Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give to Mother's Day

Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give to Mother’s Day

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For many people, Mother’s Day is a special holiday to honor and appreciate moms for all they do. While store-bought gifts are nice, a handmade present can be even more thoughtful and meaningful. Handmade gifts show you took the time and care to create something unique just for her. The good news is you don’t have to be crafty to make easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts! Here are some of the top handmade gift ideas that are simple to make but will still wow your mom.

Photo collage handmade gifts to give to Mothers Day

Photo collage

One of the most cherished gifts you can give Mom is a photo collage of memories you’ve shared together. All you need is a photo printing service, some decorative scrapbooking paper, and a photo frame. Arrange cropped photos creatively on the paper to highlight special moments like family vacations, holidays, and milestones. This is a great DIY gift idea if you’re short on time too since photo printing services are fast. Your mom will love glancing at this collage and reminiscing about the sweet times you’ve had.

Memory quilt

For the mom who loves snuggling up with cozy blankets, make a memory quilt using old t-shirts, team jerseys, or other memorabilia. Simply cut uniform squares of fabric and sew them together, adding a backing and batting if desired. This is perfect for using clothes from different eras or chapters of life. Your mom will adore having this nostalgic quilt she can cuddle with whenever she misses you.

Decorative flower pot

If your mom has a green thumb, help her spruce up her garden with a decorative flower pot. You can personalize a terracotta pot by painting it with acrylic craft paint in her favorite colors and adding other embellishments like ribbon, shells, beads, or decoupage images. Then plant some lovely annuals or perennials inside. Thisuseful gift will look beautiful on the patio all spring and summer long while reminding your mom of you.

Homemade bath products handmade gifts to give to Mothers Day

Homemade bath products

Pamper mom with do-it-yourself bath products like fizzy bath bombs, soothing bath salts, or moisturizing lotion bars. These luxury spa gifts are surprisingly easy to whip up with simple ingredients like baking soda, Epsom salts, essential oils, coconut oil, and shea butter. Package them attractively in jars or bags tied with ribbon. Your mom will feel relaxed and treated when she uses these thoughtful beauty products.

Personalized jewelry

For something dainty she can wear every day, make your mom some customized jewelry. For a birthstone necklace, use beads in her and her kids’ birth months. For a bracelet, have words or quotes engraved on a bangle or chain. Look up jewelry DIY tutorials for elegant options like wire-wrapped pendants and tassel earrings too. Your mom will be touched at the time you took to create a meaningful piece just for her.

Custom recipe book

Make mom a personalized cookbook with all her passed-down family recipes or your favorites she used to cook when you were growing up. Compile handwritten or printed recipes and sort them into sections like appetizers, entrees, desserts. Insert photos and include a heartfelt dedication page too. Have it printed and bound or assembled in a cute recipe box. Your mom will love having this priceless heirloom cookbook.

Framed handprint/footprint art handmade gifts to give to Mothers Day

Framed handprint/footprint art

For a cute craft from younger kids, have them create artwork by making handprints or footprints. Cut cardstock or canvas to fit a frame, then let kids dip their hands or feet in washable paint to imprint designs. Once dry, frame their masterpiece for grandma. This art will melt Mom’s heart as she proudly displays this cherished memento.

Coupon book for mom

Make your mom laugh and feel loved with a coupon book full of sweet IOUs she can redeem. Some ideas: breakfast in bed, movie night, a to-do list pass, or a big bear hug. Design coupons on paper and bind them or punch holes and connect them with ribbon. Your mom will have fun claiming her coupons for quality time with you.

Breakfast in bed

On Mother’s Day morning, surprise your mom with breakfast in bed. Make her favorites like pancakes, French toast, or an omelet. Include morning treats like coffee, fresh fruit, and muffins. Set it up nicely on a tray that you can bring to her room. This is a special way to pamper your mom and show appreciation on her day.

Handmade card

A heartfelt homemade card always makes a thoughtful gift too. Let your creativity run wild decorating the card with your mom’s favorite colors, patterns, images, and embellishments. Write a sincere personal message inside expressing what she means to you. Cards made with love will touch your mom’s heart.

Making your own presents does take time and effort, but that meaningful touch makes them extra special for Mother’s Day. Here are some tips for crafting the perfect handmade gift:

Tips for Making Handmade Gifts

  • Make it personal. Customize it with your mom’s preferences, inside jokes, favorite things.
  • Focus on sentiment. A gift from the heart means more than perfection.
  • Give yourself time. Don’t wait until the last minute so you can do your best work.
  • Have fun with it! Get creative and make memories along the way.
  • Make your gift useful. DIY beauty products, jewelry, and kitchen items she’ll enjoy.

With some creativity and love, you can make a handmade gift that your mom will cherish. The time spent making something for her shows how much you care.


Mother’s Day is the ideal time to show your appreciation for Mom with a thoughtful DIY gift made with love. Handmade presents like photo collages, jewelry, garden items, and recipes are unique alternatives to store-bought gifts. Your mom will be touched that you took the effort to make something special just for her. Focus on making a gift that highlights your relationship and inside memories. The simple act of creating something by hand makes a meaningful gift she’ll always remember. However you choose to celebrate, make sure your mom feels cherished this Mother’s Day.


What if I’m not crafty?

Even simple DIY gifts like a coupon book or breakfast in bed don’t require art skills. Focus on sentimental value over perfection.

What if I run out of time?

Quick last-minute options are a loving card, flowers, or her favorite baked treats. Or offer to spend dedicated time doing an activity together.

What if I run out of time?

Quick last-minute options are a loving card, flowers, or her favorite baked treats. Or offer to spend dedicated time doing an activity together.

How can I make it meaningful?

Customize it to highlight special memories, inside jokes, her hobbies, favorite things. A personal touch makes it more meaningful.

Should I give multiple gifts?

One heartfelt DIY gift is enough, but you could pair it with store-bought flowers, candy, or a card for extra wow factor.

What if my mom doesn’t like handmade gifts?

Consider her love language – something personalized she can use daily might be better than decorative crafts. Or give a gift card to her favorite store.

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