Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Italian

Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Italian

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Italian culture and values

When choosing a gift for an Italian friend or family member, it’s important to understand some key aspects of Italian culture. Family, food, fashion and a slower pace of life tend to be very important. Keeping these values in mind when picking a gift will help you select something more meaningful.

Italian culture and values

Family and relationships

Italians place a strong emphasis on family and relationships. If you’re buying a gift for family like a parent, spouse or grandparent, pick something that symbolizes or strengthens your connection with them. Photo albums full of memories or frames with meaningful pictures make excellent gifts. Or you could get them a nice bottle of wine and drink it together the next time you visit.

Importance of food

Italians love good food. A gift that caters to this would be greatly appreciated! You could put together a gourmet Italian food basket with things like olive oil, pasta, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and wine. Or get them a voucher to an authentic Italian restaurant they’ve been wanting to try. Edible treats make fantastic gifts.

Fashion and design

Style is important in Italian culture. When selecting fashion accessories as gifts, focus on high-quality materials like leather and suede in classic, elegant designs. Pay attention to detail and craftsmanship, as Italians appreciate well-made items. A leather wallet or bag, soft leather gloves or a silk scarf would all make lovely gifts.

Italian Lifestyle preferences

Lifestyle preferences

Experiences over material goods

Rather than more “stuff”, Italians tend to prefer experiences. A cooking class, wine tasting or tickets to a show make for more memorable gifts. Find out what hobbies or interests the person enjoys and give them an experience related to that.

Relaxation and taking it slow

The Italian lifestyle is laidback and leisurely. Gifts that promote rest and relaxation would be greatly valued. For example, you could get them luxury bath products, a soft robe, books or movies. Help them indulge in dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing.

Italian Gift ideas for different recipients

Gift ideas for different recipients

Gifts for family

Picking gifts for Italian family members requires a personal touch. Homemade gifts show you put time and care into it.

Food baskets

Fill a basket with Italian treats like olive oil, pastas, biscotti, espresso, Panettone. Include family recipes too if you have some. Adding a homemade touch makes it more heartfelt.

Photo albums

Make a photo album filled with old family photos. Include some written captions or stories to go along with the photos. This gift will become a treasured heirloom.

Gifts for couples

For married couples or romantic partners, choose a gift to enjoy together.

Restaurant vouchers

Give them a fancy night out with vouchers to their favorite Italian restaurant. Add a card promising to babysit if they have kids!

Cooking classes

Cooking classes like a pasta making workshop or pizza class make a fun experience to share. Opt for something hands-on.

Gifts for friends

For Italian friends, go for small gifts that show thoughtfulness.

Wine or olive oil

A nice bottle of Italian wine or a premium olive oil makes a useful gift friends will appreciate.

Leather accessories

Shop for leather goods like gloves, wallets or handbags from an Italian brand. Choose something practical in classic styling.

Presentation and wrapping

Put some effort into visually appealing wrapping and gift presentation.

Elegant wrapping

Italians dress up gifts in nice paper, ribbons and bows. Wrap the present neatly in a coordinated, colorful way. Tissue paper, wrapping paper or gift bags in red, green or gold colors match Italian Christmas decor.

Handwritten notes

Write a personal handwritten card to include with the gift. Express your sentiments towards them and why you selected this gift. Italians greatly value meaningful messages.

Where to shop

Find gifts at local specialty shops when possible for a more authentic, unique gift.

Local specialty shops

Visit small shops in an Italian neighborhood or Little Italy. Chat with shop owners for recommendations. You’ll likely find tasty edible gifts or handcrafted items made locally.

Outdoor markets

In Italy, open-air street markets are popular places to buy clothing, leather goods, antiques, crafts, flowers and artisanal foods. Recreate that experience by shopping at an Italian market if you have one nearby.


Choosing the perfect gift for an Italian requires knowing cultural preferences. Focus on gifts highlighting family ties, food, relaxation or high quality. Present it elegantly wrapped with a warm handwritten note. Shop local when possible for authentic Italian items. By keeping their values in mind, your gift is sure to be greatly appreciated!


What are the best gifts for an Italian grandmother or mother?

For Italian grandmothers or mothers, excellent gift choices would be something heartfelt from the family like a photo album, homemade food baskets, family recipe books, or comfy robe and slippers to promote relaxation.

What gifts work well for Italian teachers or colleagues?

For work relationships, appropriate Italian gift ideas include boxes or baskets of Italian sweets, a gift certificate to an Italian bakery or restaurant, or a nice bottle of Italian wine.

Where is the best place to buy gifts for an Italian man?

Some of the best places to buy gifts for Italian men are leather shops, specialty food shops featuring Italian products, Italian clothing boutiques, or Italian markets selling items like wines, olive oils, and silk ties or scarves.

What food items make good Italian Christmas gifts?

Delicious edible Italian Christmas gift ideas include Panettone cake, torrone nougat candy, bags of espresso beans, biscotti, Italian chocolates like Baci, and baskets with premium olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, pasta, tomato sauce and wine.

What is an example of a unique but fun gift for Italians?

Some unique and fun gift ideas for Italians include a pasta making class or pizza making workshop, opera or concert tickets, planning a trip for them to an Italian festival, organizing a wine tasting night delivered to their home, or getting luxury bath products to enjoy Italian-style relaxation.

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