How to Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products
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How to Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products

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With ultimate benefits, suede shoes are an ideal option for both men and women. They make impressive by the smooth and soft surface, as well as the great ability to keep warm. You can easily find out suede in many accessories such as handbags, boots, garments, dresses, and shoes. In comparison with other materials, suede shoes are less durable and easily get stains. This is the reason why removing stains and dirt in suede shoes is a challengeable task. In this article, we would like to introduce how to clean suede shoes with household products in effective ways.

How to Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products

  1. Dirt and Scuff Marks

It is advisable for you to purchase special tools for cleaning suede. Suede is a sensitive type of leather. Therefore, if you clean suede in the incorrect ways, it may cause damages on your shoes. Besides, read carefully the care label before applying any solution on suede. The manufacturer will give you the best guide to get rid of stains on your suede shoes.

Are you ready to learn how to clean suede shoes with household products? The first step is using a suede brush to remove dirt and stains on the surface of your shoes. Make sure that your suede shoes are dry to apply this method. Remember to put gentle effort when cleaning the suede. Too strong power or back and forth directions will affect badly the suede.How to Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products 1

To deal with scuff marks, you need brushing obviously. Use a suede brush to clean the affected areas toward back and forth directions. This also helps lift the grain of shoes that may be pressed down during the cleaning process. In case you find it hard to remove matted scruffs, you should use a knife to do this task.

Next, try to use a suede eraser or crepe rubber to eliminate tough scuffs. Feel rest assured to scrub gently these tools on the shoes. You need using the appropriate pressure to remove stubborn marks.

When your suede shoes are completely clean, you had better spray a thin layer of suede protector on your shoes. This is a good way to protect your shoes from marks and stains in the future.

  1. Water Stains

Another common matter that many people often have to deal with is water. All you need is making the outside of your suede shoes wet. Dip your brush into the water in few seconds. Although water could remove the color in your suede, it is believed to get rid of stains as well. Then, use a dry cloth or sponge to absorb the excessive water. Rub gently these items in the suede surface until the water completely disappears.

After that, stuff the stick paper inside your shoes to keep their shape. It also helps absorb the excess water in an effective way. Combine this method with shoe trees to get the best result. You should not use crumpled newspaper because it may release ink to your shoes. Then, let your shoes sit in an airy place overnight. This helps them dry for the next uses. When your suede shoes are completely dry, you should use a suede brush to get the original look of the grain.

  1. Other Tough Stains

Sometimes, it is challengeable to remove stubborn stains such as oil, grease, mud, gum, etc…

  • Oil Stains

You had better prepare a suede brush and a nailbrush to deal with these stains. A suede brush is responsible for rubbing the stained areas, especially scuff marks. Next, dip a nail brush into warm water and scrub it gently on your shoes. One fact is that grease stains on suede are very hard to remove. Another good recommendation for eliminating grease is using cornstarch. You need sprinkling the cornstarch in the wet oil stains. Let it free overnight and use an iron to remove the excess starch and stains.

  • Mud Stains

Before removing mud stains on your shoes, you had better let them dry. Use the appropriate effort to get rid of the excess mud. Dry your shoes under sunlight until it hardens. It becomes much easier for you to break off the large pieces of hardening mud. Use your hands to remove as much mud as possible. For coping with excess mud stains, use a suede brush to complete this task.

  • Gum and Wax

Many people do not know how to clean suede shoes with household products from gum or wax stains. Let’s follow our instructions below. You can make the gum set by putting your shoes in the refrigerator within few hours. This helps the gum frozen and easy to remove. Then, use a suede brush to eliminate the gum.

  • Blood Stains

Move on the way to remove blood stains. You need using peroxide and cotton balls to complete this difficult cleaning task. Soak the cotton ball in peroxide liquid and scrub gently it in bloodstain areas. Repeat this process several times until you get the best results.

  • Ink

It is advisable for you to remove ink stains as soon as possible. The first step is using a towel to blot the excess ink on your shoe’s surface. Once ink stains become set, you need using sandpaper to rub the ink areas. For better effectiveness, try to soak the cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and scrub gently your shoes.

Clean Suede Shoes With Household Products
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In a word, knowing how to clean suede shoes with household products is a good way to lengthen the lifespan of your shoes. There are numerous ways to help you keep the beauty of your shoes effectively. Notice to read the care label of your suede shoes before applying any solution on their surface. Moreover, storing the shoes when they are not in use is another important requirement. After cleaning your shoes, cover them with tissue paper and store them in a good shoe box. Avoid placing your suede shoes in high humidity and too bright light. Moreover, cleaning shoelaces are very simple with the support of laundry.

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