Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Australian

Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Australian

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Looking for the perfect gift for your Australian friends or family members? With a unique culture Down Under, keep these tips in mind before settling on a gift. Australians have a relaxed way of life, filled with sports, the outdoors, good food and wine. Tailor your presents to what they love doing in their free time or objects with a taste of home.

General Tips

Know Their Interests

The first step is getting a sense of what they enjoy. Do they follow Aussie rules football avidly or prefer rugby? Are they a hardcore surfer or happy sticking to the sand? Their specific hobbies, whether sports, cooking, or camping, provide ideal gift inspiration. Even better, contribute to a hobby they already love but may lack some key gear for.

Quality over Quantity

Australians tend toward quality over quantity. One well-thought-out gift beats a whole bag of meaningless trinkets. Find something durable, practical, and ideally locally made in Australia. Go for ethical brands when possible as well. Splurging on a nicer version of something they could use often is better than a shelf full of junk.

Consider Lifestyle

Think about the climate and culture of Australia compared to where you live. The seasons occur opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere, so our winter is their summer. And Australians spend tons of time outdoors enjoying nature year-round. So outdoor gear, items to beat the heat, and apparel for an active lifestyle tend to go over well.

Food and Drink


Fine wine makes a fantastic gift choice. Australians produce a wide variety acclaimed wines you rarely find overseas. Look for bottles from smaller boutique wineries they likely haven’t tried before. Or give the gift that keeps giving with a wine club membership.

Popular Varietals

Some iconic Australian wine varietals to look for include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions famously produce rich, full-bodied Shiraz. For lighter whites, cool-climate varieties from Tasmania or Adelaide Hills are delicious.

Wine Club Memberships

Joining an Australian wine club means selections tailored to their palate shipped right to their door. These subscriptions give them an ongoing discovery of new labels and varieties. Look for clubs that focus on smaller producers or eco-friendly wineries.


Australia obsesses over coffee just as much as wine. Treat them to some premium beans or an upgrade to their morning routine.


Sample single origin roasts from various growing regions. Or look for blends with unique profiles like chocolate, berry, or citrus flavors. Let them know if you opt for a decaf variety!


A new espresso machine, coffee grinder, French press, or even mug make excellent companion gifts to a bag of beans. Opt for insulated drinkware to keep their coffee hot on the go. And don’t forget the foamy milk with a frother wand or handheld mixer.

Australian Treats

Satisfy their sweet tooth or salty cravings with iconic Australian snack foods impossible to find abroad. Department stores like David Jones carry large selections of local sweets. Or order care packages online stuffed with all their favorites.

Tim Tams

These chocolate-covered biscuits inspire obsession for good reason. The flaky malted interior and creamy chocolate filling make Tim Tams positively addictive. Grab an assortment of flavors, like caramel or cheesecake, for sublime dunking in hot cocoa or coffee.


This intensely rich, salty, yeasty spread stirs up love-it-or-hate-it reactions across Australia. Made from brewer’s yeast extract, Vegemite packs a serious umami punch. Include some toast for spreading alongside a jar for the true Aussie breakfast experience.

Adventures and Experiences

Gifts that let them enjoy Australia’s natural splendor or exciting urban offerings make meaningful gestures. event tickets, tours, or gear for getting outside all make excellent choices.

Tickets to Events

Treat them to concerts, theater performances, sporting matches, food festivals, and other can’t miss events. Scout online event listings or ask what’s coming up on their wishlist. Booking ahead for a sold-out show or exclusive experience proves extra thoughtful.

Guided Tours

From the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, outstanding guided tours abound across Australia. Surprise them with a chance to finally see one of those bucket list destinations through a tour company’s insider access and expertise.

Sydney Harbor

Cruising Sydney Harbor amid views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and nearby beaches makes for quintessential Sydney. Opt for lunch or dinner packages, whale watching expeditions, or even learn to sail programs for full days of adventure.

Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef’s breathtaking corals and sea life always proves unforgettable. Day trip tours from Cairns or luxury liveaboard diving charters allow them to experience this Natural Wonder of the World firsthand.


Make the journey into Australia’s Red Centre for tours of the giant sandstone monolith Uluru and the nearby cluster of domed rocks called Kata Tjuta. Guides provide cultural insights into these sites’ deep spiritual significance for the Anangu Aboriginal people along with the area’s unique desert wildlife.

Outdoor Excursions

Australia overflows with outdoor recreation from surf beaches to secluded bushland. Gear and classes for local adventures outside make fantastic presents.


Outfit their next bushwalk with moisture-wicking shirts, wide-brimmed hats, polarized sunglasses, insulated water bottles or hydration packs, and trail snacks like muesli bars. A National Parks pass granting access makes a handy gift for avid ramblers as well.


Equip campers with useful upgrades like flameless cookstoves, portable power stations, blow up swags for sleeping bag comfort, and lightweight camp chairs. Waterproof stuff sacks and dry bags prove handy for keeping gear protected in the elements as well.

Fashion and Accessories

Find fun fashion pieces and accessories infused with Australian style. Comb through boutiques and brands that celebrate laidback luxury with nature inspired prints, indigenous art motifs, or nods to Aussie nostalgia.

Casual Clothing

The Aussie uniform of board shorts, tank tops, flip flops and wide-brimmed hats works for coastal living and backyard barbecues alike. Made well, these casual staples last for years of weekends full of sun and surf.


Gift iconic Aussie swim brands like Speedo, Seafolly, and Sunseeker. Look for UPF sun protective fabrics and cuts suited to swimming laps, playing beach sports, or lounging waterside. Don’t forget a cover up like a kimono or sarong and some reef safe sunscreen as well!


An Akubra, Barmah, or some other wide-brimmed felt outback hat makes a dapper gift with practical sun protection. Or opt for a baseball cap or bucket hat from surf and skate brands like Rip Curl. Lots of brands add leather hat bands and side pins for a personal touch.

Unique Souvenirs

Sample quintessential Australian gifts from boomerangs to gemstones that symbolize the country’s one-of-a-kind landscapes. Handmade by Aboriginal artisans provides an extra special story behind these conversation starters.


These wooden hunting implements and artifacts of Aboriginal culture curve slightly in a way that allows them to return to throwers. Find authentic decor boomerangs carved by indigenous creators versus cheaper mass produced versions.


This long wooden horn acts as both a musical instrument and integral part of ceremonial rituals for some Aboriginal groups. Well-crafted didgeridoos sold by Aboriginal artists make meaningful displays in any home.


Australia produces around 95% of the world’s precious opals.these shimmering stones display fiery patterns in vibrant colors. Set in jewelry like pendants or earrings, opals channel the magic of the Outback. Look for pieces backed with certificates of authenticity.

Homewares and Decor

Bring Australian art, textiles, and knickknacks into their living space. Find specialty boutiques and Aboriginal art galleries offline and online brimming with items made Down Under.

Aboriginal Art

Gifts that support Aboriginal artists and storytellers not only look beautiful but provide cultural connections.

Canvas Prints

Choose stunning landscape photography or reproductions of artwork by famed Aboriginal painters. Images of Uluru sunsets, dreamtime stories, or abstract dot art breathe new visual interest into any room.


Collectible sculptures and traditional carvings crafted from native woods or stone create impressive focal points. Whether a solitary piece or an entire set, these specialized Aboriginal artworks showcase both creativity and tradition.

Aussie Kitsch

For fun, pick playful gifts celebrating Australian nostalgia. Quirky magnets, tea towels and other novelties featuring big Aussie icons make them smile.

Tea Towels

Iconic fabrics celebrate big Aussie favorites, from boxing kangaroos to Budgie Smugglers. Use tea towels to wrap up snack gifts or simply for drying dishes with some added whimsy.


Fridge magnets allow them to show off Aussie pride on the daily. Go for kitschy options like cartoon koalas or landmarks like the Big Banana. Or spell out messages with letter magnets featuring Australian slang for extra laughs.


Finding the perfect gifts for an Australian can feel daunting when you don’t call the Land Down Under home yourself. Keeping their interests, lifestyle, and pride for their homeland in mind helps narrow down ideas tailored just for them. Food, wine, experiences, adventure necessities, Aussie fashion, Aboriginal art, and lighthearted novelties all channel Australia’s one-of-a-kind landscapes and culture. Thoughtful gifts supporting smaller businesses take the gesture to the next level as well. With so many incredible options, you’re sure to discover presents that speak to who they are as Australians.


What are some food gifts that won’t spoil in shipping?

Shelf-stable treats like Tim Tams, vanilla cake thins, or ANZAC biscuits stay fresh for weeks. Canned or bottled goods like sauces, spreads, tea, or spices ship well too. Hard candies, chocolate bars, or trail mixes also hold up while in transit.

Are opals cheaper to buy in Australia?

Opals sold locally right from Aussie mines often come cheaper than buying aboard. That said quality matters more than location in determining price. Reputable jewelers with certificate proving place of origin help when investing in these treasured stones.

What sports are most popular to gift tickets for in Australia?

Aussie rules football enjoys packed stadiums and devoted fans across the country. Rugby, cricket, and football (soccer) also see lots of enthusiasm. Or explore niche local sports like Australian netball enjoyed mainly by women.

Should I pay extra for eco-friendly Australian brands and products?

Ethical, sustainable practices show you care about Australia’s lands and traditional communities. Though pricier, these consciously made goods invest back into preservation and cultural revitalization.

What’s the best way to buy Aboriginal art ethically?

Make sure Aboriginal arts centers or galleries sell pieces directly sharing profits with Indigenous artists. Ask about artists’ ties to their works and how sellers aim to support them. Certificates of authenticity also help fund arts communities ongoing.