How To Keep Your Shoe From Creasing
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How To Keep Your Shoe From Creasing?

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Although we always want to keep the shoes to be clean and new, the crease is actually inevitable. Crease on the shoes not only has a negative impact on your shoes’ appearance but also causes permanent damage if it is not solved correctly. Nevertheless, you may find it difficult to deal with how to keep your shoe from creasing. If it is your serious problem, keep reading our following article.

How to keep your shoe from creasing

Iron the surface of the wrinkled shoes

Set the iron to a moderate temperature, place a cloth on top of the wrinkled surface, then place the iron on the spot for a few seconds. This is a way to remove the creases effectively. By applying this method, the wrinkles will quickly disappear and return the original beauty of your shoes.

Remember that, the material of the shoe, especially the leather material is very vulnerable. Therefore, be careful when you use an iron to get rid of the crease. To get the most effective result, follow these following steps.

Firstly, prepare all you need to remove creasing such as an iron, glaze, paper, water, cardboard inserts and wash clothes. Then, fold the paper and put them in your shoes. Next, do not forget to take off the laces. After taking away the laces, fill up the iron with fresh water. In this step, do not plug the iron. If you let the iron be plugged in, you may easily get an electronic shock.

In the next step, you should put wash clothes to cover the shoes. After that, begin ironing. Before ironing, do not forget to pour water over the box to prevent your shoes from burning. Then, make them cool. Because the dramatic change in temperature can have a negative effect on your shoes, cool down your leather shoes with the wash clothes on them. This is also the last step to see your shoes out of the creases.

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Use egg white to get rid of creasing

The next method we highly appreciate to cope with the crease on the shoes is using egg white. When you notice the wrinkles appear, immediately put a little egg white on the surface of your shoe. After that, you renew the shoe by a specialized cleaning agent.  See your shoes new and shiny after you apply this useful method. Believe us, you can benefit from it more than you think.

In the case the wrinkles and crack are quite large and deep, you can put paraffin (or glaze) into the wrinkles. Then iron the surface of your shoes. Apply the same steps as with the iron mentioned above.

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Get rid of creasing by using fresh milk

When we mention using fresh milk as an effective way to remove the creases on the leather shoes, many people may confuse of its function. However, you can benefit from it more than you think.

Similar to the human skin, the shoes made from leather are extremely vulnerable.  After a long-term usage, the leather will be dried and wrinkled. To solve this problem, you can use a soft cloth with a little fresh milk and then, wipe gently on the surface of the leather shoes. This method will help to keep your shoes out of wrinkles and creases. Furthermore, it also enables to make your shoes shiny and new.

Use alcohol to treat wrinkles on the leather shoes

Before using alcohol, put your shoes in an airy place and experiment to use a white cloth with a little alcohol on it. If the skin is not discolored, then you can safely use this method. Remember that this method is only applied to the advanced leather material.

You should straighten the wrinkled area until it feels good. After that, wipe it with a clean dry cloth. At the same time, you can clean your shoes too because alcohol also contains the cleaning agent. After using alcohol to get rid of creasing, you should also use additional leather care products to strengthen the moisture for shoes.

With individual experience and suggestions from experts, we hope that the above article is useful for you. Applying these tips in the right way will put your worry away. If you have any questions, let us know. We are here to solve your problems immediately. Do not forget to visit our website regularly to get more amazing tips and suggestions.

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