The difference between walking and running shoes 1

The difference between walking and running shoes

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When it comes to fitness, exercise is the key. Food is also very important, but if you would want to tone your muscles and keep building resistance and endurance, staying fit and healthy through exercise is needed in order to do so. But if you are just starting the whole fitness journey and want to begin exercising, it’s recommended to take it slow and make sure that you’re doing it right to avoid injuries or giving up after an intense workout! Low impact exercises are recommended, and it’s best to start off with popular, known exercises to at least familiarize yourself with position and form.Difference between walking shoes and running shoes

There are a number of exercises and sports to start off with, and the possibilities are endless, which can make one confused! Which is why you should start off with exercises that you are familiar with and are easy to take up. Running and walking are one of the best exercises to take up and start off with, because of how easy it is to get into and because it does not require much gear except a good pair of walking shoes, comfy clothes, a nice playlist, and your motivation to get up and move. If I were to prioritize what you would need when beginning to run or walk, I would say that buying the best pair of shoes suitable for you is the key in order to feel comfort and avoid injuries when exercising.

While running is more of a high impact sport, you can get to running through starting a walking regime, and until you get to walking briskly, you can start running long distance and reaching your goals, may it be in running or losing weight. In order to start walking or running, you have to have the right gear and equipment. And the best thing to purchase first are the right pair of shoes, where the most important part of the body is put at work, your feet.

But with different brands and kinds of models of shoes, you should be aware that there are also difference between walking and running shoes! They may look the same, but they are very different in specs and features, which is why you should know what you will be doing before getting a pair so soon.Running Shoes

Difference between walking and running shoes

The difference between walking and running shoes

  • Because it needs more cushion, running shoes have thicker soles than walking shoes. This will make you look taller, but it also increases the chances of you tripping!Running Shoes
  • Your body’s weight is evenly distributed on each foot while you’re walking as compared to running. The rocking chair-like motion when walking absorbs the shock of about 1-2x of your bodyweight, while running absorbs 2-3x of your bodyweight. This means that walking shoes have less cushion as compared to running shoes because it absorbs less shock. That also means running shoes need more stability because there are times when your feet aren’t touching the ground, and it will need to support your feet once your feet meet the pavement.
  • Running shoes are a bit more flashier in design, with much more color than walking shoes. That, and they have more designs and models as compared to walking shoes due to its popularity. After all, running shoes were created first. Running shoes have more styles and brands carry more of these than walking shoes, so you are able to find a great pair with lots of choices around.
  • There is more mesh in running shoes than in walking shoes to allow breathability in your feet, because more heat is generated in your feet as you run rather than walk.
  • Walking shoes are more flexible around the ball of the foot for a free range in motion, and have greater arch support to protect the force heaviest when you step on the ground. Running shoes do not focus on the ball of the foot, and have more cushioning on the heel area of your foot, where more impact is made there. It all depends on the way your walk or run, which is why there are huge difference between walking and running shoes.
The Walking Shoes

Those are the basic difference between walking and running shoes. The most basic difference that can easily be explained is the fact that walking shoes are more focused for serious walkers, and running shoes are for, well, runners! The shoes you use will depend on the way you use them, so there may be discomfort when using walking shoes for running and vice versa because of the different cushioning and material made.

But does that mean you can’t use walking shoes for running and vice versa? I would say no! It’s possible to use any, but it depends on your comfortability. As long as you feel comfortable and the shoes are durable, then you will be able to achieve your goals. You just have to find the right pair of walking (or running) shoe that fits you perfectly and is suitable for your conditions. You can find reviews from other runners and walkers online or from your local athletic store in order to know which brands are the best. And if you would like to purchase a pair, I’m sure you can purchase one in the same areas as well! So lace up and get walking!

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