How to Clean Nubuck Shoes
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How to Clean Nubuck Shoes

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With a variety of cool styles, nubuck shoes are an ideal option for all of the shoe lovers. This type of shoes attracts customers at the first glance. Made from cowhide, nubuck is not only beautiful but also comfortable for wearers. It catches most of the users’ first eyes thanks to the smooth texture and the ability to keep warmth. Like suede, it belongs to leather shoes. The major difference between nubuck and suede is the way these materials are sanded. Nubuck comes on the outside of the hide, whereas, suede appears from shoe’s inside. This is the reason why nubuck is an outstanding recommendation for high durability. A small minus of this shoe is the great ease of getting dirt and stains. To deal with this problem, you will need the support from special tools designed for cleaning nubuck shoes. Keep on reading our article and discover how to clean nubuck shoes in the effective ways.

How to Clean Nubuck Shoes

  1. Deal With Common Stains

Before applying the cleaning method, you should purchase necessary items for cleaning nubuck shoes at shoe stores. They include a nubuck cloth, a napping brush, a nubuck sponge, a nubuck cleaner, leather cleaner, a leather degreaser, leather ink lifter, and nubuck protection. Use a clean nubuck cloth to remove debris or dirty spots on the shoe’s surface. If you do not have a nubuck cloth, use a nubuck sponge as another great alternative option. It is advisable for you to do pre-cleaning steps regularly and repeat it several times to get the best results.

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Then, use a nubuck cloth to cover all corners of a nubuck sponge. It is very effective for dealing with the shoes with seriously soiled areas. Of course, you need stronger force when completing this task.

Clean the nap by a useful napping brush toward circular motions. Remember to clean each affected area in few seconds only. If you regularly apply this method, it will bring the better appearance for your shoes.

Don’t have to worry about big soiled areas, the support of a spray-on nubuck cleaning solution will help you overcome this challenge. Spray this solution on the surface of your shoes. Then, use a nubuck cloth to wipe the affected areas. Wait until the nubuck is completely dry without soil. After that, clean gently the nap by taking advantage of the nubuck cloth.

In case your shoes have accumulated body oils on their surface, you should use leather cleaner to remove all of them. A nubuck cloth or fine sandpaper is very useful in getting rid of the dry layer of oils. After removing the oil stains with a dry cloth, you had better continue to use leather cleaner to eliminate them.

Moreover, you should remove ink stains as soon as possible before they become set. Use a dry cloth to blot the stained areas. You will need the help from an ink lifter to complete the cleaning process. To make the nubuck dry, turn on the dryer and let it works on the shoe’s surface.

  1. Remove Tough Stains

If these methods above seem ineffective in removing tough stains, you need using a soft pumice type stone for doing this task. Discover how to clean nubuck shoes by using a rock. The rock should be clean and come with the flat surface when rubbing on your shoes. Scrub gently the challengeable stains on your shoes until they can separate from top layers. It often takes you about 10 minutes to clean your total shoes. If you feel it hard to find out a pumice type stone, use a suede eraser to get rid of terrible scuff marks.

In addition, there are some hard to remove stains that require special techniques to deal with. Learn how to clean nubuck shoes from gum and bloodstains by our following guidance.

Clean Nubuck Shoes

  • Gum Stains

If your nubuck shoes stick gum, try to remove it by the simple steps below. The first requirement is making the gum harden by placing a plastic bag of ice on its surface. Avoid letting your shoes get high wet by wiping excess water with a dry cloth. It is time for you to remove the harden gum by hands without any difficulty. Pick the gum gently for not damaging the leather. With gum stains left on the leather, you should use sandpaper or a nubuck eraser to remove them. Finally, brush gently the stained areas by a nubuck brush.

  • Blood Stains

For eliminating bloodstains, you need using a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide. Pour a little amount of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. Then, dip the cotton ball in the bowl. Use the ball to absorb gently the blood.  Repeat this step several times until you get the best effectiveness. See your result. Once it is not good as you expect, you should take your shoes to the professionals. They will know how to clean nubuck shoes without damaging them.

Tips and Warnings

To lengthen the lifespan of your nubuck shoes, you should regularly clean them every 6 months. Make use of a spray protection to clean thoroughly the surface of your shoes. Let your shoes dry under sunlight. Make sure that your nubuck shoes are completely dry for the next uses. Besides, removing tough stains is difficult to overcome. You will need cleaning your shoes and lifting their nap before applying the protection detergent.

Use a nubuck cloth to wipe the affected areas. This helps prevent the bad effect of leather cleaner or degreaser on your hands. Moreover, the brush for cleaning your shoes must be soft with nylon bristles and wire bristles to put enough impact on the shoes. This tool works actively in hiking boots. Remember not to use powerful strength when using your napping brush. Too long time or too powerful strength may make the shoes damage. Water can damage your leather shoes. Then, avoid using it to clean your nubuck shoes.

All in all, there are numerous ways to help you remove stains on your nubuck shoes. You should decide the best methods for your shoes without damaging them. Good luck!

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