How To Stretch Suede Shoes Wider
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How To Stretch Suede Shoes Wider

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Suede shoes always create an awesome and elegant look for fashionista all over the world. However, with the increase on online shopping these days, people are having more and more troubles in buying shoes with wrong size, which results in the waste of money. As a consequence, knowing how to stretch suede shoes wider can become a great help for many people who are struggling with this problem. The following part will introduce you some effective tips that can be done at home by yourself.

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How to stretch suede shoes wider

  1. Wearing your shoes at home

Out of all the methods, knowing how to stretch suede shoes wider by regularly wearing them can help you save more money but waste much of your time. Therefore, many people do not have enough patience and interest in doing this everyday. However, you can deal with this matter by managing your time properly. You can wear them when studying, cooking, reading newspapers or even watching TV. By doing this, you can achieve two purposes simultaneously. Make sure to repeat this process every night and you can incredibly achieve the result after one week.

  1. Shoe stretcher and shoe stretching spray

Now, I would like to introduce you a way of how to stretch suede shoes wider by using a shoe stretcher along with specialized liquid spray. Before starting the stretching process, you need to wear your shoes first in order to find the tight spots. After trying them on for a while, you can determine whether the toes, ankles or sides of your feet need stretching. You can note down all of the tight areas, but if you cannot comfortably put your feet into the shoes, you may need to stretch the entire shoes.

After finding out tight spots, you need to spray the stretching liquid into these areas. Directly applying the spray onto the surface of your shoes is allowable, so that you can spray it either inside or outside of your shoes. However, you should not spray too much liquid into your shoes since it will make them soaked. Therefore, to have more control over the amount of spraying liquid, you can spray it to a suede brush and then brush the liquid onto the shoes.

The next step is to insert the stretcher to your suede shoes. You can put your feet inside your shoes as a replacement of a shoe stretcher. With your feet, you need to wear a pair of socks since there may be dying color caused by spraying liquid into the shoes. Then, you can walk around your house until the spraying liquid is dry. This method seems to take you quite a long time. However, when putting shoe stretcher into your shoes, you can leave them overnight, which results in more time for stretching without wasting your time. By doing this, stretching process will be more effective after all.

  1. A hair dryer and some pairs of socks

This tip will show you how to stretch suede shoes wider by making use of hot air from a hair dryer. You can choose a pair of thick socks and also put your shoes on. Then, turn the hair dryer on and blow the heat into your shoes, so that your shoes can get expended gradually.

  1. Alcohol

Apply a little bit of alcohol into the inside part of your suede shoes, make sure to apply more alcohol for those area that you feel tight. The next step is to wear thick socks and your shoes respectively. Moreover, you should keep patience in walking on your tight suede shoes in about 1 hour. With the effect of alcohol as well as your patience, your shoes can be stretched at the end of this process.

Apart from learning how to stretch suede shoes wider, you should know how to wash them properly as well. You should not wash suede shoes directly with water since it will decrease the durability and longevity of your shoes. Therefore, to increase life span of your shoes, you can wash them with a steam iron by releasing the steam onto the surface of your shoes.

Moreover, some shoe stores encourage you to buy suede shoes that are 1-size smaller than your true size since suede shoes tend to become looser and looser in the long run. As a result, many people are struggling with wearing tight shoes and always waiting for the looser magic. Therefore, so as to avoid this matter, you are recommended to buy a fit pair of shoes as always.

Sometimes you will hurt your feet by wearing a pair of suede shoes with tough suede skin resulted from no proper care for a long time. Therefore, to soften the suede, you can apply Vaseline onto the surface of your shoes. Otherwise, you can use a wet clean cloth to clean the whole shoes. Then leave it overnight, the suede will become softer after that. In order to wear suede shoes for a long time, you should limit the possibilities of soaking them.

In case your shoes are really soaked, make sure not to dry them by heating on fire or under direct sunlight since it will make the suede harden gradually. You need to allow your suede shoes to be naturally dry so as to retain their quality.

Stretch Suede Shoes Wider
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Another issue with suede shoes is that they can smell badly after being worn after a whole day working. You can put some moisture-proof tablets inside your shoes. Moreover, you can wear socks to avoid smelling and humidity during the day.

I am sure you can surprisingly see that your suede shoes can get such an expansion with these simple tips. In conclusion, I hope that all of my ideas about how to stretch suede shoes wider will significantly help many people solve this issue. In addition, if you find out any more effective tricks, please remember to spend some of your valuable time to share with us. By doing this, we can improve the knowledge and understanding about shoe stretching together.

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