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How to Walk for Weight Loss

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Trying to be fit and healthy? There are so many ways on how to lose the fat and trim down to the body you’ve always wanted to achieve. It will take a lot of hard work and determination, but it will definitely be worth the time and effort you put into it. As long as you have the right attitude and knowledge on how to shed the pounds, you will be able to get there in no time.

How to Walk for Weight Loss
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How to Walk for Weight Loss

Many people start off overweight or a bit over the borderline of the BMI charts. While it is recommended for them to start eating less and moving more, you have got to begin slowly to avoid going back to your old ways! Starting a healthy route means making lifestyle changes and quitting your old ways immediately will inevitably make you go back to where you started. Many have said that starting off with a crash diet plan always makes them regain the weight lost, and even worse, gaining more from it! So it’s recommended to start off slow. After all, slow and steady always wins the race, and it should not be a race to the finish line in the first place!

But what about exercise? You can’t expect beginners to start running on inclines or hopping like there’s no tomorrow without gasping for air a few seconds after! Low impact exercises in low repetitions are the best in order to keep yourself from giving up and going back to your old ways. Walking is actually one of the best types of exercises to start off with, being a key to steady weight loss. That being said, there are still rules and recommendations on how to walk properly for effective weight loss.

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Some tips on how to shed off the pounds through walking:

Get the right shoes

Not only should it match your outfit, but it should go well with your feet and body as well. Choosing the best pair for you makes your feet comfortable and your walk an effective one. After all, you wouldn’t want to feel pain from your shoes while walking and end up limping your way home! Make sure you have the right fit of shoes, along with it feeling comfortable and durable for many walks to come.

Drink green tea after a walk

It is said that drinking green tea after a walk will boost your metabolism and get you burning fat faster than usual. That, and drinking green tea lessens the cell damaged caused by resistance from exercise. Make sure you have your cup of tea after a good walk to get the proper caffeine kick and get the benefits of it as well.

Choose awesome songs

Having an upbeat playlist encourages people to keep on moving, while slow songs trigger sad or lazy emotions. Make sure your playlist gets you up and energized for a nice walk under the sun!

Know where you’re going

Have a route you go every morning, afternoon, or evening. May it be your way to work or around the neighborhood, it doesn’t matter. Get used to it and familiarize yourself with where you’re walking, so you will feel confident in where you’re going, and avoid getting lost! That being said, try to vary your route as well, making sure that you change the areas and terrain, as well as the incline to achieve ultimate calorie burn.

Walk with a friend

Having a friend, may it be walking your dog, your sister, or any loved one, will make you feel more comfortable and keep you motivated to keep on walking. And having a chatty one keeps you from giving up! You will be amused the whole time instead of walking alone, and the more company, the merrier it gets!

Be prepared for the weather

Remember to always check the weather conditions before you leave and gear up! In case it’s snowing, make sure you have the right clothes with you, and if you think it will be raining, bring an umbrella. You wouldn’t want to get sick right after your first walk, or end up walking home drenched from rain!

Vary the pace

For ultimate weight loss, make sure that you walk fast and slow, varying the speed of how you walk, as well as the incline. It’s best to brisk walk on a high incline then rest by walking slowly after a few minutes. Keep it random to avoid repetition and boredom from your route.

Have your water bottle with you

Water is very important in order to keep yourself hydrated and avoid any accidents, especially during a hot day! Make sure you bring a jug of cold water or sports drinks with you to keep your energy and water levels high.

These are just a few tips on how to walk for weight loss. Start the journey now and get the right walking shoes, gear up for a good walk, get a partner, and explore the neighborhood one step at a time! You will soon start tightening your belt and having to buy smaller sizes once you start early, so get at it now while you still can!

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