How to Make Shoes Smaller
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How to Make Shoes Smaller

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How to Make Shoes Smaller

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When it comes to making your outfit, one of the most important things you will need to look after would be your shoes! Not only do they keep your outfit in style, but it will keep your feet comfortable as well. This is very important, as you’ll be standing or walking most of the time and you will obviously want to make sure that you look and feel confident with the right shoes! But there will be times that your shoes end up a bit bigger than expected. It may be because it stretched themselves over time, or because you accidentally purchase the wrong shoes that you aren’t able to get back! Whatever may be the case, it can be (and feel) a bit annoying, feeling as if you wasted money on shoes you can’t use! Luckily, there are ways on how to make shoes smaller!

Yes, making shoes smaller IS actually possible! It isn’t just about stretching shoes or making them bigger, as many also suffer from smaller feet. So in this article, we show you the various methods on how you are able to make your shoes smaller and enjoy them to its full extent.

How to Make Shoes Smaller

Fortunately, making shoes bigger does not require having to take it to a professional or returning it. You won’t have to throw it away, either! If you have an old pair of nice shoes that are a bit loose but can’t be replaced, then here are some methods you can try for yourself:

– Some easy methods don’t require you making them smaller, but to make your feet adjust to the size. This would call for wearing thicker socks if you wear shoes, or purchasing pads for heels or other pairs of shoes that wouldn’t look great in socks. You can even stuff the toes with paper instead to save on money! While this is an affordable and quick idea, it can also be a bit uncomfortable when in hot weather, especially when using thick socks in your shoes or dealing with the paper being a bit wet from sweat!

– You can purchase an insole to make them a bit smaller, and they provide cushioning and support. They let your shoes fit and you become more comfortable with the extra softness as well! Heel strips will work as well, but these are best for shoes that can cover the whole foot (or at least the area with the heel strip). Same with ball-of-foot cushions, which work for those that have their shoes covering the top part of their feet. There are actually a ton of shoe fillers and products that can help let your big shoes fit you.

– You can actually make your shoes smaller by spraying it with water. Just like shrinking your clothes in the washer, water may be able to help the shoes become smaller. Spray a bit of water to your shoes and either air dry it, or use a hairdryer. Just take note that it may risk some damage to your shoes, so it’s best to read the instructions before doing so.

– You can attach an elastic band to the heels of your shoes to make it smaller from the back. Stretch the elastic band and then sew it in place, using safety pins to hold them as you sew.

And these are the affordable and easy methods on making your shoes smaller! Of course, the trick here is to make sure that you purchase shoes of your size, and that you care and maintain for them to avoid it from growing any bigger from age and usage.

Make Shoes Smaller
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In Conclusion

Shoes are what completes an outfit, and with a great pair of shoes that fit, you will be able to exude confidence and walk with comfort and style. Unfortunately, some people may end up with bigger-sized shoes for various reasons. It’s important to make your shoes a bit smaller in order for them to look neat and not loose. Luckily, there are home remedies and other simple methods on how you can grow your shoes and have them fit to your size. Now, you won’t need to worry about it slipping or be uncomfortable while walking anymore! Hopefully, these methods on how to make shoes smaller will have helped you, saving both money and time. You won’t need to go back to a professional or throw them away in dismay! So what are you waiting for? Do you have shoes that are too big? Then try these methods out and see it they will work for you!

Did you enjoy the article or have any suggestions on how to make shoes smaller? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think about shoes and our methods!

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