How to Get Mud Off Shoes
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How to Get Mud Off Shoes

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In this article, we show you how to get mud off shoes.

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Shoes are best for almost everything, keeping you comfortable as you walk. There’s no doubt that we all use shoes at one point of the day, using them to keep our feet comfortable and looking great no matter where we go. It’s one of the things that accentuate our style and fashion, making us not only add the finishing touch to our outfits, but also making sure that we are able to get to where we are going.

People use many types of shoes, depending on what they need it for. Businessmen use suede shoes for style, athletes use running shoes when training, and women use heels for that fashion sense! Either way, shoes are very important in one’s life, and it’s best to learn how to care for them.

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Unfortunately, we may end up with out shoes falling victim to certain substances. Mud is one of the top enemies shoes face, with its sticky and brown substance not only making your shoes look torn down, but feeling uncomfortable as you walk!

You can prevent stepping on mud by avoiding places filled with wet soil and the like, but sometimes it can be inevitable, especially for hikers or runners who do their thing under certain weather conditions. But do not fret and think that your shoes are gone forever! Fortunately, there are ways on how you will be able to clean your shoes.

Why Get Mud Off Shoes?

You probably stumbled upon this page looking for ways on how to get mud off shoes. You need to know why it’s very important to get mud off your shoes, as they have their consequences if you leave the mud there to dry! Here are the following reasons why you need to learn how to care for your shoes properly and get the mud off before it starts to create a permanent stain:

  • Mud stains do not look great on shoes, making your style look dirty and rundown, and no one wants rundown shoes that ruin your outfit.
  • Having mud will destroy the material of your shoes, with its lifespan decreasing the longer you leave it there.
  • Mud stains smell, making you go through awkward situations if ever someone notices the looks or smell of your shoes.
  • Mud stains have you feeling uncomfortable while you use it, because of the material wearing down and the icky substance around your shoes making it hard to run or walk.
  • You’ll be spending quite a lot having it professionally cleaned or replaced if ever it’s too late to clean your muddy shoes.

Basically, these are just some of the reasons why you need to start cleaning your shoes off mud! While the consequences are dire for your shoes, you can easily remedy that through the proper care and prevention of getting mud on your shoes.

When it comes to getting mudd off shoes, you will need the following materials (Don’t worry, as they can be found in your home or cheaply sold in local stores):

  1. Plastic bag
  2. Hard surface
  3. Paper towels of cloth
  4. Old toothbrush with soft bristles
  5. Washing machine or soap and water
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How to Get Mud Off Shoes

Getting the mud off shoes is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Place your shoes in a plastic bag and leave it to dry
  2. Once dry, beat it together or use a hard surface to remove the dry mud
  3. Wipe your shoe with cloth or a paper towel (a dry one)
  4. Remove the shoelaces and inserts to properly clean everything
  5. Scrub your shoe clean of all mud with a toothbrush or soft brush, using detergent to clean it up
  6. Use a washing machine or hand wash it to let it smell and look fresh again
  7. Dry your shoes by adding newspapers or paper towels in it to absorb the dampness. Leave it under the sun until fully dry.

In Conclusion

Now that you are able to get mud off shoes, you can do whatever you like and go off to places without worry! Of course, you will still need to care for your shoes and avoid such places as much as possible (Unless your shoes are well equipped for the event), but you will now worry less knowing the fact you are able to easily remove it without it taking so much time and effort, as well as waste money having it professionally cleaned or replaced!

So what are you waiting for? Check these tips and try it out yourself in order to see which method works and have your shoes be free of mud in no time. Your shoes will definitely thank you through lasting for many uses to come.

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