How to Stop Squeaky Shoes
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How to Stop Squeaky Shoes

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In this article, we show you how to stop squeaky shoes and be as silent as a mouse when walking on any type of floor.

Your shoes are one of the things that make or break an outfit, which is why you must ensure that it isn’t only looking great, but well taken care of as well. That way, you’ll be able to use it for a long time without worry of it breaking. But there will be times that you’ll end up not being able to prevent some things from happening to your shoes, most especially the outsoles! You may be encountering hard ground or other types of terrains that break your outsoles, making them squeak as you walk.

There are also certain shoes that start to squeak when you walk on certain floors. It’s a pretty annoying thing to hear, not only while you’re walking going out of your home, but also when you want to keep quiet! Your squeaking may end up waking up your children or other members of the household, and that’s something you wouldn’t want to happen! Instead of disturbing your household or your ears, there are ways on how to stop shoes from squeaking forever.

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Importance of Stopping Squeaky Shoes

You may be wondering: So what if I have squeaky shoes? They seem bearable! But if you are suffering from squeaky shoes, then I’m sure you know how irritating it can be! Whether you’re walking at home or in public areas, it isn’t only something that sounds wrong and annoying, but it can also feel odd on your feet as well!

No one likes listening to the high pitched squeak while walking, especially when it’s during every step you make. It’s not only embarrassing, but you can also be disturbing someone from their sleep or work. It’s very important to stop shoes from squeaking right away once your shoes suffer from it so that you’ll be able to walk around with ease and silence. Plus, it may end up destroying your shoes in the long run.

Stopping squeaky shoes won’t have you spend a lot of money on professionals to repair the soles! There are easy home remedies you are able to follow in order to stop it from squeaking. You not only save money from hiring someone to do it for you, but you will also save a lot of time and effort. All it requires are a few things found in your home. Wondering how?

How to Stop Squeaky Shoes

There are various methods on how you can stop your shoes from squeaking, depending on the type of shoes you have and the reason why they are squeaking in the first place. Here are some of these solutions:

  1. Easy Fixes

First of all, locate the problem. It may be the shoe or the ground you step on making the noise. Walk around your home or in flat surfaces, locating where the sound is coming from. It may be from different angles of your shoe! Feel the squeak and have a friend help you out if ever you aren’t able to pinpoint where exactly the sound is coming from.

Once you know where the problem lies, sprinkle powder, cornstarch, flour, or any form of powdery substance onto that certain part of the shoe. That way, the noise will be reduced as the powder will absorb moisture that creates the noise and prevents the ground and shoe from rubbing together to create the squeak. If it is inside your shoe, then rub it with powder.

Use silicon spray to help solve the problem, using a cotton swab to rub the formula around the squeaky part of the shoe. Just be careful about applying too much, and to avoid using these on delicate material such as leather, as this may destroy the shoes. Leather conditioner will work as well, if your shoes cannot handle the silicone spray. Use suede conditioner for suede shoes.

  1. For shoes that are always squeaky

If push comes to shove, you may have to return it to either get your money back or refunded! This is the best recommendation for brand new shoes, as you won’t be worrying about the returns policy if it were newly bought and you’re already suffering from defects. If ever that won’t work and you are unable to give it back, the you can also opt to try saddle soap, which may work. Just don’t try it on suede shoes.

If your heels are a bit loose, then that may be why it is squeaking! Glue the loose heel or sole back on with super glue or rubber cement. If the shoes are expensive, consider taking it to a shop to have it professionally done to avoid putting on more damage. This won’t work on soles made of urethane as well.

If you are using shoes and the sole is loose, then use silicone caulk to fix it. Once you have applied the caulk, clamp it with something and leave it on overnight or until the soles are glued tightly.

  1. For shoes that are squeaky due to wetness

You may encounter rain or step into puddles, causing your shoes to be squeaky once you get to work or back home. The main and only solution would be to dry your shoes as quickly as possible. Here are ways on how to do that:

If your shoes have wet insoles, take them out ad leave them to dry by themselves to make  your whole shoe dry quicker. Put newspaper inside the shoes to let it absorb the moisture. You can also use cedar wood shoe trees to retain the shape of the shoe while it is drying.

Once you have balled up newspaper or added a shoe tree, leave it under the sun and in a well-ventilated spot to let it dry without it smelling, getting rid of the fungus and bacteria naturally. You can also choose to leave it in front of a fan if you want it to dry quickly.

Stopping Squeaky Shoes
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In Conclusion

Shoes are very important and will keep you feet comfortable, but we can’t deny the fact that they can get annoying when the squeak! Are you suffering from squeaky shoes? Don’t you just hate hearing the high pitched squeak and walking on floors, no matter how carefully you try to step? Luckily, there are ways on how you can remedy that!

Hopefully, these simple to do tips and ways on how to stop squeaky shoes will stop your footwear from making sounds for good. Not only will it be a relief, but also less of a nuisance when walking around, may it be at home or in public areas. It saves you from the embarrassment, your shoes are better, and you will be able to walk around in confidence and ease. So what are you waiting for? If you have squeaky shoes, try these tips and methods out and see the difference!

Did you like the article? Do you have any more suggestions or alternative ways on stopping shoes from squeaking? Then comment down below and share your thoughts with other visitors who want to stop their shoes from making noise as well!

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