How to Shine Shoes
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How to Shine Shoes

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Your shoes are one of the most important things you need in order to complete your outfit. Not only that, but you will also be in style and look your best. Shoes keep your feet protected and comfortable, away from all the bacteria and obstacles that may injure or infect your feet. they are a truly important article of clothing one must take care of and invest on. Taking care of your shoes is also very important, as important as protecting your feet as well. You wouldn’t want to be wearing shoes that look muddy or scuffed up! That is why it’s best to learn how to take care of your shoes properly! Shining them will give it much more beauty and make it look new, which is why we will show you how to shine shoes.

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Why Learn How to Shine Shoes?

Businessmen often have shoes that shine to look snappy. Same goes with soldiers, women, and children when going to school. Why? That’s because shiny shoes will equal to clean looking outfits and clothes. No one wants to go out looking as if they went through world wars from walking around with scruffy shoes! Shiny shoes mean that you are clean and that you care for your items well. It’s very important to do this in order for you to keep a good impression. Also, shiny shoes mean you take care of them well, making them new and preventing damage from the usual wear and tear. That way, they are durable and will last no matter how long you use it for.

But how exactly can you shine your shoes efficiently? There are actually many different ways and methods on how you can shine your shoes, and luckily, they are all easy to do without the need to spend loads of money! All it takes are a few things, such as:

– Shoe shiner

– Newspapers

– Your shoes, of course

– A quality brush that can either be a toothbrush or shoe shining brush.

– Soft cloth that can be found in shoe shining kits or an old shirt.

How to Shine Shoes

We will show you the simplest method on shining shoes for those who aren’t familiar with shoe shining or how to do it. There are other methods such as using fire to shine your shoes, but once you start out with the simple shine and mastered it, that’s when you can move on to the more “advanced” methods in order to prevent damage from coming into your shoes.

  1. Prepare all your items to avoid wasting time looking for them. Purchase the right shoe shine polish that is suitable for your shoes, basing it on the materials and color. You can purchase the shoe shining polish separately and use any soft cloth and brush, or you can also opt to purchase a shoe shining kit that comes in a complete package.
  1. Lay the newspaper on the ground or desk, make sure it is in a comfortable space as it may take time and you’ll want to be comfortable while shoe shining!
  1. Before you put on any shoe polish, try to get rid of the dirt first by wiping your shoes down with the soft and damp cloth. that way, any debris or dirt will be removed and will avoid any scratches from coming to your shoe upon polishing.
  1. Now’s the time to apply the shoe polish, using a shirt or brush to polish. Get an even layer of shoe polish and brush your shoes in a circular motion to evenly apply the polish. Make sure you focus on the heels and toe area of the shoe, as this is the one that may need it the most. That’s because it’s more susceptible to the usual wear and tear. Use your toothbrush to reach areas that are hard to get with a normal cloth or brush,. Make sure you polish every nook and cranny of your shoes! Once you are down with both shoes, set them aside and leave it to dry for 15 minutes.
  1. Once that is done, it’s time to brush off the polish to make the shoe shinier. Use a shoeshine brush (or any quality brush) to make sure that you shine off the excess polish properly. Use short and even strokes and brush quickly, using your wrist for movement and not your elbow. You can’t use anything to replace the shoeshine brush. It’s also best to use a different one for every color of shoe you polish to avoid previous colors to go on the newly polished pair.

And there you have it! Easy and requires less than an hour of your time without spending much money. If you have no time to shine your shoes or feel like you can’t do it yourself at first, then you can ask a professional shoe shiner to do it for you, or to ask someone familiar with shoe shining to help you out!

How to Shine Shoes
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In Conclusion

Your shoes are one of the most important things you need to take care of in order to make it look good and as if they were still new. Shining your shoes is the way to make them look new and keep them away from the usual wear and tear people face when not caring for their shoes properly. With these tips and ways on how to shine shoes, you’ll be able to have the clean shoes that will always look new and well-maintained, thus having shoes that will be built to last for no matter how long you use it for! Make sure you follow these steps and that you maintain it properly every few weeks in order to keep its shininess and good looks.

Did you enjoy the article or have any recommendations on how to keep your shoes shiny? Then comment your thoughts and suggestions below! We’d love to hear your comments on how to shine shoes. What are you waiting for? Start shining your shoes today to get that clean and good look to finish your outfit!

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