What shoes to wear with red dress
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What Shoes To Wear With Red Dress?

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Red is a bold and strong color loved by almost girls representing the elegant and sexy charm. A red dress is a statement dress so it’s important to choose carefully the shoes to pair with in order to enhance or offset that statement. So, what shoes to wear with red dress?

What Shoes To Wear With Red Dress? 1

Depending on different cases or purposes such as holidays, a date, professional working environment, etc, or other factors including dress type, red shade, hair style and color and so on, the right choice of shoes can help to attain the perfect look and make the red dress its best look. Here is our guide to select the most suitable shoes to complement the red dress.

What shoes to wear with red dress?

  1. Black colors

Each shoes type and color can be a good match to a red dress mostly depending on the style of the dress, the occasions and your personality. However, classic color of black is always one of the very first finest choices to pair up with the red dress. If you need a sharp accent, go for black high heels or try sandals with geometric detailing for a polished look.What Shoes To Wear With Red Dress? 2

  1. Nude colors

Nudes are a neutral color and great for various situations that are not extremely fancy. If you are going to attend a professional environment, a nude pair of shoes can bring you one of the most elegant looks. A nude high heel perfectly companied to a red dress can help you to get all the attention on your pièce de résistance dress.

  1. Gold Shoes

If you want to look like a queen for a day or you want to feel regal, why don’t you try to pair gold shoes up with a red dress? Whether heels, sandals or flats, gold absolutely resigns supreme when pairing with a gown for a formal or cocktail event.

   4. Silver Colors

Silver shoes are one of the great staples to have in the wardrobe of any girls as they can perfectly match with quite many different hues. With lots of reflection and shine but still less pomposity, silver shoes whether in forms of pointed-toe pumps, brogues or sandals can be the best matched with metallic jewelry of the same color shade along with a red dress.What Shoes To Wear With Red Dress? 3

  1. Contrast colors

If you like feeling daring and adventurous, don’t be afraid to try some contrasting shoes of non-traditional colors such as blue or green, pink fabric or denim, eggplant purple suede and so on. But remember to make sure you know the rules of fashion and the rules to break it as well as color theory terms including complimentary or tertiary colors.

Types of shoes

In addition to colors, types of shoes are another matter that worth concerning. There is a wide range of shoes for you to combine with your red dress. This helps you answer the question “what shoes to wear with red dress?”

  1. High heels

High heel should be the first option in your list. This combination contributes significantly to express your beauty. One fact is that high heel sandals with impressive contrast stripes are a better solution.What Shoes To Wear With Red Dress? 4

  1. Low boots

The next recommendation for red dress is low boots. It is appropriate for both hot days and formal occasions like festivals. This style not only makes you feel comfortable but also creates a safe feeling.

  1. Black sandals

If you prefer high breathability, you should put the black sandals in your consideration. It is an optimal solution for the elegant and classy appearance.

In conclusion, the best shoes should match your style and foot type well. Strongly hope that our article will be helpful for you. Please share this post if you find it informative and practical.

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