Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give on Father's Day

Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give on Father’s Day

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Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give on Father’s Day – Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate dads and father figures. While store-bought gifts are nice, nothing beats a heartfelt, handmade gift from a child. Handmade gifts show love, thought, and effort. The best part is many handmade gifts are easy to make! Here are top easy-to-make handmade gift ideas kids can make for Father’s Day.

easy-to-make handmade gifts to give on Fathers Day

Top easy-to-make handmade gifts to give on Father’s Day

Photo frame

A personalized photo frame makes a wonderful gift for Dad. It allows him to display his favorite photo prominently.

Materials needed

  • Picture frame
  • Child’s artwork/craft papers
  • Photos
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Steps to make a photo frame

  • Take apart the picture frame to access the glass and backing.
  • Cut out craft paper or artwork in the shape of the frame.
  • Glue the artwork/craft paper to the backing of the frame.
  • Add photos and position inside the frame.
  • Reassemble the frame.
Keychain handmade gifts to give on Fathers Day


A handmade keychain is a great DIY gift idea for Dad. Make it personalized by adding charms or initials.

Materials needed

  • Keychain/Keyring
  • Craft beads, buttons, charms
  • Split key rings
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

Steps to make a keychain

  • Cut ribbon into pieces and tie knots at the ends.
  • Use split key rings to attach charms, beads, buttons, and ribbon pieces to the keychain.
  • Add dad’s initial or name using alphabet beads.
  • Attach any special charms that represent his hobbies or interests.
Coffee mug handmade gifts to give on Fathers Day

Coffee mug

Make Dad smile every morning with a lovingly decorated coffee mug.

Materials needed

  • Plain ceramic coffee mug
  • Acrylic paint pens
  • Paint brushes

Steps to make a customized coffee mug

  • Clean the coffee mug thoroughly before decorating.
  • Use acrylic paint pens to draw pictures or designs. Write messages like “Best Dad Ever!”
  • Add colors using acrylic paint and brushes.
  • Allow paint to dry fully before use.
Handprint tie handmade gifts to give on Fathers Day

Handprint tie

A handprint tie makes an adorable Father’s Day gift. It can be worn proudly to show Dad’s love for his kids.

Materials needed

  • Men’s tie made of natural fabric
  • Fabric paint or acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • Paper plate

Steps to make a handprint tie

  • Cut open fingers of a rubber glove. Tape it around child’s wrist to avoid drips.
  • Squeeze fabric paint onto a paper plate.
  • Press child’s hand into fabric paint and then onto the tie to make a print.
  • Repeat handprints across the tie. Allow prints to dry fully before use.
Coupon book handmade gifts to give on Fathers Day

Coupon book

A personalized coupon book full of IOUs for dad is sure to make him feel special.

Ideas for coupon book coupons

  • Good for one free car wash
  • Breakfast in bed coupon
  • Vacuum the house coupon
  • Tech support coupon
  • Puzzle assembly help coupon
  • Good for one free hug or kiss

How to make the coupon book

  • Fold papers in half to make mini booklets.
  • On each page, write a coupon offer and add artwork.
  • Punch holes and tie together with ribbon or yarn.
  • Decorate the cover with a loving title and picture.


Handmade gifts show time, creativity and sentiment – something Dad will treasure. The above DIY gift ideas are budget-friendly and can be made in under an hour. Make this Father’s Day memorable by giving Dad a personalized, heartfelt gift from his child.


What if I don’t have art supplies to make handmade gifts?

Everyday items like paper, cardboard, boxes, and socks can be turned into handmade gifts! Get creative with recycling materials around the house.

How can I personalize store-bought gifts for Dad?

Add a handwritten card, gift wrap with decorative duct tape, attach a photo, or include his favorite treats to personalize a store-bought gift.

What if I don’t have artistic skills to make handmade gifts?

Focus on crafts that require simple cutting, gluing, printing, tracing, or collaging. It’s the thought that counts more than artistic talent.

Are handmade gifts appropriate for older adults?

Absolutely! Handmade gifts are cherished regardless of the recipient’s age. Tailor your homemade gift idea to their interests.

What if my child is too young to make handmade gifts?

Young kids can decorate a card by gluing cut out shapes or making a handprint work of art for Dad. Older siblings can assist with gift making.

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