How to make canvas shoes waterproof
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How to make canvas shoes waterproof

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In my mind, everyone has one thought when purchasing new canvas footwear. They hope to be able to enjoy the clean shoes forever without making any efforts to wash or clean them. However, rainy season and winter becomes a threat with those owning a pair of canvas shoes since water can pour into your shoes and then leave some residue on the fabric. Therefore, knowing how to make canvas shoes waterproof is considered as a good idea to keep them in good condition as always. There are many ways to turn your shoes waterproof as below:

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How to make canvas shoes waterproof

  1. Candle and hairdryer

We can beat the winter and rainy season by knowing how to make canvas shoes waterproof with the support of a small candle. At first, you need to clean your canvas shoes with a clean cloth in order to get off any scuffs, dirt or stains. Moreover, to begin the waterproof process, there are 2 simple items you need to prepare including a candle and a hair dryer. With candle, you do not need anything special, just use a cheap one. Start rubbing the shoes with the candle as well as try to cover the entire surface of the shoes. Candle is considered as good item for waterproofing and also for fabric because it is very very soft, so it just slide right on your shoes without making any damages or scratches.

Secondly, you need a hair dryer to seal in the wax made from rubbing the candle. The wax will be melted by the heat and goes into the pores of your shoes. You may have such a surprise that the wax is melted quickly while your shoes still look fine.

Then, room temperature air is recommended to solidify the melted wax. After this stage, the wax will create an extra waterproofing protection layer on the surface of your canvas shoes. Moreover, it will not affect the original color of the shoes. This is regarded as favorable method for many people due to many benefits such as cheap, awesome and easy to do.

  1. Beeswax and hairdryer

Beeswax will give you the same effect as the candle. You can use the gloves to keep your hands out of the wax. Make sure to massage the beeswax into your whole shoes. Then, use a hair dryer to blow out hot air and melt the wax into the shoes. Another advantage of this tip apart from cheap price is that there are no toxic and flammable chemicals in the beeswax. Therefore, it is considered as a perfect solution to transform your own regular shoes to be water repellent.

After all, let’s try and see the difference between a waxed pair of shoes and normal canvas ones in terms of water resistance. Water will go through the surface of normal canvas shoes quickly. To check more carefully, observation by eyes is not sufficient, you should put your hands on the inside of the shoes to test whether water seeps through or not. By doing this, you can see the magic of waterproof tips for canvas shoes.

  1. Liquid repellent spray

Now, I would like to introduce another method related to how to make canvas shoes waterproof by using liquid repellent spray. This compound has the same effect as nail polish which is used to create a base coat. It will spray on the surface of the shoes, bond into the fabric and then create a waterproof barrier that repels liquids from seeping into as well as staining the fabric. We do not need to worry about any changes in texture and color afterwards. Therefore, we can feel free to spray into the inside, the upper part or even the rubber sole of the shoes without causing any damage.

To get started with the waterproofing process, we should firstly undo all of the laces if you hope for the best result. After that, make sure to spray your whole canvas shoes and then let it sit for about 30 minutes. At this time, you can do the shoes laces. You should hold the beginning of the laces and then spray the entire lines. Also let them alone for 30 minutes. After finishing the first saturation coat, you can do it again for the second coat, so that you can have extra water repellency over your shoes.

Liquid repellent spray is able to provide full protection for your canvas shoes for many months. By doing this, you can prevent any liquids such as water, juice or chocolate mud from getting on your shoes. However, the best time to protect your canvas shoes is when they are just out of the box since it will help to keep your shoes brand new for longer.

Nevertheless, in case your shoes really get wet, do not think about putting them into the dryer since it will make the fabric easy to shrink caused by the heat. All you need to do is washing your canvas shoes carefully and let them dry naturally in the air. By doing this, you can retain your shoes in the long run. Moreover, many people wonder if we can put canvas shoes into washing machine or not. The answer is absolutely yes. Canvas shoes are made of the same cotton as clothes, so why can we wash clothes by machine but not the canvas? However, before putting into the washing machine, you need to remove all of the dirt on the sole and also undo the laces. To be more cautious, you can put your shoes into a washing net bag. Make sure to run the machine with cold water and wash it separately.

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With these tips and tricks about how to make canvas shoes waterproof, I suppose that no one will be afraid of getting your shoes wet anymore. However, if you have any other top detailing tips, please feel free to share with us anytime because some information from you can become precious with some people.

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