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Best Way to Clean Satin Ballet Shoes

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Ballet is an art sport require outstanding skills, flexible movement of the whole body and several tireless efforts as well. However, for a ballet dancer, her feet plays the most crucial role that contributes mostly to light, soft movements like a sworn. One of the most important tasks, hence, is to keep their feet healthy and selecting an appropriate pair of ballet shoes.

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However, most of the dancers have trouble in getting rid of stains on their shoes. Understanding that demand, with individual experience as well as suggestions from professions, we carry out the following article with a view to enabling the dancers to overcome these challenges and raise confidence in each performance. If you are worried about how to clean ballet shoes, keep following our article as below.

How To Clean Ballet Shoes

Clean leather ballet shoes

On the market, there is a wide range of ballet shoes for ballet dancers. Among them, three kinds of shoes: canvas, satin, and leather ones are more popular than others. Each kind of ballet shoe requires different cleaning process to ensure the original quality and cleaning purpose. Consequently, in this article, we mention three different methods for three types of models. The first tip is applied for leather ballet shoes.

Leather material is very soft and vulnerable, so you should never clean it by a washing machine because this material can be damaged easily. Instead, it is necessary to wash by hand. To gain the most effective result as well as protect the surface of your shoes, keep following these steps

  • Firstly, use a mixture of mild liquid dish soap as white cleaning liquid. To have this liquid, put a little dish soap into the cup of fresh water until the liquid is sudsy. In this step, remember not to put too much dish soap because soap can be hard to be removed totally. Warm water is also better instead of hot or cold one.
  • Secondly, clean the surface of ballet shoes by the liquid you have mixed. You can use a soft cloth or a toothbrush or leather brush to wash the spots. But the most importantly, you would better to wash gently and slightly. Do not rub sturdily if you do not want to ruin your shoes.
  • Thirdly, clean the ballet shoes again with fresh water to remove all existing sponge and stains.
  • Lastly, do not forget to dry it. A soft cloth or towel can be used effectively. Be careful with tumble dryer. Never use it in this step.

That is all how to clean ballet shoes you can apply whenever you want. How easy it is!

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Canvas cleaning process

Compare to leather or satin material, a canvas one is much easier to clean. You can wash it either by hand or by washing machine.

If you are going to use a washing machine, before putting it into the washing machine, it is better to put it in a lingerie bag. It seems to be useless but the lingerie bag can protect your canvas shoes from other colored clothes, especially when your shoes are white. As an additional cleaner, use a mild detergent for further effectiveness. After your shoes are completely washed, take them from the washing machine and bag, then dry in the warm place.

There are some helpful notes in the drying way you should take serious consideration.Firstly, the sunshine can dry them faster, but can also ruin the soft canvas material and make them hard and rough. Remember to keep them out of the direct sunshine. Furthermore, a dryer should definitely be avoided. Similar to the sunshine, do not use a tumble dryer if you do not want this is the last time you can use your loved canvas ballet shoes.

Here is the best way to find out how to clean ballet shoes, especially for canvas shoes. Try and enjoy its amazing result.

Best Way to Clean Satin Ballet Shoes 3

Useful method for satin shoes

If you are using a pair of satin shoes, the question “ How to clean ballet shoes” at least once time appears in your mind. Take it easy as following steps.

  • Firstly,  prepare a tub which consisting of a mixture of cold water and laundry soap. Warm water is also excepted, but the cold one is better for satin material.
  • Secondly, sink the shoes in the tub, then wash them slightly.
  • After that, clean the ballet shoes again with fresh and cold water until they are completely clear without sponge.
  • Finally, remove all the water out of the shoes and then let them dry in the warm place.

Compare to canvas shoes, you should avoid wringing them during washing process so as to ensure your shoes not to be easily crushed. A dryer certainly should be prevented.

Aiming at helping any users solve any problems in using process, your article enables everyone to overcome the worry when dealing with how to clean ballet shoes. Although it is not difficult to keep them clean, remember to apply the right method for the best effectiveness. What do other factors find difficult to overcome? Tell us now. We will serve you whenever and wherever you want.


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