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Advice on choosing gifts from experts

Choosing gifts based on the recipient’s interests

When choosing a gift for someone, it’s best to focus on their interests and passions. Pay attention when they casually mention wanting something new for their hobby or fascination with something. Giving them a gift related to an activity or interest they already enjoy shows you care about who they are as a person. Get the extra fancy cooking gadget for the aspiring chef in your life or the high-tech gear for the photography buff. Noticing these details about a person helps you select meaningful gifts.

Gifts that show you care about them

Giving gifts that require some extra time and effort can be especially heartfelt. Making something from scratch like a knitted blanket or batch of homemade caramels shows how much that person means to you. Creating gifts like personalized calendars with special photos also says “I care about you” more than a generic gift card. Similarly, putting together a gift basket with their favorite snacks and small affordable treats they enjoy proves your gift comes from the heart, not just the store.

Choosing the right gift for the occasion

The occasion for which you are purchasing a gift should play a role in what you select. When choosing birthday gifts, pick out something fun and exciting they might not splurge on themselves. Just about everyone appreciates some extra celebration on their big day. Tailor anniversary gifts to celebrate your relationship with a romantic trip away or piece of jewelry. And themed gifts match the seasonal joy of holiday gifts – get festive with ornament exchanges or luxurious seasonal candles.

Things to avoid when choosing a gift

While putting thought into a gift important, you also want to avoid gifts that are too personal early on, especially for new love interests. Lavish jewelry typically comes across as presumptuous that early into dating someone. Similarly, pets or pet supplies like food, beds, and leashes may seem controlling unless you know for sure they were wanting to adopt. And don’t get frustrated if choosing that perfect gift takes more time and effort than expected – the right present is worth the wait and shows what they mean to you.

Getting help choosing gifts

Don’t panic if you draw a blank on ideas for a gift. Talk to their friends and family and ask what that person might want or need. Pay attention to their social media accounts and wish lists for inspiration. For your significant other, check with their close friends and sibling about things they’d love to help spark ideas they would enjoy. Having a few people that know their style and hobbies takes the guesswork out of choosing a great gift.

Wrapping gifts beautifully

An eye-catching gift wrap job elevates any present. Wrap boxes in their favorite colors using unique wrapping paper combinations like patterns under solids. For irregular shaped gifts like sporting goods, use colorful mesh gift bags or cellophane to showcase the item. And tissue paper wrapped around candles, small trinkets, or gift cards gives a cohesive polished touch. Don’t forget those finishing detail touches either – handwritten gift tags, coordinating ribbons and bows take wrapping to the next level.


Choosing meaningful gifts for the special people in your life does require some thought and effort – but the payoff is worth it. Tailor your selections to their unique hobbies and interests to delight them with your thoughtfulness. And don’t be afraid to enlist some help choosing that perfect gift to show you care on their next birthday, anniversary, holiday and more. With the right mindset of paying attention and making it personal, your gifts this year will be cherished.