How To Make Suede Shoes Waterproof
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How To Make Suede Shoes Waterproof

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Suede shoes can help every girl in the world to put a royal and superior impression on the other people. However, they are regarded as must-to-avoid item when the winter or rainy season comes. The reason is that you are afraid of getting your suede shoes soaked in the rain or snow. However, you will no longer worry about this problem since we are going to show you how to make suede shoes waterproof. Let’s take a look and you can know how easy to protect your fancy footwear from harsh and rainy weather without wasting much time and efforts.

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How to make suede shoes waterproof

Firstly, suede leather is usually made from the underside skin of some lamb, goat, calf as well as deer. When observing and touching suede, you can feel that it has a soft feeling. However, suede is less durable than the other leather since it does not contain a tough exterior layer after being processed. Therefore, you cannot use whatever waterproofing products for suede shoes because it can result in decrease on the longevity of your shoes.

Why do you need to waterproof your suede shoes and what type of product can you use to treat your shoes during wet weather?  I can tell you that there are several reasons for these questions. However, one of the practical answers is that you can keep your feet dry and protect your shoes in rainy season. By doing this, your suede shoes can last longer and retain their appearance as ever.

Based on the materials that your footwear is made of, you can choose a suitable waterproofing product. For instance, lotions and oil are best when being used to treat leather shoes. You should not use this for suede since it will darken and flatten out the surface. In addition, it will gradually change the original appearance and shape of the shoes. Besides, wax is not preferable for suede since it will ruin the leather feeling and the shoes are easy to get more stains in the long run.

As a result, sprays are considered as the best option for suede as well as silk and exotic skins. It is also mentioned as water repellent sprays. This product will provide an extra barrier on top of your shoes and be also good at preventing harsh stuff such as water, dirt and stains. Moreover, color and texture of your shoes will not be changed after using this spray many times. Therefore, after this tutorial, you should know how to make suede shoes waterproof by using a bottle of spray.

Nevertheless, you need to pay great attention when using sprays. They are regarded as flammable and toxic compounds, so that you should not perform this tip inside your house or hold the spray by your bare hands. A safe outside area with no wind is recommended. Moreover, you should put many layers of newspapers under your shoes and also put on a pair of gloves before spraying the liquid into your suede shoes.

One of the key points you need to remember is always testing the product in small area first, therefore, you can assure that it will not alter the color of the shoes or have any bad effect on your footwear.

Now, I would like to tell you some steps of a how to make suede shoes waterproof. At first, make sure that shoes are clean before starting, even the brand new shoes. As a consequence, you can use a tip brush or a cleaning brush to remove all of the dirt. However, do not forget to brush your shoes in only one direction.

Before using a liquid spray for suede shoes, you need to shake it first. Then spray the entire shoes and also make sure that the distance between the spraying bottle and your shoes is at least 5cm. Let them dry for 10 minutes and then apply a second coat. Repeat this process for 6-7 times. Using a hair dryer or any heating source to fasten the drying process is not a wise decision since it can result in leather cracking. This is a permanent damage, therefore, you should allow your suede shoes to naturally dry.

When spraying your suede shoes, make sure they are covered with liquid but not getting soaked. Since you will spray for many times, hence, any missed spots can be covered with the next layers of spraying. With the final coat, you should wait for 20 minutes, and then brush them again in one direction; therefore, it will have a clean and natural look. You should repeat this waterproof process every 4 months to maintain your suede in top condition.

Making suede shoes waterproof
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Last but not least, everyone can get caught in the rain and wet your suede shoes in spite of your careful preparation. Therefore, if your shoes are already wet, you should quickly clean the water from the outside of your shoes first by using a dry towel. With inside part, newspapers or a small cloth is very useful to remove the water, but you need to replace the moist papers with the new ones every hour. Finally, once your suede shoes are dry, you can clean the entire shoes by a new dry towel and brush your shoes carefully. After that, it is necessary to apply some balm or cream in order to protect the suede in the long run.

A well-qualified suede shoes can be thrown away if you do not care for them in a proper way. This will lead to many unexpected consequences such as waste of money and regrettable feeling for your favorable item. Luckily, I can know how to make suede shoes waterproof by using water repellent spray. Therefore, with my effort to share this tip, I hope that many people can wear their waterproof suede shoes for many seasons and also be willing to reveal other helpful tricks if you know.

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