How to Deodorize Shoes Fast
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How to Deodorize Shoes Fast

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Knowing how to deodorize shoes fast is a must-have requirement for everyone, especially for those who often have to wear regularly shoes. As you know, smell shoes sometimes become a big embarrassment when meeting other people. Don’t worry if you are in this situation because there is a great number of effective ways to help you solve smelly shoes right at home. Based on the level of odor, you will have proper solution for picking up the right household ingredients.

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Simple and Quick Solutions

For busy people, these ways below are supportive in dealing with light smell. The ingredients for doing this task are very easy to find and they help you save money in an effective way.

Put the baking soda inside the shoes

Many people tend to apply popularly this method because of its high efficiency and simplicity. By adding a little baking soda into the shoes, it proves the strength in absorbing the smell and preventing the development of bacteria. In order to reach the best result, sprinkle the baking soda after taking off the shoes and shaking them equally before wearing. You should not use this ingredient on leather shoes to avoid making your shoes dry.


Stuff newspaper into the shoes

One efficient way to reuse old newspaper is stuffing it into your walking shoes. This is a helpful method to help you remove odors quickly. Gather your newspapers together and put them inside your shoes under dry condition. Some types of newspaper come with pleasant perfume to make you feel completely comfortable. You could also make use of vanilla to make the shoes fresh and fragrant.

Take advantage of kitty litter

Reducing unpleasant odors in your shoes becomes much easier than ever before thanks to kitty litter. With the capability of neutralizing smell, one or two tablespoons of kitty litter help clean the odor as much as possible. Leave it overnight and shake on the next morning.

Use coffee grounds

With a homemade cup of coffee, you can use its leftover grounds to solve the odors in your shoes. Spread some coffee grounds in each shoe within several hours. It provides enough time for absorbing bad odors. Keep in mind that you should use dry grounds to make your shoes clean. This is because wet coffee grounds might make the smell become more serious. No one wants to wear a damp pair of shoes with unpleasant odors. Like baking soda, the coffee ground help neutralize the smell of shoes. You can reserve dry coffee in your refrigerator for the next use.

How to deodorize shoes naturally

Try white vinegar

All you need to do is damping a paper towel or cloth with white vinegar. Do not use balsamic or apple vinegar because they can leave stains on your shoes. Rub each shoe with this tool and let them dry before using. It helps protect your feet from vinegar smell. A piece of newspaper is the useful equipment for removing unnecessary moisture with a big amount of vinegar. For stronger cleaning force, try to combine vinegar with baking soda to make efficient mixture for fighting smell.

Rub with alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most powerful disinfectants to protect your feet from bad odors. Why does it become so effective? It comes from the special ability to remove a great number of microorganisms, including bacteria. These microorganisms are reasons causing to the bad smell inside your shoes. You will need the support of a light cotton swab to rub each shoe. Remember to clean all corners of your fabric shoes for the best efficiency.

Make use of dryer sheets

Using dryer sheets is a less expensive method to remove odors. Just by putting a sheet in your shoes, it helps defeat completely the smell in your feet. There are two types of dryer sheets available in today’s marketplace. They include scented and unscented sheets, which are very good in absorbing smell and releasing fresh scent.

Ways to Solve Severe Odors

If you find it hard to remove more severe odors, let’s have a close look at these recommendations below.

Use the washer

Like clothes, the washer is an efficient way to remove bad smell in your shoes. Before washing your shoes, remember to keep all laces and soles together in a bag. This helps protect them from powerful strength of the washer. Then, mix detergent in warm or hot water and wash throughout the shoes. Wait until your shoes dry by hanging them under sunlight. Sun plays an important role to kill the development of bacteria. This method is unsuitable for leather shoes, which are easily affected by water.

Apply a treatment of disinfectant

Shoes that are used for years can become an environment for the development of fungi and bacteria. These microorganisms last long in the fabric and are difficult to remove. It is time for you to take advantage of powerful soak. With the strength of bleach, it makes your shoes new and fragrant. However, you had better not use disinfectant to remove odors in dark color or leather shoes. Leather is a sensitive material that may be damaged by powerful disinfectant. To get the best result, you should follow these guides below.

Firstly, use alcohol to soak your shoes within 5 minutes. This is suitable time for the liquid to saturate every side of the fabric. After that, hang your shoes under the sun or use the dryer set to make them dry. Create a mixture of water and bleach. Spray this mixture in both inside and outside of the shoes. You could use a spray bottle for more convenience when necessary.  Make sure that the mixture is divided everywhere on the total shoes. Anti-fungal disinfection offers their fresh and new appearance. One vital thing to remember is that waiting the shoes dry before wearing.

Replace the old insoles

Think about the time for replacing both insoles of the shoes. Perhaps this is the best way to cut down odors. It is convenient for you to pick a good pair of insoles from the stores of shoes. Most of them are quite cheap and available in many places.

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