How to dye canvas shoes
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How to dye canvas shoes

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Fashion and trends for canvas footwear are changing every minute; therefore, renewing your old shoes can help save more money and let your creation flow. As a result, do not hesitate anymore; it’s time to give your canvas shoes an appearance makeover. Having a pair of customized shoes is much better than purchasing brand new one at the stores. Therefore, dying is one of the best solutions without wasting much time and money. In addition, this method is suitable for those who cannot find the proper size and color; they can buy any pair of white shoes and dye them into their desirable color. Now, I would like to show you some methods of how to dye canvas shoes to have the best result.

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How to dye canvas shoes

  1. Dip into fabric dye packet

Before getting started, there are a number of simple tools you need to prepare such as Vaseline, salt, water, paintbrush, a stainless steel basket and of course, a plain white shoes. You can easily buy these stuffs anywhere. Therefore, after having all of the necessary things, we can begin our process of how to dye canvas shoes.

Firstly, you need to wash your shoes before dying as well as remove all of the laces. If you want your laces to be dyed, you can do it separately. Vaseline is used to rub on the sole, which help to prevent it from being colored. Moreover, make sure to wear gloves in the beginning, so that your skin will not have dying stains after all.

Then, you should mix a small amount of dye with 500ml warm water. We can add more dye later, so you should not use all of the dye. Then fill about 6 liters of warm water into the bucket and also add 250g of salt. Pour all of this mixture into your prepared bucket and stir this mixture well.

Before soaking your shoes into the basket, it is recommended to test the color strength of dye by dipping a small piece of white cloth for a couple of minutes. This will give you an idea of what color the dye is going to come out. Then, you can decide whether you need to add more fabric dye or more water. By doing this, you can assure that you do not mess up your shoes.

About your white canvas shoes, make sure to get them wet with hot water in order to ensure the dye stains evenly. After that, you can dip your shoes as well as the laces into a bucket filled with dye and leave that for at least 30 minutes. During that period of time, you need to check the color of your shoes. In case the color is light, you can add more dye into the water to make the shoes a little darker. There is a key point to remember is that the color of your shoes will lighten up a lot when setting them out to dry.

Therefore, you should let them appear a little bit darker than the actual color you expect. Make sure to stir the mixture every time you add something more. After 30 minutes, you can get your shoes out and check the result. However, you need to pay attention to the excess dye and let it drip off the ends. Then rinse the shoes in cold water and wash in warm water in order to remove all of the excess dye from your shoes. Let them naturally dry outside for a minimum of 1 or 2 days so you do not make a mess in your house. Make sure to put your dyed canvas shoes away from the sunlight and any direct heating sources.

Last but not least, do not forget to do the cleaning with your stainless steel bowl basket. You need to rinse out the basket several times in order to remove all the dye at the bottom.

Besides, with dark and black shoes which start fading, you can use this effective tip to return them back to their original color. This method also works well with other colors. However, if your shoes have only small fading parts, there is another method for it. At first, you need to mix 3 drops of detergent and 300ml of water together. Then, dip a toothbrush into this mixture and rub it to the faded area on your shoes. After that, use a clean cloth to dry this area and let it completely dry for 1 hour. Next, you can take a utensil and dip it directly into the fabric dye. Apply it to the faded area of your canvas shoes with circular movements. Make sure that you do not have any dye stains on your hands afterwards. You can repeat this step for other faded spots and let them dry in an hour in the end.

  1. Use a brush and dying powder

Now, you can know how to dye canvas shoes with the support of a brush and dying powder. In order not to spend much time on cleaning in the end, you are recommended to put layers of newspaper under your shoes and make sure to undo the laces. Furthermore, you should stuff some newspapers inside your shoes in order to keep them in good shape. Also, remember to wear a pair of gloves to avoid getting stains on your hands.

To have a standard dye mixture, you can stir one packet of dying powder with hot water and a teaspoon of salt for a couple of minutes. However, before applying it to the shoes, you need to cover the sole. Instead of using Vaseline as mentioned before, you can stick masking tapes around the soles for replacement. At this stage, you can be ready for the dying process. You can apply your prepared mixture into your shoes by using a brush. Then, wait for the first coat to dry in 15 minutes and then try again with the second coat. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the color. Make sure that you brush the tongue also since this is a hard-to-reach area. After all, let them dry overnight and wait for your new footwear.

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All of the following tips are able to give you more information about how to dye canvas shoes at home. Therefore, please give it a try and you can have new memorable experience in your life.

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