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How to Walk Properly

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How to Walk Properly

Walking is actually one of the best exercises that can be done everyday without getting tired of it. After all, everyone knows how to walk, so there are no excuses to be made when it comes to walking as exercise. You actually get a lot of great health benefits from walking, other than the fact that your waistline will get smaller as you progress. Your mental health will be improved, you have more focus, and your body will thank you with a stronger immune system and balanced blood levels. Basically, walking is plain good for you, and there’s no way you should back out from a good walk around the park!

But did you know that just like any other workout, there is a proper form on how to walk? Yes, you need to have the proper posture and form in order to reap the benefits of walking, along with helping your posture and burning fat around the proper areas. Luckily, it’s a very easy practice, and it will help you get your strength built and your stance improved. In here, we focus on how you walk in order to improve on your endurance, as well as avoiding any injuries on your part.

How to Walk Properly 2

Here are the ways on how to walk properly

Stand up straight

Just like what your mother always tells you, make sure that you have a straight back as you walk (or stand) to avoid any back problems. Keep your head and chin up, too. That way, your spine is straight and the diaphragm has less pressure, allowing you to breathe easier. If you keep slouching while walking, you may end up with serious problems such as stiff neck or a painful back!

Use your muscles efficiently

When walking, you are using all the muscles of your legs, and not just one of them! Make sure that the weight you put into one leg is evenly distributed to all parts of your lower body, which are your calved, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Roll your foot forward and let the heel touch the ground before your toes, putting your muscles to work.


Keep your shoulders straight but relax them at the same time to avoid discomfort. Focus on the posture of your upper body as well, even though walking focuses on your legs. Pull it back to avoid slou
ching and to avoid any long term injuries. It will also help keep your back straight. Plus, having your shoulders pulled back makes you look confident and great while walking!

Swing your arms

Don’t let your arms stay rigid and just by your side while walking. Not only does it look awkward, it will help you with your pace. The faster you go, the more you swing your arms. It’s actually second nature for people to move their arms as they walk! Your walking pace will become faster as long as you swing your arms.

How to Walk Properly
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Warm up

Don’t go walking at a high speed immediately! Not only may you get injured, but it will also get you tired even quicker. Start with a warm up walk, walking at a normal pace for a few minutes, before you progress to something of higher intensity.

Increase the pace

After your few minutes of warm up, start to slowly increase the pace, from moderate to high intensity. Make sure that you still have good posture as you walk!

Cool down

Instead of just stopping (or gasping your breath), make sure that you cool down and walk normally, or even slowly, in order to recover from your workout. This can take from 5 to 15 minutes, whatever works for you.

Time your walks

When walking, the time you do so matters, most specifically at meal times. Make sure you walk a few minutes after you eat, not immediately. That way, your body can still digest what you just ate before going into a workout. It’s best to create a schedule suitable for your lifestyle. May it be 15-30 minutes everyday, find time to walk and exercise, keeping your body active.


Before your warm up or workout, make sure you stretch those muscles to avoid injury. And you will be able to grow more flexible, obtaining health benefits from stretching!

Dress up

Not dress up to something fancy, but something comfortable and right for you. A good sports bra for ladies and a pair of shorts for men, the clothes you wear will also matter, especially when it depends on the weather conditions! Also, a good pair of walking shoes will make a difference, so make sure you invest on one that is suitable for you and your walking workouts.

As you start to walk, you will find that you will feel better as long as you have good posture and stay ready for the weather conditions, dressing properly to make you feel comfortable. Tweak your walking workouts and make sure that you feel great after! That way, you won’t give up and keep moving forward, all the while getting the health benefits out of walking, as well as trimming your waistline! Practice good form and be prepared before every walk, and you will be able to live a fit and healthy life.

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