How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good
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How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

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How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

Going out? Exercising or attending a fancy event? Then you will obviously need the best shoes to match your outfit! May you be going to the gym or attending a gala, there will be shoes available and are suitable to both your style and the event itself. From running shoes down to heels or suede shoes, you’ll find what you need. Not only will they keep you looking great, but you will also be assured comfort and stability as you walk or run around.

Shoes are one of the essentials today, especially for those who live in the city. After all, how will you be able to survive a whole day walking around from work or school without the comfort of shoes? They are definitely something we all need to invest on!

Just like clothes, out shoes will need to be well taken care of as well. This is to ensure that not only will your feet be smelling great and comfortable, but so that you will look neat and proper as well. After all, no one wants to see shoes that look old and dirty, nor would you want to be feeling the rottenness of a shoe! That’s why it’s best to learn how to make your shoes smell good!

Why Learn How to Make Your Shoes Smel

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There is a difference between keeping your shoes clean and to keep it smelling good. While you can clean and sanitize your shoes to rid it from germs, you will need to add in extra effort to make sure that it smells great at the same time! Similar to wearing clothes or washing your body, you will obviously want to smell great and avoid that body odor. Your shoes will be the same as well! No one wants to be smelling something fishy coming from your feet, and your shoes can easily fall victim to that. this is especially when you go through a lot with your shoes, from running around, or if you happen to suffer from foot odor. Your wet shoes can get mildew and have a bad smell, or the bacteria from your feet or ground can spread to your shoes without you knowing, making it smell!

Why Learn How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good
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Learning how to make your shoes smell good isn’t purely for vanity reasons, but for health as well. If you aren’t suffering from foot odor yet, there will be a huge chance you will due to the fact that you leave your shoes ridded with bacteria that causes the smell. That is why you need to learn how to make them clean, fresh, and smelling great at the same time!

Don’t worry though, as the methods and tips are very easy to follow and can be done right in he comforts of your own home. That way, you won’t need to spend so much time and money looking for a professional shoe shop that can clean and get rid of the smell for you. In this article, we will show you how to keep your shoes smelling great and how to prevent odor from coming into it ever again!

How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

So, how exactly can you make your smelly shoes go back to its former glory? Here are some methods on how to freshen it up!

Before anything else, check why your shoes are smelling. It may be due to dirt or other forms of residue. Before you treat it, you should find the root cause in order for you to know what areas you will be focusing on when disinfecting it.

  1. Leave it out on the sun or well-ventilated area to dry and let the shoes breathe.Letting them under the sun or heat will prevent the bacteria from spreading, the one that causes the odor.
  1. Freeze it for a few hours and then leave them out under the sun to thaw. This has been said to remove the smell, but some have reported that it only does so temporarily.
  1. You can also choose to purchase fabric conditioner sheets, balling them up and putting them inside your shoes to keep them smelling great. If not sheets, then try adding citrus fruit peels such as oranges and lemons. The essential oils and citrus flavor found in the fruits will help remove the bacteria and make your shoes smell good. A few drops of lavender oil will definitely help and is a great alternative as well.

  1. If your shoes are machine washable, steam it in the dryer. It may remove the bacteria that way.
  1. Purchase anti-fungal spray or powder and sprinkle it onto your shoes. The ingredients found in the spray or powder will remove the fungus and bacteria that may be eating away at your shoe, causing the smell. If you have no powder, then you can use baking soda as an alternative.
  1. You can opt to purchase odor removing sprays as well, since they will help fight bacteria and give a nice smelling scent to your shoes.
  1. You can try using distilled vinegar and create a solution with equal parts of water. Swab and rub a bit of the solution using a damp towel. You can also spray it onto the shoe.
  1. If you can’t wash your shoes and need it to smell fresh, using rubbing alcohol is said to help. Swab it in your shoe using cotton.
  1. Cat litter will help because of its deodorizing properties. Put it in a cloth or sock, adding it into your shoe overnight. (Make sure that the cat litter is unused and sealed into the cloth or sock!
  1. You can opt to purchase cedar wood insoles in order to keep your shoes smelling fresh. Cedar wood has anti-fungal properties that can kill and prevent fungus from coming into your shoe, making them smell fresh.
  1. To keep your shoes from smelling again, it’s best to choose the right shoes made of quality material, and to always give it a break if you use it a lot. You should also make sure to take care of your feet and prevent it from getting odor or athlete’s foot by washing it everyday and adding powder to it before putting on your shoes.

In Conclusion

Your shoes need to be well taken care of, and that means learning how to clean them properly in order for them to smell great and looking like new! Through these easy to follow tips, you’ll be able to have your shoes smell great forever and not worry about smelly feet and footwear ever again. These methods are easy to do, with materials that can be found right in the comforts of your own home!

So what are you waiting for? Check these tips out now and try it for yourself. Start getting the freshest smelling shoes today! You’ll definitely reap the many benefits of having great smelling shoes, as they not only smell and look fresh, but they will also keep your feet fresh and away from bad odor as well.

Did you enjoy the article of have any comments and suggestions? Then comment down below, help out a fellow visitor who would want their shoes to smell and look fresh!

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