How To Remove Scuff Marks From Leather Shoes
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How To Remove Scuff Marks From Leather Shoes

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It is terrible when your new shoes get scuff marks after several months of use. Instead of throwing away them, you had better try to solve these problems. This is a good way to save your budget and lengthen the lifespan of your favorite shoes. If you are in this situation, keep on reading our article. It provides all you need about how to remove scuff marks from leather shoes by the simple ways.

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How To Remove Scuff Marks From Leather Shoes

  1. Household Items

Scuff marks mean scratches on the shoe’s surface. Before trying to remove scuff marks on your shoes, you should check whether the method is safe for your shoes or not. It requires you to decide the fabrics of your shoes first. Each type of shoes has the specific ways of treatments, not the exception for leather.  Leather comes with two main types, including the finish and unfinished ones. Absolutely, unfinished shoes require less impact than the finish types. Pay attention to the shoebox or search the Internet to decide the type of leather. Another simple method is adding a drop of water on the shoe’s surface. If the absorption of water occurs quickly, it means your leather shoes are unfinished.

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste plays an important role in getting rid of scuff marks on your leather shoes, even synthetic leather and patent leather. All you need is adding a small amount of toothpaste in a toothbrush. Then, rub gently it on your shoe’s surface. To create foam, pour a little bit water in the liquid and scrub the affected areas toward the circular motions. After these steps finish, use clean water to rinse thoroughly your shoes. Place the shoes in airy place and wait until them dry.

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  • Nail-Polish Remover

Another effective tool to help you deal with scuff marks is using nail-polish remover. You should combine this item with a cotton ball for better efficiency. Avoid using a nail polish remover containing acetone because it can damage your leather shoes. It is time for you to dip a cotton ball in a cup of polish remover. When the cotton ball gets wet, use it to rub gently on the scratches.

  • Baking Soda

The next important suggestion in our list is baking soda. Your responsibility is creating a mixture of baking soda, and water. After dipping the toothbrush into this mixture, scrub it on the leather surface. Add more baking soda if you want to get the stronger result. Wipe completely the excess baking soda on your shoes.

  • Dish Detergent

Have you ever known the benefit of dish detergent in removing scuff marks? Wow, this element works actively in getting rid of the scuff marks on leather shoes. Remember to use a small amount of dish detergent on a toothbrush. Rub the affected areas by the support of the toothbrush. Remove all excessive detergent out of your shoes.

  • Pencil Eraser

It is so amazing that a pencil eraser can remove the scuff marks in an effective way. Discover how to remove scuff marks from leather shoes by using a pencil eraser. Notice that gentle effort is acceptable for dealing with scuff marks on the leather.  Too powerful force may put the bad impact on your shoes.

  1. Commercial Equipment

If these DIY methods above seem ineffective in removing your serious scuff marks, perhaps you will need commercial products to solve this issue. There is a variety of commercial equipment for you to select. Continue reading and find out how to remove scuff marks from leather shoes with commercial products.

  • Shoe-Scuff Products

Designed specifically for shoes, these products will be the better solution for removing scuff marks than household items. You had better choose the appropriate types of shoe-scuff product for the materials of your shoes. In this case, seek for the particular shoe-scuff equipment for your leather shoes such as a leather specific cleaner, a shoe brush for leather shoes.

  • Shoe Wipes

It is convenient for you to purchase the shoe wipes from available shoe stores on the market. With handy packets, shoe wipes are very useful in removing new scuff marks. Consider the specific type for your leather shoes.

  • Shoe Polish

One efficient way to make your leather shoes beautiful and hide scuff marks are applying shoe polish. By softening the leather, it contributes surprisingly to revitalize your shoes. Add a small amount of shoe polish in a soft cloth and the bigger polish in the scuffs.

  • Magic Eraser

Differentiating from common erasers, the magic eraser is designed especially for removing scuffs. This is the reason why it tends to work better than your normal erasers. After making the magic eraser wet, scrub it gently on your leather shoe’s surface. Repeat this step several times until all scuff marks completely disappear.

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  1. Prevention Of More Scuff Marks

To prevent your leather shoes from suffering more scuff marks, you had better follow these methods below.

The first recommendation is using a protective spray. You can purchase this tool directly at shoe stores or through online method. It should be applied when all scuff marks have gone out. Ensure that the spray is suitable for leather shoes.  Cover the leather shoe’s surface with a light layer of the spraying liquid. This brings a new appearance to your shoes with the great prevention of abrasions and scuffs.

Next, try to apply the polish on your shoes. Add a layer of polish to hide terrible scuff marks. Remember to choose the appropriate color of polish to match the color of your leather shoes. A clean and soft cloth will be the supportive tool in helping you solve this task. Rub gently the cloth on scuff marks.

Moreover, if you know how to store your leather shoes in the right ways, it will help lengthen the durability and lifespan of your shoes. You should wear your favorite shoes in the clean environments to protect them from scratching.

In conclusion

There are many effective ways to help you know how to remove scuff marks from leather shoes. You can combine more than one method for the best result. Besides, remember to choose the shoe scuff remover for leather to prevent unexpected damages.

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