How to Decorate Shoes
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How to Decorate Shoes

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In this article, we teach you how to decorate shoes to make your shoes perfect for you.

Your shoes are one of the most important things you can take care of when it comes to clothes. After all, they are what keeps your feet comfortable, whether you’re walking running, or even sitting! What’s great about shoes is that you are able to find any type of shoes depending on the style you want and why you need it. You can find shoes for running, sports, formal events, or even business. The styles are limitless! But there will be times when we aren’t able to find the perfectly designed shoes to suit your outfit or way of style. After all, shoe manufacturers cater to the masses and not just you! It’s unfortunate not being able to find something that screams YOU, but there are remedies to that! You are able to actually personalize your own shoes!

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Why Learn How to Decorate Shoes

There are tons of different reasons why we should learn how to decorate shoes! For starters, it makes our shoes look better and more personalized, giving a signature of us! No one will be able to find unique designs other than your own, which is what will make you stand out and draw compliments from many people. You will also get to hone and enhance your creativity skills as you begin to decorate shoes, making you a better person while improving on your style.

We all want our own touch of personality when it comes to decorating shoes, plus it’s a fun way to spend your time! You can do it with your loved ones as a way to spend quality time together, or you can even gain inspiration from online videos or articles like these. Either way, decorating shoes is fun and you’ll get a ton of benefits out of it. But how do you start?

There are tons of ways on how you’ll be able to decorate your shoes. There is no specific things you’ll need, so long as you have your imagination and creativity with you! Of course, you will also need newspapers and cleaning materials for the after-part of decorating your shoes. You will also need your shoes itself and a few creative materials for decoration!

How to Decorate Shoes

There is no specific way on how to decorate shoes, but here are some ideas to inspire you to do so:

  1. For sneakers that are plain white, grab a permanent pen and start writing down cute messages or draw funny cartoons! Make sure you trace it with a pencil first to make it look better. This is also to make sure you avoid making any mistakes during your first try, as its easier to trace your drawings after. Use a permanent marker so it won’t be hard to wash, nor will it smudge when wet. You can even use watercolors or poster paint to make it have that popping color you want!
  1. Add chains to your boots to give you that edgy look! Remove the all-black or plain colors on your boots and you’ll complete your punk-rock outfit! If not chains, then you can replace it with necklaces to still give that unique style.
  1. Use jewelry and add beads or accessories to your heels. They give you the cute girl with class and elegance kind of look. You can see them on, using beads, buttons or other trinkets. There’s no limit!
  1. Using strips of comic book paper, glue them onto your heels or shoes for that kiddie comic book effect that makes your shoes pop and people compliment you as you walk along. You can also use other forms of paper to create patterns, such as construction paper to make it strong and durable.
  1. Add a bit of glitter to your shoes. Using super glue or any type of glue, drown your shoes with glitter to give them that shiny look that everyone will notice.
  1. For flats, you’ll be able to decorate it with a flair by adding lace. Cut your lace to make it match the shape of your flats and use glue to stick them on.
  1. Choose to make your own shoe clips through using felt paper to create your favorite shape. Or, you can attach cli-on earrings for that fancy style!
  1. Stressed shoes are in, so destress your shoes by using scissors and pulling at the threads for that punk and messy look.
  1. Opt to make different patterns with paint. From ombre to galaxy, you can make your shoes pop and have people wow on your skills. Try using poster paint to make it permanent, and use soft rags or brushes to dab the paint to your shoes.

And these are just some ideas! You can choose to make your own, or you can even find more inspiration from loved ones or online!

In Conclusion

There are many types of shoes in different styles, but sometimes you won’t be able to find a good pair that suits you. Luckily, there are ways on how to personalize shoes and make them stand out, drawing compliments and making you proud of your creativity skills. Hopefully, these tips and ideas on how to decorate shoes will help you become a more creative person and give you inspiration on how to uniquely style your shoes without spending too much time, money, or effort! They are easy to do, will give you the personalized shoes for your style, and you’ll love it at the same time while enhancing your creativity! So what are you waiting for? Try any of these tips on how to decorate shoes now and have the best shoes suitable for you!

Did you enjoy the article or have any comments or suggestions on how to decorate shoes? If that’s the case, then comment down below and show your tips and advice on decorating shoes! We’d love to hear what you think and to get more ideas to make shoes look better!

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