how to wear shoes that are too big
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How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

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How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big.

Oversized shoes are a common problem that most of the people have ever experienced.  When wearing these shoes, there is space between the back of your shoes and your heel. This not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also affects your appearance. Luckily, there are several simple tips to help you solve this problem. Keep on reading and discover the best method for your demands. Our article below provides all you need to know about how to wear shoes that are too big for your feet.

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How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

  1. Rubber Shoe Strips

Purchase a pack of rubber shoe strips at many available stores and apply them to your feet. You can easily estimate the space between the back of your shoes and your heel by walking around your room with them. To fulfill this space, you will need sticking rubber strips inside your shoes and check whether they fit you or not. Add extra layer everywhere when you still find a space in your shoes.

  1. Insoles

You can combine using insoles with shoe strips or use them dependently. The following is all about how to wear shoes that are too big by using insoles. Insoles play an excellent role in filling the empty space and adding extra comfort for walking. Made from gel or foam, they are very useful in supporting your feet. There is a variety of cushions for you to choose from, including the full cushions or the smaller ones. It is so convenient to pick the most suitable insoles at many stores in your town. Try to wear the insoles before purchasing them. Make sure that the best insoles should match your feet size and comfortable enough for a long walk. Some well-known brands in producing high-quality shoe insoles are Foot Petals and Dr. Scholl.


  1. Thick Socks

Here is the simplest way you can do to solve oversized shoes. If you do not have a pair of thick socks, try to combine various pairs together. Never mind wearing more than 2 pairs of socks because they can add extra padding to your big shoes. However, a small minus of this method is that it is quite hot for use in summer.

wear shoes that are too big

  1. Tissue Paper

Another popular method is using old tissue paper or thin rags to fulfill the space in your shoe’s tips. These materials are soft enough for protecting your feet. However, consider other ways if you intend to walk for a long time.

  1. Ball Of Foot Pads

If you find it awkward when wearing a full-size insole, you could combine the insoles with ball-of-foot pads. Ball of foot pads is the most appropriate for flats and heels. They come in a variety of colors to match the color of your shoes.

  1. Elastic Band

For people who are familiar with sewing, this method is an ideal option. Prepare some important things for your jobs such as a thread, a needle, and a short but strong elastic band. By stitching this elastic band in the back of your big shoes, you could make them tighter in an effective way.

  1. Water

Is it amazing to take advantage of water in shrinking your shoes? It seems surprising but possible. Now we would like to tell you how to wear shoes that are too big by water. After wetting your big shoes, let them dry by placing the shoes in the air areas. Remember to check the care label before applying this shrinking method.

Each type of shoes comes with the specific requirement for wetting. For instance, you need using a spray bottle to deal with suede or leather shoes. Soak them completely in the water if they are made from other materials. After that, place your shoes under the sunlight until they are completely dry. If your shoes do not get enough heat, you can choose low settings of a hairdryer. Remain a suitable distance between the hairdryer and your shoes to avoid damages. This also helps protect your shoes from melting because of heat. Apply this method more than one time until you get the best result. Wear your shoes while shrinking helps you get the correct size.

  1. Professional Help

Once these DIY methods above seem ineffective, you had better ask the help from professionals. Ask your friends about a good professional who can help you overcome this difficulty. Another option is searching the Internet for finding out the best services. Most of the customers feel great when using this service for a better result. A disadvantage of this method is its quite high cost. It requires you to think carefully before determining to hire a professional or buy the new ones.

Tips and Warnings

Keep in mind to remain the correct posture even when you wear oversized shoes. Correct postures include standing up straight, following a heel-to-toe motion of walking, squeezing gently your abs and keeping the spine straight.

Besides, be careful when making any movement with big shoes. Oversized shoes refer to the longer ones that cause tripping on your toes. Therefore, try to raise your feet up the ground when you walk.

You should not use too big shoes for the long walk. It may cause serious problems such as soreness, cuts, or blisters. Wearing oversized shoes in a long time is one of the most common reasons causing ankle injuries, especially athletes. In case these methods seem less effective for your shoes, think about a new pair of shoes. The new shoes must fit your size well and bring high comfort to you. Moreover, pay attention to the suitable sizing straps of your ankle and heel. Some types of shoes equip straps for easy adjustment.

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In conclusion, knowing how to wear shoes that are too big is a good way to save your money. There are many effective ways to help you overcome the difficulty of wearing oversized shoes. If you cannot sure about these DIY methods, you had better contact to a professional for more support.

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