Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give to your dad

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Coming up with unique, homemade gift ideas for dad can be challenging. But putting thought and effort into a heartfelt, do-it-yourself present that caters to his favorite hobbies or interests shows how much you care. Even if arts and crafts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of easy, budget-friendly DIY gift projects for dad you can create that he’ll treasure because it came straight from you. This article covers 10 go-to homemade gifts plus creative gift-making tips to inspire you.

Top Easy-To-Make Handmade Gifts for Dad

Personalized Grilling Kit

Treat dad to homemade bbq sauce, seasonings, tools, and accessories tailored to his signature grilling style.

Materials Needed
  • Empty condiment bottles
  • Ingredients to make custom bbq sauce & dry rub recipes
  • Printable labels for containers
  • Grilling utensils like spatulas or tongs
  • Basket, box, or gift bags
Steps to Make
  1. Prepare homemade bbq sauce and dry seasoning rub mixes dad will love.
  2. Layer sauce bottles and dry ingredients in gift basket or boxes along with new grilling tools.
  3. Print out labels with sauce names, ingredients, grilling tips to adhere to containers.
  4. Finish kit with gift wrap, bags, or basket embellishments.

Customized Sports Mug

Make dad a dishwasher-safe mug displaying his favorite sports team’s logo and colors.

Materials Needed
  • Solid color ceramic mug
  • Permanent fabric paint pens
  • Dishwasher-safe sealer
Steps to Make
  1. Lightly sketch out sports team logo or name onto mug before painting.
  2. Use fabric paint pens to draw emblem and team name on mug.
  3. Once fully dried, seal paint by covering mugs with dishwasher-safe sealer.

DIY Tech Accessories

Create handy add-ons for dad’s favorite tech devices like homemade stylus pens, phone stands, or keyboard brush cleaners.

Materials Needed
  • Craft parts like wooden discs, clay, paint, foam
  • Glue gun, acrylic paints, sponge brush
  • Embellishments like googly eyes
Steps to Make
  1. Shape, paint materials into desired tech accessory designs: stylus, tablet stand, keyboard cleaner, etc.
  2. Customize with fun embellishments and allow all layers to fully dry.
  3. Package completed DIY tech accessories in nice box to gift dad.

Sentimental Photo Display

Print favorite old photos of dad onto canvas or handmade photo cards for him to proudly put on display.

Materials Needed
  • Meaningful printed photos
  • Blank canvas boards or cardstock
  • Craft glue, scrapbook paper
  • Photo arrangement template
Steps to Make
  1. Select meaningful photos spanning lifetime to print out.
  2. Arrange printed photos on canvas boards or handmade cards.
  3. Customize displays with captions, decorative paper, and added embellishments.

Embroidered T-Shirt

Make dad his own custom tee featuring an embroidered design representing his passion or hobby.

Materials Needed
  • Plain cotton t-shirt in dad’s size
  • Embroidery hoop, floss, needle
  • Embroidery design idea
Steps to Make
  1. Sketch out or find embroidery pattern idea for design meaningful to dad.
  2. Stretch shirt in hoop and thread needle to embroider simple or more detailed artwork onto shirt.
  3. Carefully remove hoop and allow gift embroidery floss edges to be neatly trimmed.

Handmade Fishing Lures

Craft colorful, custom fishing lures dad can use for his next big catch.

Materials Needed
  • Fishing hooks, weights, wire, beads
  • Feathers, fasteners, protective sealant
  • Craft paint, sponge brush
Steps to Make
  1. Attach key components like hooks, wires, and weights together to form lure base shape.
  2. Paint lure bodies vibrant colors once shaped and allowed to dry.
  3. Embellish fishing lures with layered-on feathers, beads, or decals before sealing.

Homemade Snack Mixes

Make dad homemade trail mixes, puppy chow, or salty snack mix filled with his favorite ingredients.

Materials Needed
  • Assorted nuts, pretzels, cereals
  • Sweeteners like chocolate, peanut butter, honey
  • Cellophane bags, ribbons, jar
Steps to Make
  1. Select recipe for puppy chow, trail mix, granola, or snack mix with ingredients dad will love.
  2. Mix together dry ingredients per recipe instructions.
  3. Package portions of finished snack mixes in cellophane bags tied with ribbon to gift.

Engraved Tools or Accessories

Make his everyday carry gear extra special by customizing with an engraved name or quote.

Materials Needed
  • Metal items like pocket knife, flask, money clip, lighter, multi-tool
  • Online custom engraving service or handheld engraving tool
Steps to Make
  1. Determine metal accessory item you want engraved for dad’s daily use.
  2. Send item out to engraving shop or carefully use DIY engraver to decorate item with text detail of your choice.

Decorative Cooler or Tumbler

Jazz up a stainless steel drink container to keep his favorite hot or cold beverages handy for any outdoor adventure.

Materials Needed
  • Insulated can cooler or tumbler
  • Permanent paint markers
  • Decoration embellishments like stickers or washi tape
Steps to Make
  1. Lightly sketch fun shape or theme ideas before painting details onto drinkware canvas.
  2. Fill in artwork outlines using paint pens in vibrant colors.
  3. Embellish cooler or cup further with themed stickers or washi tape strips.

Other Creative Homemade Gifts for Dad

In addition to the highlighted homemade gift suggestions above, consider making dad one of these other crafty present ideas catered to his unique personality and interests:

  • Monogrammed bath & body products
  • Customized recipe book of his favorite homecooked meals
  • Handmade coupon book for chore help or one-on-one time
  • Sentimental memory album, frame, or canvas print
  • Golf accessories like club headcovers
  • Personalized portable grill or smoker box
  • Themed coffee sampler packs

Tips for Making Thoughtful Gifts

Follow these tips when designing DIY gifts to help make your present more meaningful and tailored especially for your dad:

  • Incorporate favorite snacks, sports team colors, hobby elements into gift ideas picking up on his interests.
  • Add a heartfelt homemade card explaining why you chose to craft this gift just for him.
  • Splurge on higher quality materials for gifts like tools, accessories, engraved items he’ll use daily.
  • Feature throwback photos from best dad-kid memories in any sentimental-style gifts.
  • Start early allowing enough time to modify ideas if needed without rushing.


Homemade gifts made with love can mean more than any store-bought present when given mindfully. Getting creative with easy homemade ideas that tie back to special bonding memories or dad’s favorite activities shows how well you know the uniqueness of his personality. He’ll be touched knowing the effort that went into making an exclusive gift straight from the heart.


What are good homemade gifts for fathers day?

Some top homemade Father’s Day gift ideas include personalized BBQ sauce kits, engraved drinkware like mugs or tumblers, sentimental photo books, homemade snack mixes tailored to his taste, embroidered gear displaying his hobby or passion, and handmade coupons for one-on-one bonding experiences.

What can I make for my dad’s birthday?

Make your dad’s birthday extra special with homemade gifts like a customized recipe box featuring all his favorite homecooked meals, monogrammed bath and body products, handcrafted tech accessories like a tablet stand or phone holder, decorative ammo boxes, or framed professional portraits from a meaningful photoshoot you set up.

What homemade gift can I make last minute?

If short on time, quick and thoughtful last-minute homemade gift ideas for dad include creating colorful sticky note art displays with inspiring messages, baking his beloved childhood treat like grandma’s cookies, designing an IOU book good for chore help or one-on-one hangouts, or preparing a themed gift basket filled with his favorite snacks or self-care products.

What should I make my dad for Christmas?

Christmas homemade gifts your dad is sure to appreciate include framed family photos chronicling special memories over the years, embroidered winter accessories like beanies, scarves or gloves featuring meaningful quotes, designing festive or personalized ornaments for the tree, compiling homemade “12 Days of Christmas” gift packages, or creating sentimental stockings stuffed with small treats.

What homemade gifts can kids make for fathers?

Homemade gifts kids can make themselves to give dad include handprint art pieces like canvas prints or ceramic plates, painted rocks or keychains, customized mugs or water bottles, beaded bracelets, decorated picture frames or sculptures made from clay, Pop-Tart photo cards, handwritten memory books, and themed coupon books good for one-on-one activities together.

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