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Top 10 Best Songs for Walking

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Top 10 Best Songs for Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises one can do to strengthen their legs and build their cardiovascular endurance. It is low impact exercise just about anyone can do, there’s no excuse to not exercise and walk! The plus side is that it costs nothing, no gym membership or fancy equipment required! All you need is a positive attitude, the motivation to move your butt, and a great pair of walking shoes, and you are now all set to venture out to the great outdoors (or your treadmill) while reaping the health benefits walking does for your mind and body.

Top 10 Best Songs for Walking 2

But there are times when walking can get a bit boring, especially when doing it alone. After all, you can’t just keep mindlessly walking around your neighborhood without feeling the laziness creep towards you! Being bored just walking makes you want to turn around and go back home, and that isn’t what you are aiming for. Luckily, there are ways to rev up your walking workout and keep it fun and amusing for you, even if you’re walking alone or with a friend.

There are ways to up your workout and make it fun, like increasing the intensity by changing routes and going up on high inclines and varying speed. It burns more calories and gets your heart pumping as well. Or, you can bring a friend and have an amusing chat. But if you are just starting and prefer walking alone, walking is a great form of meditation. But one can meditate for so long, so a great playlist is needed in order to keep you energized and encouraged to keep moving forward and to finish your route!

With the many upbeat songs, it’s hard to squeeze in all your favorites in one walk, unless you have the time to work for hours at a time! So here are some songs that’s best recommended by walkers around the world, to give you a bit of a kick and get you moving (and maybe dancing) to the beat:

Top Best Songs for Walking

1.Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, T.I, and Pharrell – 121 BPM and 4:22 minutes, it’s definitely a song to start your workout with and get you pumped up for the next stage of your workout.

2. Happy by Pharrell – This is a motivating song, keeping you happy and maybe even skipping with the beat as you listen to it!

3. I Love It by Icona Pop and Charlie XCX – The energizing mix and loud singing by Icona Pop will surely raise your heart rate as you swing your arms to the song.

4. Born This Way by Lady Gaga – Not a new song, but definitely a classic that needs to be in your playlist. Let Lady Gaga’s lyrics make you feel confident and proud of your body as you sculpt it to your liking!

5. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – An oldie but a classic, I’m sure you’ll love the 90s pop songs on your walking playlist with upbeat cardio music blasting as you walk.

6. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves – Let this song make you feel as if you’re literally walking on sunshine on a hot day!

7. In the Ayer by Flo Rida and Will.I.Am – A fast paced song, it won’t only keep your legs moving, but make you pump your arms when speed walking. Maybe even putting your hands in the air will help make things more fun!

8. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera – Move like Jagger and walk through this energizing song, with the beat and amazing voices guiding your way through your workout!

9. S&M by Rihanna – The title seems sketchy, but the music is not! Rihanna is always a staple when it comes to songs for working out, and this playlist holds no exception. With a beat that can keep you walking and pumping your arms in high intensity, give this song a listen and add it to your walking playlist.

10. Without You by Usher and David Guetta – A bit slow on the upbeat side with David’s remix, this is the best song to cool down to as you end your workout with the sweet voice of Usher but with the energizing mix of David Guetta.

Best Songs for Walking
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A playlist that will last for over half an hour, that’s a whole workout right there! You can definitely save these or even make a whole new playlist to vary things up and make sure that the workout boredom doesn’t hit you anytime soon. You can download apps on your phone that can recommend songs for you, even letting you download it off their vast records. Or, you can check Youtube and any other MP# websites online to download these songs. You might even have some albums lying around at home that hold your favorites that can be added straight to your phone from your laptop.

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