How To Soften Leather Shoes With Olive Oil
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How To Soften Leather Shoes With Olive Oil

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When mentioning leather items, especially for shoes, many people are interested in wearing this kind of item since they give us an elegant and charming look but still feel comfortable when walking. However, leather shoes usually face the issue related to stiffness. Therefore, we should discover how to soften leather shoes with olive oil as well as other possible things in order to solve this problem effectively.

How To Soften Leather Shoes with olive oil


    1. How To Soften Leather Shoes with Olive Oil

Many leather addicts will absolutely own at least a pair of shoes which are made of this high-quality material. However, your leather shoes will not always in the best status as expected. After your initial purchase from the store, surface of many leather shoes tend to become stiffer and this condition is quite annoyed for us. With young women, having a small mistake for their footwear is unacceptable, therefore, I would like to give you a tip of how to soften leather shoes with olive oil. You can apply this method to your shoes at once and check the result afterwards.

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Olive oil certainly has great effect on not only our skin but also the leather of shoes. Before getting started with softening process, there is one key point that we need to remember. You should pay much attention on cleaning your leather shoes in order to keep them in the best condition, so that they can be easy to absorb the oil for the next step. This is considered as one of the most important stages, so that make sure not to ignore it by anyway.

In particular, there are two things that are amazingly used for cleaning leather shoes including banana and vinegar. You may not know that acid in banana as well as vinegar can effectively remove stains and dirt for leather shoes. With vinegar, you can apply it into a clean cloth and then massage into your shoes. Finally, get a dry cloth to clean your shoes after all. Otherwise, you can replace vinegar by a banana skin and also follow the same steps. By doing one of these two methods, you can have shiny leather shoes without spending much money, time and effort.How To Soften Leather Shoes With Olive Oil 2

Now, we will begin the softening process. Firstly, you need to prepare a piece of clean cloth, then apply the small amount of olive oil into it. After that, massage the cloth into the surface of your shoes. However, make sure to gently massage your leather shoes since repeating aggressive action will scratch or damage the leather.

  1. How To Soften Leather Shoes with Coconut oil

In addition to knowing how to soften leather shoes with olive oil, coconut oil is considered as the best substitute since it is cheaper and easy to buy. Due to being made of natural ingredient, coconut oil is extremely good at softening leather for a long time. Also, softening steps are quite simple to follow at home. You just need to clean the surface of leather shoes carefully, apply coconut oil into it and then massage the surface in a couple of minutes. You can easily see the result after letting your leather shoes absorb the oil in about 30 minutes.

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  1. How To Soften Leather Shoes with Vaseline

 Similar to coconut oil, Vaseline is used frequently for softening our skin every day. However, you will get surprised to know that it is also regarded as a useful compound for leather softening as well. What you need to do is cleaning your shoes by using alcohol. Then, apply Vaseline into the whole surface of your shoes. After that, you need to hang out your shoes in dry place and you will quickly realize that your shoes will become softer in the end.

  1. How To Soften Leather Shoes with Shoe polish

Except from making leather shoes brighter, polish products also help to make them softer gradually. You need to apply some polish into an old cloth and then gently massage into your shoes for quite a while. Make sure that you do not damage the leather material caused by strong massage. Besides, you need to carefully choose suitable color of the shoe polish for your shoes. Moreover, repeat this process once a month will help your shoes remain its original color and avoid cracking.

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  1. Advice on choosing a pair of perfect leather shoes

In addition to focusing on how to soften leather shoes with olive oil, coconut oil, Vaseline as well as shoe polish, you should know some necessary things when using a pair of this kind of material. Firstly, do not save money by purchasing fake leather shoes because buying a pair of shoes made of high-quality leather will bring you many benefits. They will help you establish a glamourous fashion style and become more flexible when moving as well. Secondly, make sure to polish and clean the surface of leather shoes regularly to make them shining brighter and brighter. Thirdly, placing leather shoes at humid areas will lead to mildew and smelling. Also, do not use leather shoes when your feet are full of sweat or when they are dirty.

Finally, you can maintain the original shape of leather shoes when using a shoe tree and also prepare a shoehorn, so that you can keep a pair of leather shoes for a long long time.

I hopefully think that all of my sharing about how to soften leather shoes with olive oil as well as other methods can help you solve many problems with this kind of footwear. You will definitely face more and more issues with your leather shoes in the future without knowing how to do, therefore, do not hesitate to let us know immediately and then we can discuss together to find the best solution. Besides, if you have any tips and tricks related to dealing with leather shoes, make sure to share them with us as soon as possible since your experience is always a valuable thing.

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