand stamped necklace.

Sunglasses Case

Jazz up a plain glasses case by stenciling it with fun original designs or decorating it with puffy paints and sparkling gems.

Cute Edible Treats

Delight her sweet tooth with girly homemade goodies wrapped like gifts just for her.

Cupcake Bouquet

Arrange an assortment of beautifully-frosted cupcakes into a bouquet resembling flowers wrapped in cellophane that she can proudly hang on her wall.

DIY Hot Cocoa Jars

Blend together the dry ingredients for comforting hot chocolate packets and layer them prettily into personalized mason jars topped with marshmallows, cinnamon sticks and custom tags addressed just to her.

Candy Bar Posters

Make DIY signs and posters decorated with some of her favorite colorful candy bars attached to spell out custom phrases and love notes.

Handmade Books

Craft keepsake books commemorating special memories you share.

Coupon Book

Offer tickets for memorable mommy/daughter dates and adventures in a cute homemade coupon book she can cash in. Ideas include spa days, sleepovers, zoo trips, baking sessions etc.

Memory Journal

Compile your favorite pictures alongside journal scribbles detailing precious moments during her childhood into a scrapbook she’ll treasure.

Gratitude Journal

Design a daily journal covered in graphics personalized to her unique personality prompting her to record things she feels grateful for.

DIY Beauty Products

Pamper her with handmade self-care goodies wrapped in custom packaging.

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Blend together dry ingredients like Epsom salts, citric acid, and essential oils into lovely scented bath bombs to help her relax at the end of a long day.

Scented Body Scrub

Mix up an exfoliating sugar scrub with her preferred essential oils that softens skin stored in a pretty container just for her.

Nail Polish Kit

Collect an assortment of glitter polishes, nail art supplies, gemstones and tools in a custom caddy so she can give herself DIY manicures.

Tips for Giving DIY Gifts

When crafting homemade gifts for your girl:

Make It Girly & Pretty

Incorporate glam details she’ll love like glitter, gemstones, floral prints, etc. to excite her inner diva.

Add Personal Touches

Customize it specifically for her with embellishments like embroidered initials, photos from special memories, inside jokes and more.

Focus on Presentation

Beautifully wrap or style gifts so they look like beloved treasures to inspire appreciation.


The beauty of homemade presents lies in the heartfelt details, not artistic perfection. Your daughter will feel the love knowing you handcrafted special gifts designed specifically with her in mind. So tap your creativity to make easy DIY projects celebrating exactly who she is.


What if I’m not crafty? Follow DIY tutorials made for beginners. It’s the effort put in, not the outcome, that makes homemade gifts special.

Where can I find easy tutorials?
Sites like Pinterest and YouTube offer endless inspiration for basic DIY projects even novice crafters can handle.

How much time do these gifts take?
Simple homemade gift ideas usually take 1-3 hours total including prep work and finishing touches.

What if my daughter doesn’t appreciate homemade gifts?
Consider if she’s liked homemade presents in the past. If not her style, incorporate personal touches into a store-bought gift instead.

What has gone over well in the past?
Girls tend to love DIY beauty products and accessories allowing them to customize details matching their style, like initial necklaces, nail polish kits and monogrammed bags.

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