How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes
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How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes

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One of the most common problems many people have to deal with when wearing leather shoes is the appearance of creases. Creases may be caused by different reasons such as tears and wears, walking habit and incorrect way of storage. They will make your new shoes look older and less beautiful. If you have to deal with this problem and want to enhance the lifespan of your shoes, keep on reading our article. It gives you the best guides to know how to remove creases from leather shoes in an effective way.

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How To Remove Creases From Leather Shoes


You will need several important things before starting to remove creases on your shoes.  They include cedar shoe trees, a clean cloth, a damp cloth, an iron, and shoe polish. If you do not have cedar shoe trees, you could choose cardboard paper inserts as an alternative option. Purchase these tools from the available stores in your local country. Are you ready to start discovering how to remove creases from leather shoes with these simple techniques below? Let’s continue.

Step 1

Firstly, you should take advantage of shoe trees for stretching the creased leather shoes. Gently put them in your shoes. The main purpose of shoe trees is preventing your shoes from creases by stretching them smoothly. It also absorbs the moistures developing in your shoes in an effective way. Remember to select the appropriate shoe trees for your shoe’s size. There are two types of shoe trees for you to choose from, including the adjustable and non-adjustable ones. Adjustable shoetrees are suitable for almost sizes of shoes, whereas, non-adjustable types are designed to fit particular sizes. You can insert extra cardboards associating with your shoes for keeping your shoe’s shape. You had better stuff newspapers or socks if necessary.

Step 2

The next important step is smoothing creases and wrinkles. It is time for you to use a supportive iron to do this task. Remember to choose the low setting of the iron with less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the too hot temperature may damage your leather shoes. It is advisable for you to insert the shoe tree inside your shoes for stretching all creases and wrinkles. Notice to take off your laces before ironing. Then, use a dampened thick cloth to cover the creases. The cloth should come with 100 percent cotton for the better efficiency.

A question raised in our mind is how will the iron work? Ironing is a good way to promote the heating and steaming process of the leather. Repeat this step several times on each shoe until you get the desired results. You can apply this method for stretching wrinkles on leather boots.

After that, let your shoes cool within some hours. Remain the position of the shoe trees inside your shoe in order to keep its smooth shape.

Another effective alternative for using an iron is taking a hot shower on the surface of your leather shoes. The steam from hot shower plays an essential role in removing creases.

Step 3

Last but actually not least, polishing is the final step to gain the new appearance to your creased shoes. After adding shoe polish on the clean cloth, rub gently it on the shoe’s surface. Polishing helps hide the creases left when ironing. By moistening the fabrics, the polish contributes to smooth the affected areas in an efficient way.

Remove Creases From Leather Shoes

Tips and Warnings

Leather shoes are the smart choice for people who love the high durability and the unique stylish. The leather is not only used to make shoes but also clothing and other furniture.  However, this material easily gets wrinkles due to improper storage and use. This is the reason why learning how to remove creases from leather shoes is an important task. Never apply direct or high heat on the leather shoes because it may cause serious damages. The best way to make your shoes dry is placing it under the sun or in warm temperature. Avoid using a blow dryer because its heat can destroy the leather.

To reduce the existence of creases and wrinkles on your leather shoes, you should have proper storage. A good companion to keep the beauty of your shoes is cedar shoe trees. Hang your shoes with the shoe trees inside when they are not in use. Take off the shoes and hang them in a warm room. Once the shoes are completely dry, they are ready for the next use. Shoetree not only helps smooth your leather shoes but also fasten their drying process. As a result, it helps reduce the development of mold, leather smell, and foot odor. For the best result, you should insert the shoe trees inside your shoes at the minimum of two weeks.

Using leather shoes in the right way is another great way to lengthen its durability. It is advisable for you to clean the shoes regularly to keep them always new and smooth. Purchase a tube of leather cleaner to help you easily complete the cleaning process. Ask the sellers about the leather cleaner without containing detergent or acid. These elements promote to crack the leather quickly and easily.

You should invest in a high-quality polish cream instead of the cheaper ones for maximizing the shoe’s lifespan. A normal liquid polish easily makes the leather dry.  Buy a moisturizing polish and add it to the collection of necessary tools for caring your leather shoes. This type of polish plays an important role in protecting the leather from wrinkles and creases. For regular walking, you had better polish the leather shoes more than one time per week. This contributes to lengthening the lifespan and durability of your shoes.

In conclusion

This article shares you all about how to remove creases from leather shoes. If you are looking for a simple way to get rid of new and minor creases, you had better follow these steps above in the right order. In case the creases are too old or serious, take them to the professional repairs or replace your old shoes by the new ones.

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