How to get Yellow Stains out of White Shoes
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How to get Yellow Stains out of White Shoes

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How to get yellow stains out of white shoes.

During these years, shoes never lose their important position in the world of fashion, especially for women. A well-qualified pair of shoes cannot only make you feel comfortable and satisfied but also lead you to good places. Therefore, every girl deserves to have impressive shoes in order to gain more confidence in front of other people. In particular, white shoes are considered as the most outstanding item at this time if you look at the frequency of seeing this item when talking about street style. Despite a trendy and high-fashion look, white shoes are easy to get dirty after wearing for a period of time. As a consequence, I will show you some tips of how to get yellow stains out of white shoes, which makes them return to out-of-box status without wasting much time and money.

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How to get yellow stains out of white shoes

  1. Soap

Firstly, this method is only suitable for rubber shoes as well as white shoes that do not have much stain. You only need to prepare a clean cloth covered with a little soap. Then, massage the cloth into white shoes for a couple of minutes. However, with hard-to-remove stains, you can use a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush for small details. Make sure to rub the brush gently so as to avoid scratching or damaging your shoes. When all of the stains disappear as expected, you can use a dry cloth to remove the soap on the surface of your shoes and enjoy your achievement.


  1. Water mixed with toothpaste, dishwashing liquid or shampoo

In case your shoes only have dust on the soles, you can clean this part by using a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush with applied toothpaste. After making circular movement around the soles, you can use a wet cloth to remove the toothpaste and then clean again by a dry cloth.

However, with all-dirt shoes, you need to perform more steps. You should first use a soft cloth to clean all of the obvious dirt on your white shoes and also remember to remove the laces for better cleaning. Make sure to use warm water to rinse your shoes. After that, mix a little water with toothpaste, dishwashing liquid or shampoo, and remember that detergent and washing powder is not recommended. You can use a scrubbing brush or toothbrush to rub this mixture to your shoes and finally, rinse your shoes with cold water. However, if there are some stubborn stains, you can use a scouring pad for stronger treatment.

  1. Commercial products

Now, I would like to show you how to get yellow stains out of white shoes by using shoe cleaners in forms of gels, foams, sprays, liquids and creams. To get started, you still need to remove the laces and put layers of newspaper under your shoes. Next, you can apply and gently rub shoe cleaner into your shoes by using a brush. Finally, remove the applied cleaner by a soft cloth as always.

  1. Polish

Polishing is considered as one of the most important stages for shoe cleaning but not many people realize this point. Therefore, if you want to keep the color of your white shoes, you should polish them once a month. In particular, there are 4 forms of shoe polish with different features including waxes, pastes, liquids and creams. Pastes and creams are able to work well on all types of leather. Moreover, compared with waxes and liquids, they are better in terms of penetration and scratches covering. Moreover, pastes can last longer than the others while creams are available with more colors. Therefore, based on the types of shoes as well as your desires, you can choose the most suitable polish form. And the following instructions are about how to get yellow stains out of white shoes by using polish. At first, use a clean cloth to apply the white polish into your white shoes. Then, waiting for the polish to dry and buffing them again for shining.

  1. Pencil eraser

You may be surprised when an eraser is mentioned here. However, this item is quite effective to remove the stains for white shoes, especially suede shoes. You just need to rub the eraser many times on the stubborn stains in order to make them go away. Nevertheless, this method is only suitable for small stains instead of large ones.

  1. Washing machine

Make sure to remember that washing machine is only available for canvas shoes, not for suede or leather shoes. Before putting canvas shoes into the machine, all of the laces must be removed from the shoes, so hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned also. Then you need to put your shoes as well as the separated laces into a zipped washing bag and remember to tie the bag carefully. By doing this, you can protect both of your shoes and washing machine during the wash cycle. Moreover, no matter how dirty your shoes are, you should use warm instead of hot water as hot water will make the glue inside your shoes become looser and looser after a period of time. In addition, you should wash your shoes alone because they will damage your clothes if you wash them together in the washing machine.

Washing machine

  1. Lemon juice

It is such a surprise to know that lemon juice is quite effective to remove stains on white shoes. To obtain good result, you should mix lemon juice and water with the proportion of 1:4. Then, dip a sponge into this mixture and use it to scrub the shoes. After all, clean the shoes with a cloth when all of the stains are gone away.

In conclusion, let’s hope that these tips are able to help you effectively deal with your dirty white shoes without wasting much of your effort, time and money. As a consequence, if you know any possible methods of how to get yellow stains out of white shoes, please feel free to share with us because your unique tip may become the best of all the time.

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