Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Argentinian

Things you need to know before choosing gifts for Argentines

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Buying gifts can be challenging, especially when shopping for someone from a different cultural background. Argentina has a vibrant culture that is influenced by European and Latin American traditions. As you prepare to select gifts for your Argentinian friends or colleagues, it helps to understand a bit about their culture and preferences. This article offers tips on Argentinian gift-giving etiquette, popular gift items, and things to keep in mind as you shop. With some preparation, you can choose thoughtful gifts that will delight your Argentinian recipients.

Argentinian Culture and Values

Learn About Argentinian Culture and Values

Argentinians place a high value on relationships and making emotional connections. They tend to have close-knit family relationships and large networks of friends they consider like family. Quality time spent with loved ones is the best gift you can offer an Argentinian. If visiting the country, make time to share a traditional Argentinian barbecue (asado) or attend a lively soccer match with your host. If at a distance, share photos and videos that allow you to experience aspects of life in Argentina together.

While less openly affectionate than some other Latin cultures, warmth and hospitality are still very important. Generous portions of food and drink are readily offered to visitors in the home. Arriving with a small gift or bottle of wine shows gratitude for their hospitality.

There is a strong emphasis on outward displays of success and status. Designer clothing and accessories are quite popular, especially in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. Visible name brands from Europe and North America like Armani or Louis Vuitton are viewed as prestigious.

Popular Argentinian Gift Items

Popular Argentinian Gift Items

Keep in mind the values of relationships, hospitality, and status appreciation as you select gifts. Some popular items include:

  • Wine – Argentina has world-famous Malbec wines. A nice vintage bottle shows you respect the country’s signature export.
  • Yerba mate – This traditional tea is sipped daily through a metal straw. An ornate mate gourd and straw set makes a great gift.
  • Leather goods – From handbags to belts to polo gear, fine Argentine leather is globally prized. Look for detailed stitching and quality hides.
  • Silver jewelry – Intricately crafted earrings, necklaces and more show off the exceptional skill of Argentine jewelers.
  • Soccer jersey – Soccer is like a religion, so sporting your friend’s favorite team shows solidarity. Get one with their favorite player’s name and number.
  • Dulce de leche – Argentina’s iconic caramel spread is the perfect tasty souvenir. Find an artisan brand for a premium gift.
  • Handwoven textiles – Each region has its own craft traditions. Check out vibrant blankets, ponchos, and more.

For a foolproof gift, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a nice restaurant or pampering spa treatment. Experiential gifts allow them to enjoy an outing with loved ones.

Tips for Presenting Gifts

Keep the following etiquette tips in mind when giving gifts:

  • Wrap gifts elegantly in high-end paper and ribbons befitting the prestige of the item. Argentinians tend to dress up gifts more extravagantly than other cultures.
  • Avoid giving gifts in black, purple or yellow paper, as they symbolize mourning or betrayal.
  • Bring a wrapped gift when invited to an Argentinian home for a meal or party.
  • Flowers are appreciated, but avoid white roses and chrysanthemums. Red roses and tulips are popular options.
  • Gifts are not opened when received. Your recipient will open later in private.

Common Gift-Giving Occasions

Argentinians enjoy celebrating and exchanging gifts for many special events. Here are some common gift-giving occasions:

Birthdays – An intimate dinner and cake are typical, with nice gifts from close friends and family. Surprise parties are also popular if you have a large social network.

Christmas and New Year’s – Celebrate Christmas Eve with extended families. Exchange gifts on Christmas Day followed by an afternoon barbecue or picnic. Ring in the new year with festive parties, toasts, music and fireworks at midnight.

Anniversaries – Mark relationship milestones like anniversaries with elegant dining experiences and sentimental gifts. Silver and crystal gifts are common for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.

Graduations – Graduates wear formal attire and take photos with families. Gift college graduates with laptops, tablets, nice pens, briefcases or desk accessories.

Baptisms, First Communions and Confirmations – Important Catholic coming-of-age events are celebrated with nice clothing and symbolic gifts like religious pendants and crosses.

Keeping occasion traditions in mind helps select gifts that align with each celebration. A bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way across cultures!


The unique Argentinian culture which prioritizes relationships, hospitality and prestige provides helpful guidance for gift selection. Keeping in mind popular items like wine, mate supplies, leather goods and jewelry allows you to choose locally meaningful and appreciated gifts. With an elegant wrapping presentation and alignment with major life events, your gifts will delight their Argentinian recipients. Thoughtful gifts transcend cultures by showing you connect with and honor what is important to the receiver.


Should I give gifts to acquaintances or only close friends and family?

Close friends, family and romantic partners are the primary gift recipients. But it’s also nice to bring a small gift like wine or chocolate if invited to an acquaintance’s dinner party. Use your best judgment based on the relationship.

What if I don’t know their clothing size or style preferences?

Instead of clothing, opt for consumable treats like fine wine and food baskets. If uncertain about jewelry tastes, a gift card to a nice boutique allows them shopping flexibility. When in doubt, experiential gifts like spa packages or restaurant vouchers are great alternatives.

What if my gift budget is limited?

Focus more on the presentation than the price tag. Splurge a bit on elegant giftwrapping to elevate a more modest gift. Accompany it with a thoughtful handwritten card expressing what the person means to you. Sentiment goes much further than the cost in showing it comes from the heart.

Should I give the same gift to a group, or individual gifts?

If giving to a couple or family, choose one nicely wrapped communal gift they can share like an assorted chocolate tower or wine case versus individual items. For a group like office colleagues, small individual gifts allowing each person to feel specially recognized are better than one large item.

What’s an appropriate gift for young children or tweens/teens?

For younger kids, stuffed animals, toys, puzzles and games marked with age guidelines make great gifts. Older children appreciate electronics, sporting goods, concert tickets, gift cards for gaming, fashion or music. Themed gifts related to their current passions shows you pay attention to their interests.

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