How to Clean Sperry Shoes
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3 Ways to Clean Sperrys

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How to clean sperry shoes 

Sperrys are originated from boat shoes, so it delivers the capability of in-water usage. As a result, cleaning this kind of shoes is not really challenging. Nevertheless, not any people know how to remove water and stains out of them in a correct and effective way. Understanding that problem, we carry out 3 ways to clean sperrys in this following article to give you more useful suggestions.

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How to Clean Sperry Shoes 

Below here is 3 Ways to Clean Sperrys:

1. Use washing machine to clean sperrys

Compare to other types of shoes made from vulnerable materials like suede or leather, sperrys can certainly be washed by both hand and washing machine. The advantages of washing machine possibility are creating convenience and saving your time. In contrast, this method can easily damage your shoes if you are careless. To benefit from this method efficiently, follow these steps.

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Firstly, remember to take off the insoles and laces. Many people may forget to remove them from the shoes. This will actually prevent your sperrys from being entirely clean. After removing insoles and laces, use a laundry bag or a pillowcase to cover them. You can put the laces and shoes out of this bag. However, the insoles should be certainly kept in the laundry one to protect them from being damaged and slipping out.

Next, put all of them inside the washing machine. Add a little detergent and then start washing. You should wash them in cold water. Hot or even warm water should highly be avoided if you do not want your leather material to be crack and creased. After the washing is completed, take them out and dry in the partial sunlight. Do not place them in the direct sunlight. Finally, remember to add mink oil to protect the surface of your shoes.

2. Soap, cloth or brush, and water- all you need to clean your sperrys

Similar to washing machine method, firstly, you should take off the laces and insoles to let your shoes completely clean. With the insoles, you had better carefully wash it because they are really dirty and nasty. Next, steep your shoes into cold water to ensure the sperrys totally get wet. In this step, hot or warm water should absolutely be avoided because hot water can make your leather shoes creased and damaged.

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After that, use soap to clean your sperrys. Put soap directly on the surface of the shoes and inside them. Then, use a soft cloth to spread the soap. With stubborn spots, you can use a brush for more effective cleaning instead of using a cloth. After washing your shoes, wash the insoles carefully. To clean the insoles, wash both sides with soap and a brush. In this case, using a brush is better than a cloth. Then, make our sperrys dry out of direct sunlight.

3. Clean your sperrys with a polish remover of nail

Instead of soap or detergent, you can also use a polish remover of the nail to get rid of stains on your sperrys. When mentioning polish remover, many people may confuse of its function. In fact, it can benefit your cleaning more than you think.

Firstly, steep the shoes in a basin of cold or cool water. In this case, cool water is more ideal. Make sure that the shoes are totally wet. Next, soak a cloth or cotton piece with this liquid. Use a moderate amount of remover to gain the best result. Too little remover cannot take away all the stains out of your sperrys, especially with stubborn spots.

Note that the leather material is very vulnerable and this remover may be severe. Therefore, remember not to rub the total surface of your sperrys. Instead, clean gently and lightly on the stains’ area until the stains are completely removed. After that, do not forget to dry the sperrys and condition the surface of the shoes for better protection.  Never dry under the direct sunlight if you do not want to damage your leather.

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Cleaning the sperrys is not very difficult. However, it is not extremely easy, too. Although there are many different methods, these suggestions we mention in this above article are considered as the best ones. Hope that you will find them useful whenever you want to wash your sperrys. Let us know your problems by commenting here. See you in the next article.

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