how to clean white shoes with toothpaste
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How To Clean White Shoes With Toothpaste

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How to clean white shoes with toothpaste

All-white shoes or sneakers are considered as the most outstanding fashion trend for people all over the world since they can look good with everything. Hence, you can easily identify the popularity of white shoes by looking at the number of celebrities who have spotted in this item, going from the Jenner sisters including Kendal Jenner and Kylie Jenner, to Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid.

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Everyone in the world has become addicted with the simple but high-fashion look when wearing a pair of white sneakers and performing their street style with their friends for many hours. As a result, white sneakers or shoes are must-to-have items for every girl these days. But how do we keep shoes white but not shorten their longevity?

Many years ago, I used to struggle with my white sneakers after buying them for a few months. It took me more than 1 hour to scrub and wash so many times in the bathroom and after that, I had no intention of wearing them again. However, it is such a surprise when I know how to clean white shoes with toothpaste by chance.

In my mind, toothpaste is just a daily consumption product for all of the families in terms of teeth protection and bad breath prevention. But I accidentally realize that I am totally wrong, there are a number of benefits you can do with toothpaste that you never imagine. And one of the excellent uses is the method of how to clean white shoes with toothpaste. This method is REALLY REALLY effective for sneakers as well as leather shoes that are dirty for long long time. Therefore, if you are facing the same silly problem with me, do not worry anymore because now, you have found out the magical power of toothpaste.

How to clean white shoes with toothpaste


To know how to clean white shoes with toothpaste, there are some simple and easy-to-find tools you need to prepare including:

  • A used or new tube of toothpaste
  • A toothbrush or scrubbing brush
  • A piece of clean cloth
  • And finally, of course, your super-dirty white shoes or sneakers

Now the following steps are all about how to clean white shoes with toothpaste:

Step 1: Wetting a small corner of clean cloth

Before treating your shoes, you need to wet only a small corner of the cloth. Make sure that you do not soak all of the cloth into water because we can use the remaining part to dry the shoes later. Moreover, a clean cloth is recommended since you may add more stains to your shoes by using a dirty cloth.

Step 2: Apply toothpaste into the wet part

Apply a small amount of toothpaste into the wet part of your cloth, and then spread it widely on the surface. We avoid applying toothpaste directly to the shoes since some materials such as leather, fabric, silk as well as suede is quite easy to absorb the toothpaste instead of getting clean as expected.

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Step 3: Scrub the wet part to your dirty shoes

Now, you can massage the wet part with applied toothpaste into the dirty spots, especially the sole because this is the easiest part to clean. However, with long-time dirt, you need to rub for a couple of minutes, so be patient for it, and the magic will happen.

Step 4: Use a toothbrush or scrubbing brush for difficult parts

For stubborn stains, you need to have a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to deal with. You should gently make circular movements in order to remove the stains. In particular, scrubbing brush can be used for bigger space, so that you can save more time. However, a small toothbrush is also incredible when coping with hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, based on your situation, you can make a choice between these two items.

Step 5: Remove the toothpaste

With the drying part of the clean cloth, you can remove the toothpaste out of the shoes so as to avoid the milky residue. Make sure that you wipe away all of the toothpaste in order to avoid slipping in the future. Undoubtedly, only by following these simple steps to renew your white shoes, can you totally impress your friends and family members.

However, if you want an overall wash for your shoes and sneakers, we still use these tools and follow this instruction. Firstly, mix the same amount of toothpaste and water in order to have a paste. Then, apply this mixture into your shoes and rub by a toothbrush or a scrubbing brush to have the best treatment. After this process, make sure that you will wash your shoes carefully to eliminate all of the toothpaste. At this stage, everything is not done yet since you need to have the last step so as to prevent your shoes and sneakers from smelling. You should hang out your wet shoes under the sun in 1 or 2 days, otherwise, a drying machine is helpful in case the weather is not very nice as always.

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In fact, knowing how to clean white shoes with toothpaste has brought magic to me many times, so why don’t you try out to check the result? This is a super easy and quick tip for busy and also lazy people, in my opinion.

However, this is not the only method in the world that can bring magic to your shoes. Trying to discover other cleaning ways helps you to gain more understanding about the useful and surprising uses of your daily tools.

Therefore, if you know other methods to clean white shoes in a better way, make sure to share with me and other people. Don’t be shy to speak out your own unique treatment since it can be a surprising but incredible one.

In summary, I hope that tip of ‘how to clean white shoes with toothpaste’ can solve problems for anyone who considers dirty white shoes and sneaker as a serious challenge for a long time.

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