Best type of shoes for walking
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The Different Types of Walking Shoes

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If you want to be fit and healthy but don’t know where to start, the first piece of advice to follow is to change your lifestyle! You must have the proper diet and exercise, with your food intake being one of the most important aspects of staying healthy.

The Different Types of Walking Shoes 1
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Exercise is also key, especially when you want to tone your body and get those muscles ready for summer! If you’re just starting exercise, walking is one of the best ways to begin. A non intensity exercise that everyone can do, you can even start it now!

How to Walk Properly

But of course, walking comes with a few pieces of advice as well. You can’t just begin walking for exercise and expect results immediately! You must be well knowledgeable of how to walk properly, as well as the equipment you will need to start walking.

While motivation is the first thing you need, the second would be the proper walking shoes! While walking is flexible and requires little to no equipment, it’s best to have a great pair of walking shoes when walking for exercise to avoid injury and to make sure your feet are comfortable during the long walk ahead.

Type of Walking Shoes

While many know that there are a vast number of brands and models of shoes that cater to walking, little do they know that there are different types of walking shoes! There are different walking styles that depend on each person’s goals, and with that in mind, there are also shoes that specialize in those specific types of walking.

Type of walking shoes
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It’s best to know what kind of walking style you aim for before you choose your shoes, and to also be knowledgeable on the types of shoes available. That way, your feet will be comfortable and rest assured that you will have quality walks!

Here are the types of shoes for each specific walking style:

Cushioned Shoes

These are best for those suffering from any foot condition, as it has a cushioned sole. These are the most comfortable types of walking shoes and are also recommended for beginners. They do not have as much support compared to other walking shoes though, but they are very flexible.

Stability shoes

These are ones that are most supportive shoes that are best for those who do not have any problem with motion control or are at an average weight.

Motion control shoes

They are not flexible at all, with the goal of controlling your feet to walk properly. They aren’t lightweight either, and are definitely built to last with a longer durability time than all types of shoes. These are best for overweight people or those with motion control problems, as well as people with flat feet.

Performance training shoes

These are the most flexible and lightweight shoes, best for athletes or serious walkers or runners as they provide the stability and flexibility to let your feet do the walking. It makes you achieve top speed and performance. But they aren’t as durable as compared to other walking shoes, and it may not have the proper cushioning for long walks, which can make it uncomfortable.

Racing flats

These are for top speed during your walks. Lightweight and with a low heel, they are very flexible yet have minimal cushioning and durability. It’s best for short, yet intense walks for speed.

Race walker shoes

There are actually competitions for walkers as well, and if you are joining one of them, then these are the perfect types of shoes to use as they are lightweight with minimal material on the sole area. They are similar to racing flats.

Hiking and trail shoes

These are shoes specialized for the adventurous types who love to go up the trail or mountains. They protect your feet from sharp objects that your feet may encounter during the walk, and still provide breathability and comfort to your feet. These shoes are best if you are packing light. If you have a heavier pack or going for a longer trail, then it’s best to get midweight or extended backpacking boots to help support the added weight while still keeping your feet comfortable.

Best type of shoes for walking
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These are the types of walking shoes to be knowledgeable about. If you have a choice and know what you’ll be purchasing, then you will be able to find any of these walking shoes being sold in your local athletic store, or even in reputable online shops, where you can score deals and discounts along the way. Start walking for your health and purchase the right pair of shoes for you!

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