How To Dry Shoes In The Dryer
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How To Dry Shoes In The Dryer

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When owning a favorite pair of shoes, you tend to wear them as many times as possible. Therefore, those shoes will experience such a lot of wear and tear, and then you need to wash them frequently in order to avoid stains, dirt as well as smelling. However, making them dry naturally under the sun takes us a long time. In case we need those shoes immediately, a dryer machine is recommended as a priority. Hence, knowing how to dry shoes in the dryer can prevent you from making any noises as well as damaging your shoes. After reading the whole article, I hope that you can find an easy way to take care of this issue.

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How to dry shoes in the dryer

  1. Hang out the shoes in the dryer

This tip will teach you how to dry shoes in the dryer without making annoying noise. With normal shoes and normal laces, just tie all four laces into a knot. Then place your shoes inside the dryer door and let the knot stick out. Moreover, you should not allow your shoes to have a direct touch with the drum of the dryer. It is recommended to have the toe-cap on the upward position while the shoe soles are facing outwards. You can modify the position of your shoes by raising or lowering the laces. Make sure that the shoes are in the center of dryer door to have the best result. After that, shut the door, turn the dryer on and you can realize that your shoes still get dry but neither beat anything else nor stumble around while the dryer runs.

You should keep the temperature low in about 60 minutes since high temperature will damage the shoes. During the drying cycle, you should check your shoes carefully to make sure that the soles are not warping. When your shoes are dry, take them out of the machine and unknot the laces. When performing this method, you can dry your shoes alone or dry with other stuff such as clothes and socks in order to save more time.

  1. Stuff your shoes with full of towels

Now I would like to show you how to dry shoes in the dryer by using a number of towels. Towels can have a great influence on your shoes in term of restoring and absorbing moisture during the drying cycle. Firstly, in order to have better drying process for your shoes, you need to release the lint from the dryer’s lint filter. By doing this, air circulation inside the dryer can be improved significantly. Then, you should stuff some piece of clean cloths inside your shoes in order to maintain their original shape afterwards. After that, you can repeat the same process as the first method. Make sure to set the dryer at low temperature because high heating will damage the rubber as well as making the glue inside your shoes become looser in the long run.

The next step is to stuff some towels inside the dryer along with your shoes. This can help you speed up the drying time as well as avoid making noises. Make sure that you will not dry your shoes for a long time since this can cause damage for your shoes and decrease their life span.

  1. Additional drying method

Apart from knowing how to dry shoes in the dryer, there are many other tips that you need to know. You can use a fan for drying leather shoes as well as canvas shoes. The first step is to wash your shoes carefully to remove all of the stains and dirt. Then hang your shoes onto the fan by using some old hangers at home. You should cut them into 15-centimetre portions and then bend them into S-shape. Two sides of the hanger will be attached to your shoes and the fan respectively. Before hanging into the fan, do not forget to remove the laces so that the air will be blown more inside your shoes. Furthermore, you should put a dry towel under the fan so that dripping water can be absorbed into the towel. By doing this, you will not do much cleaning after all. If the sock linings of your shoes are not made of leather, you should take them out and then dry them alone with a hair dryer in a couple of minutes.

Instead of using a fan, you can dry your shoes by newspapers as well. This is considered as a simple and speedy method for suede shoes, leather shoes as well as shoes with solid soles. To get started with drying process, you need to roll the newspapers into small pieces and then stuff them inside your shoes. After that, you should cover your shoes by large newspapers, which can help to extract the humidity from the outside part of your shoes. Then, place your shoes at dry place and make sure to replace the newspapers every 20 minutes. By doing this, the newspapers will naturally absorb the water from every area of your shoes.

Dry Shoes In The Dryer
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However, if you are afraid that ink from newspapers will absorb into your shoes during the drying time, rice can be considered as ideal substitute. You need to put your shoes inside one bucket of rice and then close it tightly in 2 hours. During this time, rice will amazingly absorb all of the humidity from your shoes.

In summary, knowing how to dry shoes in the dryer as well as by other tools can help to make your shoes dry more quickly without causing any damage. Many people regard shoes drying as a huge challenge as this process takes them quite a long time. As a consequence, I wish that some of my remedies above can solve this issue effectively. Moreover, if you identify any methods that are better than mine, please feel free to share them with us anytime since your contribution is very valuable for many people.

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