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Top 9 Places to go Walking in Your Town

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When it comes to walking, you end up getting a lot of health benefits from it, including a smaller waistline as you burn fat through each workout! An easy, low impact exercise you can do anytime and anywhere, it’s one of the best ways to kick off a healthy lifestyle. There’s nothing better to start the day than to welcome the sun with a good walk, or even walking under the rain for those who love that kind of climate! Wherever you are, walking is a great way to get the body you want. And it’s easy to start, since everyone already knows how to walk in the first place!

Unless you happen to be sick and lying in bed all day, there is no excuse as to why you can’t find that extra time to walk. Whether you go at night or in the morning, you will still be able to achieve the fit lifestyle you want. You already use it as a means of transportation, such as from going to your bedroom straight out of the door, so why not go the long run and walk farther?

But the question is, where are the places you can walk to? Like what I said, you can walk anytime and anywhere, but the place does matter when walking. The environment you are in definitely sets the mood, and you should always feel great when walking, regardless of how great your playlist and walking shoes are. So where are the best places around your area you can walk around in? Luckily, you will be able to find great places around your town, and I’m sure they won’t even cost a lot!Places-to-Walk-in-Your-Town

Top 9 places to go walking in Your Town


A quick walk around your neighborhood won’t only keep you fit, but you get to see what your neighborhood is like as well. Meet new people and appreciate your village, you’ll be surprised that there are places you didn’t visit and people you didn’t know!


The park is free and with beautiful scenery. Filled with grass, trees, and other recreational things, you will be able to relax and feel the breeze as you walk through the paths and meet your neighbors for a quick chat. You never know, you may end up meeting new friends and having a walking buddy to keep you encouraged!Places-to-Walk-in-Your-TownPlaces-to-Walk-in-Your-Town

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While this may or may not be free, the gym can be used as an avenue for walking if you prefer to stay in one area. You can use the elliptical trainer for more intensity, or use the treadmill to tweak the speed and incline of your walk. Very easy to do, and you may even get a lot of gym benefits. Plus, the environment of people trying to achieve their goals makes you feel encouraged as well.Good places to walk

To School or Office

You can actually use walking as a means of transportation to your workplace. Instead of taking the bus, choose to walk a bit farther, or park your car somewhere else in order to spend some time walking. You can even use your lunch break to walk around for a bit.


Your town may hold free walking marathons for a cause! Not only will you be advocating for good reasons, but you will also be able to meet new people, learn new things, and get some freebies! The feeling of accomplishment as you receive a finisher’s medal is just awesome, so look out for marathons around your area.

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It may seem boring, but walking around your house is actually still exercise! Walk up and down the stairs, around your backyard, or if you happen to have a treadmill or elliptical trainer, you can use that as well. Like what I said, there are no excuses!


The mall isn’t only a place of leisure or shopping, but can be used to exercise as well! A cold place you can hang out in, you can bring a friend along as you walk around and explore the different shops, browsing through clothes and making a workout out of it!


Historical landmarks won’t only get you learning a lot of things about your town, but you can also trim your waistline from the long walk. Visit museums and historical places to get a glimpse of how your town came to be.


Your town may have outdoor trails and forests you can visit. The natural environment keeps you encouraged and happy to keep walking, and you will definitely appreciate your surroundings. You can enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy the scenery as you follow the trail!

And there you have it. Walking doesn’t only have to be limited to treadmills or around your neighborhood, but you can walk anywhere else as well! Find a buddy you can walk with and have fun exploring your town while obtaining the health benefits from it. That way, you will learn to love walking, and you get to see what the town has in store for you. Don’t postpone your walk, put on your walking shoes and get to it now!

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