How to Clean Fabric Shoes
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How to Clean Fabric Shoes

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How to Clean Fabric Shoes 1
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Fabric shoes are a favorite fashion option for most of the women. With a wide range of designs and colors, this type of shoes matches easily any outfit. You can wear them in both formal and casual occasions such as weddings, proms, etc… However, it takes you more time to clean fabric shoes than leather types. Stains sticking in fabric shoes seem to be difficult to remove than leather. Luckily, there are several helpful methods to help you defeat dirt and stains on the fabric shoes. Washing them by hands or by the machine is acceptable. To help you overcome this difficulty, we would like to introduce how to clean fabric shoes by the best DIY methods. Keep on reading and discover the best methods for your lovely fabric shoes.

How to Clean Fabric Shoes

  1. Clean Fabric Shoes By The Washing Machine

It is advisable for you to read carefully the care label before cleaning your fabric shoes. The care label offers the necessary information about how to clean fabric shoes in the most appropriate way. Make sure that your shoes are washable in the machine before throwing them in the machine.

Move in the preparation. You need owning some important items on your hands, including 2 pillowcases, 2 or 3 towels, laundry detergent and a washing machine.

Now, it is time for you to start cleaning your fabric shoes in the washing machine. Use a toothbrush to remove debris on the shoe’s surface. To protect your shoes and reduce the noise, you had better put your shoes into the empty pillowcases. Place each shoe in each pillowcase. Then, throw the pillowcases into your washing machine. Add some towels in the machine for protecting your shoes from rattling.

After these steps finish, pour an appropriate amount of laundry detergent into the machine. The laundry detergent should be safe when working on all colors of the shoes. Start the washing machine on the gentle cycle and 30 degrees of the water level. Once the cycle finishes, dry your fabric shoes in a warm place.

You should have the right ways of using and storing your fabric shoes to lengthen their life cycle. An effective tool for preventing the dirt and stains in the future is a waterproofing spray. Purchase the best waterproofing spray from available shoe stores.

  1. Clean Fabric Shoes By Hand

For more safety, you should clean your fabric shoes by hands with several necessary tools. This way has high application in full fabric shoes or leather lined fabric shoes. Remember that flat fabric shoes are the best choice to apply the following method. It is unsuitable for brocade and velvet shoes. Here is a good way to remain the glue between the sole and the base. Let we show you how to clean fabric shoes by hands. The followings are all you need to do to get brand new fabric shoes after some months of use.

First of all, you will need a soft toothbrush, liquid laundry detergent, warm water, some paper towels and a big bowl. Create a mixture of laundry detergent and warm water in the bowl. Once you have the dissolved liquid, dip your toothbrush into this mixture. The wetter your toothbrush, the less damp your shoes must face. Rub gently the brush on your shoe’s surface. For better efficiency, try to scrub the affected areas toward back-and-forth directions. It not only makes your shoes clean but also creates the smooth appearance for your fabric shoes.

It requires you more effort to brush the hard to remove stains. Repeat this step several times until you get the best result.

Next, rinse thoroughly your shoes by clean water without soap. Then, clean completely your toothbrush by placing it under a water faucet. Use the brush to rub again your total shoes from the back to the front. This helps remove all excessive detergent out of your shoes.

The final step is drying your fabric shoes in an airy place. Before making them dry, you should use a paper towel to absorb water on the shoe’s surface. Stuff paper towels inside the shoes to absorb moisture and keep the original shape of your shoes. Look at the new appearance of your shoes now. We ensure that you will feel happy with your effort.

Tips and Warnings

You had better decide the type of fabric before starting the cleaning methods. Each type of fabric requires the particular cleaning methods. Combine different detergents for the best cleaning efficiency. Baking soda is a great recommendation for removing scuff marks. However, it is inappropriate for the dry material of fabric shoes.

To deal with oil stains, the degreasing dishwashing soap is a great recommendation. Dip a cloth into the dishwashing liquid and rub it on the stained areas. You should scrub gently the shoe’s surface to avoid damaging the fabric. After that, dip a clean cloth in the water and get rid of excessive detergent. Wait until the fabric shoes are completely dry. Now you could wear a new pair of shoes with the surprising comfort.

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In a nutshell, there is a variety of effective ways about how to clean fabric shoes. Your responsibility is deciding the most suitable cleaning method for your shoes. Remember to check the care label before applying any solution in the fabric. This helps ensure that your shoes can get the best cleaning methods. If you have a pair of favorite shoes but they are getting dirt, try these solutions above. In case, one way seems ineffective, combine different ways.

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