How to get gum off shoes
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How to Get Gum Off Shoes

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In this article, we show you how to get gum off shoes properly.

When it comes for caring for your shoes, you would obviously want the best for it! Your shoes are one of the most important articles of clothing, as they are the ones that keep your feet comfortable as you walk around or go anywhere for the matter.

Your shoes are what accentuates your outfit, making you look great and feel comfortable. That is why it’s important to care for it as well, avoiding dirt and other particles that may ruin your shoe’s quality. But sometimes, you may end up getting into accidents. It’s inevitable and unfortunate, with you having to frantically look for quick ways on how to remove these stains from your favorite pair of shoes!

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One of the worst enemies of shoes would be gum. Many people tend to throw their gum practically anywhere, finding it all over the floor. This ends up with your shoes falling victim to the sticky substance, making your shoes lose its comfort and looks. While you can prevent it from touching, it is inevitable at times and you may find yourself and your shoes meeting with the icky stuff! While you may start to cry and pine over your shoes, there are ways on how you will be able to stop it from destroying the material of your shoes. Luckily, there are tips and ways on how to remove gum from your shoes without destroying it.

Knowing How to Get Gum Off Shoes

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When it comes to getting gum off shoes, you may think that it’s very difficult, especially because it’s something that will stick to your shoe! Fortunately, it actually is quite easy to get it off, whether you’re in a rush or not.

It’s very important for you to know how to remove the gum off your shoes in order to keep your shoes from breaking due to the stickiness of the gum, as well as making it look like new no matter how many times you step on gum! Plus, removing gum effectively will have you walking around properly, instead of the gum holding you down as you walk or run.

You won’t need to worry about what you need when it comes to removing gum off your shoes. There are different ways that are easy and won’t cost much money or effort! Here are the things you will need when you want to remove gum off your shoes, depending on the method you choose:

  1. Plastic bag
  2. Freezer
  3. Ice
  4. Scraper, rag, or paper towel
  5. WD-40
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Water
  8. Stick and sand
  9. Lighter fluid
  10. Nail polish remover
  11. Olive Oil

How to Get Gum Off Shoes

Here are the different ways you can get gum off shoes:

  1. You can opt to freeze your shoes by placing it in a bag and freezing it in your freezer for about two hours. Once you get it out, try scraping the gum off.
  2. If you have no space in your freezer, you can also try putting ice on it for a few minutes or until the gum hardens. Scrape it after.
  3. Spray WD-40 on the part where the gum is, and let it stay for a minute. After that, wipe it away with a cloth or scraper.
  4. Funnily enough, you can actually use peanut butter! Apply a thick layer and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, rinse it and scrape it off, using a wire brush.
  5. If you have no access to any of those, you may find sand and a stick around you. Pour sand over the gum while scraping it off with the stick.
  6. You can dissolve the gum using lighter fluid or nail polish remover. Simply add a bit of it to the gum then wipe or scrape it away after. You can do the same with olive oil as well.

In Conclusion

With these tips, you will hopefully be able to remove all types of gum from your shoes with ease. As long as you follow these tips, you will not need to worry about any type of gum coming into your shoes any longer, as you know how to remove it in an instant! They are easy to do, costing close to nothing and not taking up so much time.

So what are you waiting for? If any of your shoes have gum stuck to them, then try these tips and ways on how to get gum off shoes. Your shoes will now be clean and free of sticky substances that will have you uncomfortably walking or making your shoes look dirty!

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