how to lose weight in your butt

How to lose weight in your butt – 30 Minute Walking Exercises

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Some people may see the topic as odd or unusual. Your butt, to put it simply, can store fat just as much as other portions of your body. Imagine a saggy flabby behind that makes you slip into ever larger underwear. Scary, right? Time to firm up. There are special exercises for butts that incline toward the unattractive.

Your whole body needs toning, and walking helps. This especially includes your butt, also called glutes or gluteal muscles. Walking on flat or level ground does not really work your butt muscles. The focus there is on your quad muscles and hamstrings. When you are out walking, do these shaping exercises…

how to lose weight in your butt

How to lose weight in your butt

Shaping Your Butt

There are specific kinds of exercises for butt shaping, and they are quite creative not to mention effective over time.

Boxer Style

 This maneuver needs you to tighten your abs a little as you lift one knee high. Lift directly in front of you, one knee then the other, and go as high as you can. In one fluid motion, lift, and drop, while pushing up a little on the toes of your other foot.

Change to the other leg and repeat. Your arms should not be idle at this time. Bend them 90 degrees as if you are walking but slightly exaggerated. When your left knee comes high, your right elbow comes up and across. Knee and elbow should cross at an imaginary point in front of your chest. Do not ‘march’ with this exercise, that’s an entirely irrelevant non-crossing move that will not work your butt muscles as efficiently.

This is an exercise for when you stand in one place, and take a break. You need not keep walking while doing the knee-cross, but you can if you practice. Visualize a boxer landing an upper kick; this pose is a lot like that. Repeat 25 times for each leg, every day. It targets several muscle groups, including calves, quads, abs, hips, and of course glutes.


Skater Style

Take one big step forward and slightly  to the right. Point the toes ahead not in a right-inclined angle. Lunge slightly forward, bend both knees at 90 degrees. Find a comfortable way to position yourself like this, almost like a runner only without your fingers touching the ground.

 As you swing your right arm directly back, bring the left elbow towards your knee. Maintain the 90-degree angle without too much force and repeat the exercise with the other leg and arm; in which case, right elbow heads toward left knee and you lunge.

If this exercise is new to you, dip instead of lunge. An easy way to imagine this is to visualize a skater. See how their arms and legs go when they wheel with the right leg and then the left. This is the pose we are talking about for this glute exercise.

You even change legs at speed, like a skater, semi-leaping from one to the other and bringing them into position. Repeat daily, 25 times for each leg. This exercise is great for your hips, quads, triceps, back, oblique, and of course butt.

how to lose weight in your butt - Best walking shoes

Sumo Style

You stand with your legs and arms spread, much like a sumo wrestler. You start with hands at hips, lift your right foot and take a large side step. Repeat for left foot. You then lower into a wide squat and raise both hands up in a V shape.

Raise your left leg a little, pressure falling on your right. Stretch your free leg without falling over. Repeat for the other leg. You do this 12 times every day. Visualize a sumo wrestler getting ready for the attack; that’s how this pose goes.

This style caters to outer and inner thighs, biceps, hips, shoulders, quads, back, and of course butt.

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