how to wash tennis shoes in washing machine
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How To Wash Tennis Shoes In Washing Machine

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How To Wash Tennis Shoes In Washing Machine.

No one wants to walk around with a pair of dirty tennis shoes. However, unless you wear your shoes in a gym, it is impossible to protect them from getting dirty. There are many factors causing the dirty appearance of your shoes such as sweat, debris, dirt, etc…If you have proper ways of cleaning your tennis shoes, it guarantees to bring many benefits to you. By eliminating bad order from sweat, cleaning shoes also lengthens their lifespan.

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One of the most popular ways to clean your tennis shoes is using the washing machine. It is a good way to save time and money. Many people wonder whether they can clean their shoes by the washing machine or not. The answer is yes. If your shoes are washable and get the proper ways of cleaning, they could look like a brand new. The followings are our best guides to help you know how to wash tennis shoes in washing machine.

Depending on the fabrics of your tennis shoes, you could decide whether they are washable in the washing machine or not. Remember to read carefully the care label before applying any cleaning methods in your shoes. Some types of fabric should not be cleaned in the washing machine are suede and leather. Besides, water is another reason may cause damage in your shoes. It is advisable for you to use special cleaners for your shoes, especially those made from silk or satin.

how do you wash tennis shoes

uckily, most types of tennis shoes are washable in the washing machine. The reason is that these shoes are made from common textiles like nylon, polyester, and cotton. They are very durable to withstand the powerful strength from a washing machine. Check whether your PVC or PU shoes can be washable or not. If the shoe’ care label says to hand washes only, you need cleaning them totally by hands. Now, discover how to wash tennis shoes in washing machine by simple steps below.

How To Wash Tennis Shoes In Washing Machine

Step 1

First and foremost, you had better pay attention to your shoes’ care label to check its washing ability. The care label provides all you need for the best methods to clean your shoes. Each type of shoes comes with the particular fabrics that require the special cleaning methods. In case your shoes are not washable in the washing machine, you should use a toothbrush as the better alternative. Another option for cleaning dirt on your shoes is taking advantage of a damp cloth.

Step 2

Before throwing your shoes into the washing machine, you must remove all of the debris on the shoe’s surface. Take the shoelace off and use 2 toothbrushes to get rid of dirt on your shoes. Add a little bit soap water to get the better result. The first toothbrush is responsible for removing debris in small areas. It should be small and soft enough to do this task. Another one should be stiff and large to deal with the cleaning task on the shoe’s surface. To deal with hard to remove debris, put them under a running faucet. This helps get rid of challengeable stains in an effective way before putting your shoes into the washing machine.

Step 3

It is great to create a layer of protection to your shoes and your shoelaces as well. Cover your shoes and your laces by using a mesh laundry bag or an empty pillowcase. Put each shoe into each bag. When using a pillowcase, remember to tie its end carefully. Besides protecting your shoes from snagging, this also helps reduce the noise of the washing machine’s operation. This is also an ideal way to protect your ears. You can cut some soft cloth towels into different small pieces and add them to both bags. Here is a good way to scrub your shoes with less noise.

Step 4

Now, try to experience how to wash tennis shoes in the washing machine. It is time for you to pour the liquid detergent into your machine. You should not use powdered detergents because they may stick on your shoes after the cleaning process finishes.

Step 5

Choose cold water to operate your spinning cycle. Hot water may make the glues between the uppers and the soles loose. It also changes the shape of your shoes and affects badly their fabrics. If you don’t want your shoes to shrink, avoid using hot water. Add extra white vinegar to remove serious smell on your shoes.

Step 6

The best way to dry your tennis shoes is placing them in airy and sunny areas. You should not use a dryer to do this task because the high temperature may make the shoes melt. Add old crumpled newspaper inside the shoes for absorbing the moisture. Moreover, this also helps keep the shape of your shoes in an effective way. After several hours, replace old newspaper by the new ones. In case there is still smell existing on your shoes, add some baking soda there.

Step 7

You should use your hands to wash the insoles of your shoes. This process is so simple and does not take you a lot of time. All you need is using a brush combining well with a little bit dish soap to clean the insoles. To deal with the stinky smell, add some white vinegar into the dish soap for creating an efficient mixture. Wait until the insoles dry. Then, wrap them with baking soda in an empty bag. Let the insoles sit in a few days. The baking soda is very useful in getting rid of odors.


In a word, there is no difficulty in learning how to wash tennis shoes in washing machine. You need following this instruction step by step to get the best result. Once you know that the shoes are washable or non-washable in the machine, other steps become much easier. It is advisable for you to get the experience from other people for more great advice. Good luck!

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